10 Things The Attack On Titan Manga Does Better Than The Anime

attack on Titan ‘s anime tends to overshadow its manga, but the latter actually does some things much better than the usher. Attack on Titan is easily one of the greatest series of all time, with the manner in which it curbs most shonen tropes being noteworthy in its own right. Watching the characters of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin develop over time as they deal with huge calamity and overbearing odds is an absolute treat. With the foremost half of Attack on Titan ‘s final season already blowing everyone ‘s minds, one can lone wait to see what this amazing zanzibar copal has in shop when the moment half airs in January 2022 .
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Of course, zanzibar copal fans who find this wait to be just intolerable can precisely opt for the manga. For the most character, most people consider Attack on Titan’s manga to be inferior to the zanzibar copal ; however, the manga decidedly has its own withdraw, to the charge where some people actually consider it to be the superior product. here are the reasons that people cite to further bolster this item.

Updated April 10, 2022, by Ritwik Mitra: Attack on Titan is making a case for itself when it comes to being the greatest zanzibar copal ever made — a statement that is not made lightly. The read is entire to the brim with rightfully amazing moments that are built up finely and have perplex payoffs. Of course, people who get caught up in the hype of zanzibar copal should give the manga a crack besides to witness Isayama ‘s brilliance in its original department of state. In fact, some people might argue that the Attack on Titan manga is better than its anime adaptation in many ways, with the following being the most popular arguments to support this statement .

10 Eren’s Second Fight Against Annie

Eren vs Annie in the manga After finding out that Annie is the Female Titan, Eren gets into a massive fight with her. In the zanzibar copal, Eren emerges victorious, although he does take some time to transform after getting over the estimate that his friend has become his enemy. however, in the manga, Eren gets beaten to a pulp, even though he wasted no clock transforming after seeing his friends in trouble .
As a result, Annie does n’t harden after being pushed to the brink of get the better of by Eren in the manga. rather, it ‘s the interposition of Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps that forces her to harden and preserve herself therefore that she does n’t get interrogated .

9 The Personalities Of The Protagonists Are More Well-Rounded

attack on titan manga eren mikasa armin Some people accuse the anime of flanderizing the characters of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin to make them easier to understand. Eren wants to kill titans all the meter, Mikasa is obsessed over Eren, and Armin is extremely slavish at times .
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This is not the event in the zanzibar copal — Eren is more healthy, Mikasa interacts with other characters rather of obsessing over Eren, and Armin does n’t let himself go unheard every single time. These characters feel more like actual people in the manga alternatively of the characters they portray in the show .

8 The Manga Gives Armin More Time To Shine

Armin in Attack on Titan One of the more unfortunate changes present in the zanzibar copal is that some of the scenes featuring Armin are either removed or have him replaced with person else. While Armin does get his moments to shine in the zanzibar copal, one ca n’t help but feel that he ‘s hush slightly underappreciated in this medium .
This is not the case in the manga, which features Armin helping people without any caveats. A great model of this is during the first season when the Survey Corps discovers that Eren has the powers of the Attack Titan. In the zanzibar copal, Mikasa takes him out of the titan ‘s consistency ; in the manga, that is done by Armin .

7 There’s Little To No Censorship

attack on titan manga fight assail on Titan is well one of the most beastly anime round. so, most viewers might be surprised to learn that the anime ‘s gore is actually nowhere near adenine close to the brutality depicted in the manga .
Fans who want to enjoy the most visceral have possible while experiencing this story should consider reading the manga. The latter does n’t skimp away from showing some truly beastly scenes that are pretty uncomfortable to look at .

6 The Original Name Of The Gear Used To Kill Titans Is Present In The Manga

Attack on Titan While this is a rather minor point, the name of the gearing used to kill titans in the manga is a preferably authoritative diagram point that deserves to be shown faithfully. This celebrated Omni-Directional Mobility Gear actually goes by a different name in the manga .
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The original mention of this gear is vertical Manoeuvring Gear, which was n’t used in the zanzibar copal. The reason for this variety is even to be revealed, and it seems that it never might be.

5 The Inventor Of The ODM Gear Is Given The Credit He’s Due

ODM gear in Attack on Titan In the anime, the ODM gear is shown as a raw invention of sorts, when the truth is anything but in the manga. The gear had already been invented long ahead, as shown in the by-product light novels Attack on Titan : Before the Fall, which was former adapted into manga .
The inventors of this gear were Angel Aaltonen and Xenophon Harkimo. It has been around for thirty years before the startle of Attack on Titan ‘s main plot — a point that ‘s not actually touched upon in the anime. Before the descend is generally a positive in the manga ‘s favor as an anime adaptation of this prequel has however to materialize .

4 The Manga Provides The Full Picture

attack on titan season 3 part 1 cover attack on Titan ‘s manga and anime do not deviate besides greatly from each early, particularly in season 4 ; however, the adaptation has had to leave a few panels out over the years. While this is n’t a big deal, Attack on Titan ‘s season 3 part 1 is reasonably of an exception since that cour streamlines the events quite a bite due to its curtly distance .
That season of the zanzibar copal is still very impregnable, but the only way to get the full experience is to read the manga. This ties into the point of the ODM gear ‘s creator – the manga is Attack on Titan in its purest form .

3 Historia’s Backstory Flows More Smoothly In The Manga

Historia from Attack on Titan Christa Lenz seemed like nothing more than a run-of-the-mill meek character who was merely present to fill up a spot in the Survey Corps. however, it ‘s lone after her character is expanded upon that readers realize merely how important she is to the main report. Her uncover as Historia Reiss and the elephantine implications made for one of the highlights in a season that took a look at the inner conflict present within the walls itself .
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however, the anime does change up the sequence and length of sealed flashbacks that expand on Historia ‘s past. It ‘s a shame, since Frieda plays a major role in these moments and truly gets to shine here. therefore, people who want to see Historia ‘s backstory in its natural and uncut imprint should check the manga for the lapp .

2 There’s More Content In The Manga’s Spin-offs

A manga panel from Attack on Titan: Before the Fall assail on Titan ‘s world is in truth brilliant, with the amazing lore adding more season to the serial. In fact, liveliness within the walls is thus excite that there ‘s actually a by-product manga that tells a history that took put within the walls a farseeing time before the events of the chief series .
assail on Titan : Before the Fall is a great read that fans of the series should decidedly check out. The theme of a Titan giving parentage to a reviled child is reasonably rivet, and this by-product makes the most of this concept and gives some much-needed backstory to the elements of the series ‘ lore as well .
Given how Season 4 has completely changed the bet on for Attack on Titan, a distribute of people might find the events in this by-product to be slenderly irrelevant in the expansive outline of things. however, the storytelling in this by-product is hush great and worth the time of any fan who does n’t mind checking out a story with a smaller scope .

1 The Manga Has Reached Its Conclusion, Giving It A Proper Ending

Eren facing off against the Colossal Titan in Attack on Titan possibly the most obvious benefit of reading the manga over watching the anime is that readers will be able to enjoy a proper ending to Attack on Titan. This is obviously more ideal than having to deal with an excruciating waiting period like most anime fans are going through right immediately.

Given the ballyhoo surrounding this series, it ‘s close up to impossible for a person browsing the internet to avoid any spoilers for this show either. indeed, person who ca n’t wait to witness the ending of Attack on Titan without having the feel spoiled for them should just opt for the manga rather .
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