Attack On Titan: 19 Hilariously Dank Memes

assail On Titan hassium taken the worldly concern by storm, and these 19 hilarious memes will have fans rolling on the deck with laugh ! It sounds incredible, but the first season of Attack on Titan came out about five years ago. We had to wait three whole years for the second season to roll out, but thankfully, the third base season is good around the corner. today, Attack on Titan is one of the most popular shounen anime — or anime — in general. It has an extremely big following across the ball, which is reflected in the submerge measure of sports fan art, cosplay, fanfiction and memes that have been created around it. In this brave fresh world, where zanzibar copal largely lives season to temper, Attack on Titan managed to amass such a huge fanbase and remain more than just relevant five years after its season one let go of .
As a testament of Attack on Titan ‘s popularity, you need not look further than the fact that its foremost season is listed as the second gear most democratic anime on MyAnimeList, preceded only by Death Note. attack on Titan has spawned a phone number of spin-offs, retread movies a well as a live-action adaptation. however, if you want to remain an attack on Titan fan we ‘d advise you to steer pass of the live-action movies. Your time would be better exhausted checking out these 19 hilarious Attack on Titan memes .


Attack on Titan Potato Sasha Blouse has established herself as the Potato Girl very early on in the report. On the first day of training, she was caught red-handed eating a potato during trigger. As repentance, she had to run around the premises for five hours. After this little incident, we ’ re given a number of examples illustrating how far Sasha would go to procure food .
Isayama has stated himself that one of Sasha ’ s biggest fears is running out of food. While Sasha likes all food, her infatuation with potatoes in that one view has branded her the Potato Girl of Attack on Titan. A clever internet comedian decided to have some fun with Sasha and replaced a colossus in this screenshot with something army for the liberation of rwanda less ill. You better act fast people, otherwise she ’ ll eat it all by herself .


Attack on Titan Mikasa The names of Attack on Titan characters have been discipline to much debate. specially since a big number of them seem to have german beginning. Mikasa Ackerman, is said to be born to a white forefather, presumably German, and a japanese mother. Hence, the german surname and japanese first appoint. The appoint Mikasa has a few significant links in japanese culture. however, what most of us westerners associate with the diagnose Mikasa is the sports equipment caller, largely known for its volleyballs .
obviously, an attack on Titan fan had one on hand and decided to make themselves a Mikasa figurine — well sort of. It ‘s incredible what a deviation a scarf can make. phonograph needle to say, this hilarious meme unfold like wildfire across the Attack on Titan fandom .


Attack on Titan Hanji Hange Zoe is an curio. While we can say with certainty that all of the characters in Attack on Titan are upbeat, Hange is by far the most far-out and mysterious one. On the come on, Hange appears to be a delirious scientist obsessed with titans to an unhealthy degree, driving her to put herself in unnecessary danger in orderliness to cozy up to her pet-titans. however, in season two we caught a glance of Hange ’ s more dangerous and responsible side .
But that is not to say she still isn ’ t crazy about titans. The extent of her captivation with titans was discernible when upon discovering Eren she felt at bliss. This hilarious meme, does an excellent job at depicting Hange ’ s reaction to the shape-shifting Survey Corps enroll. Well, it was courteous knowing you, Eren .


If you ’ ve watched Attack on Titan, and chances are you have since you clicked on this number, you know that there is entirely one known sure-fire room to slay an angry and athirst colossus — by making a very specific cut along the nape of their neck. This will sever their central anxious system and solution in their death. however, a group of members of the 104th Cadet Corps seem to have found a new, more creative way, of laying neutralize to their foe .
In season one, a group of 104th Cadet Corps members where attacked by what can only be described as a small army of titans. Debating their options and strategies, it was Reiner who suggested a slightly more extreme measure for dealing with titans .


Attack on Titan Opening Be it the first gear open, Guren no Yumiya, the second opening Jiyuu no Tsubasa, or the latest season two possibility Shinzuou wo Sasageyo !, Attack on Titan is bound to have you singing along, even if you don ’ thymine truly know the lyrics. Linked Horizon ’ s catchy tunes are not entirely difficult to resist, but they besides fit the anime to a T. On top of that, the visuals are absolutely breathtaking with lots of action, prefiguration, and attention-getting shots — all wonderfully directed and set absolutely to the music .
You ’ d have to be reasonably intemperate pressed to find an attack on Titan fan who doesn ’ t like the indicate ’ sulfur openings. It ’ mho besides easy to get hooked on these songs, and once you ’ rhenium hooked there ’ s absolutely no room you ’ ra gon na skip the opening .


Attack on Titan Sasha Food At the conclusion of episode four, moments before the Colossal Titan ’ s surprise appearance, Sasha revealed to her friends that she “ borrowed ” some kernel from the officers ’ good morning rations. naturally, everyone freaked out at her, until she gave a speech about how they will have more meat once they take back their territory from the titans. The scene was hilarious, until the Colossal Titan decided he wants a piece besides .
The person who made this punch-drunk meme saw some similarities between the way Sasha hid the “ borrowed ” meat and the way people sneak food into the movies, which as we all know is a big no-no. however, a few brave souls however attempt the Sasha Blouse method acting. not that we ’ vitamin d recommend it — rules should be respected .


Attack on Titan Running attack on Titan has featured some pretty farcical titans. Among the funniest is this guy who, for some argue, runs in a identical hilarious fashion. Which, of course, is in blunt contrast to Usain Bolt-like running proficiency of the Colossal Titan. naturally, the fans saw this as an excellent opportunity to create all kinds of memes, such as the one featured above .
This is possibly the most relatable attack on Titan meme out there. After all, we ’ ve all try to take up jog at some point in our lives, only to fail miserably. It ’ south easy to picture yourself striding with elegance and grace — hoist in your haircloth and headphones in your ears. however, once you find yourself out in the candid and overzealously marching music advancing, you soon start to realize that running is not adenine easy as you might have naively believed. And you end up looking anserine .


Attack on Titan Eren Mikasa The kinship between Mikasa Ackerman and Eren Yeager is an odd one, to put it mildly. After losing both her parents and being saved from kidnappers by Eren, Mikasa was adopted by the Yeager kin. Mikasa sees Eren as her lone family member and would do anything to protect him .
Over the course of the narrative, it becomes obvious that Mikasa is a power to be reckoned with, tied more indeed than Eren. As evidenced by the fact that a group of bullies ran frightened upon seeing her and not Eren. In her desperate need to protect Eren, Mikasa sometimes comes off as excessively attached. however, when you consider how many times she ’ s saved his good-for-nothing buttocks, it becomes clear that, despite being a titan, Eren does need Mikasa. Of course, fans use this to mock Eren. expose A : this meme .


Attack on Titan Levi A batch of popular works include a character who encompasses the alleged neat freak out trope. Monica from Friends, Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and Ryuji from Toradora ! all make us laugh with their obsessive cleanliness. In Attack on Titan, this trope can be found in Levi. As demonstrated in a total of scenes, Levi absolutely hates getting dirty and can ’ thyroxine stand being in a home that is not clean .
In episode 15 of the first season, we see matthew and the rest of his unit cleaning an old headquarters. This is the moment we realized just how obsessed with cleaning the Captain is. He even makes Eren re-do the upper berth deck, because he didn ’ t do a exhaustive adequate job the first time about. so, possibly the audacious Captain Levi international relations and security network ’ t therefore unafraid after all .


Attack on Titan Salute The lore of any work of fabrication is a damaging gene to its popularity. Building a populace, particularly like the one in attack on Titan, is a challenge job. In order for the audience to get invested in the floor and its characters the audience must first understand the universe in which it all takes plaza. And this is one of the things Attack on Titan does well. From the identical beginning sequence, you ’ ll find yourself rooting for these characters .
Over time, you become then betroth with the floor and start caring then powerfully about the characters that you find yourself wanting to show your support. If, at least, with something american samoa simple as their military salute. so, many Attack on Titan fans will probably identify with this meme. We ’ ve all pretty much done this. At least during the open .


Attack on Titan Blood If you ’ re an avid anime sports fan you must have noticed that cherry blossoms are a very coarse motif in anime. Cherry blossoms are a boastfully part of japanese polish and custom. They even have a festival to celebrate cherry flower season. In anime, red blossoms are normally associated with spring, the start of the school year and young beloved .
however, Attack on Titan is not most anime. If you ’ ve seen even one episode, you know that this anime has nothing to do with the everyday lives of high school students whose only trouble in life is that their break down doesn ’ thymine like them back. In Attack on Titan, rather of watching cherry blossoms float through the air travel, we ’ rhenium treated to the beautiful sight of rich and bloodstained lineage dab .


Attack on Titan Fanfiction Fanfiction has become an substantive separate of every fandom. If you visit AO3 you will find over 300,000 works in the Attack on Titan section. And believe it or not about 16,000 of those revolve around the ship known as “ Eremin ” between Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert. Eremin is a pretty popular ship, and even Hajime Isayama himself has stated that this is his favored pair .
In the manga and zanzibar copal, Eren and Armin are portrayed as very close friends. always since childhood, Armin has been telling Eren about the outside earth and the ocean — stuff he found in his grandfather ’ s book. This meme uses a screenshot of the two boys looking at said books to hilariously imply that they had just stumbled upon fanfiction .


Attack on Titan Armin Is it excessively far-fetched to suggest that Hajime Isayama chose the name Armin fair to have fans make this jest for him ? We decidedly think that it ‘s potential. hush, one can ’ thymine avail but admire the serendipity of having a fictional character named Armin have his sleeve about bitten off by a titan, alone to be saved by Eren — whose arm does indeed end up being bitten off by the titan .
This hilarious meme takes advantage of Armin ’ s diagnose to poke fun at a crushing and awful scene in the most punny and hilarious way. not to downplay the burden of this heartbreaking consequence, but we barely ca n’t help but laugh at this meme. We blame Isayama for giving Armin such a punny name. He actually should have known better .


On the first gear day of educate, Sasha Blouse stole a steam potato from the kitchen and proceeded to eat it during initiation. The head teacher was baffled as to why she was eating a potato during prepare. Sasha then started explaining that potatoes should be eaten while they ‘re hot. Upon realizing that the world was hush staring down at her in utter unbelief she tried offering him “ half ” of said potato .
Of course, anyone with eyes could have well concluded that what she offered didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come even airless to 50 %. This gave the fans all the more reason to poke playfulness at Sasha, immediately permanently dubbed “ The Potato Girl. ” As to whether Sasha wanted to break the potato in two differently sized pieces or it just broke off unevenly, remains uncertain .


Attack on Titan Suicide Squad In episode 16, the 104th Cadet Corps were put in front of the most authoritative choice they will ever make. Deciding whether to join the Military Police Brigade, the Garrison or the ill-famed Survey Corps will determine their future. And as we watched Eren, Mikasa, Armin and the others take the eminent road by staying invest after Commander Erwin ’ s lecture we felt chills .
about all of them were scared to death. Some tied wanted to leave but couldn ’ t will their legs to move. But they did stay, promising to dedicate their hearts for the glory of humanness. A sports fan of the show noticed parallels between the Survey Corps and the Suicide Squad and somehow made us laugh with this tragicomic meme, even at a here and now like this .


Attack on Titan Answers assail on Titan is far from being the kind of show that outright tells you everything you thus urgently want to know the history and the characters. In fact, flush after two seasons we ’ re hush none the wise when it comes to the truth about the unusual earth in which the events of this zanzibar copal take topographic point. And good when we dare to hope that we might last be getting some much-needed answers we end up with evening more questions .
And even if you read the manga, you ’ ll still find yourself with more questions than answers. A thwart fan found a very creative and hilarious way to demonstrate equitable how the Attack on Titan fans feel about their bootless and exasperating avocation of answers about their favorite zanzibar copal .


Attack on Titan Optimism Maintaining high spirits is significant in any given situation, particularly when you live in such a desolate place like the Attack on Titan universe. No matter how dark the global around you gets and how black the future may seem, it ’ randomness all-important that you never lose hope and keep those optimism levels on an all-time high gear. Of naturally, this international relations and security network ’ thymine always easy to do. After all, we can ’ t all be a Pollyanna .
Sasha Blouse, best-known to her friends as the Potato Girl, is normally a cheerful person with unbound optimism that should be catching. however, the cruelties of living a cage life in constant concern of titans have taken a toll on her american samoa well. effective job, Potato Girl, that ’ s the spirit. You have found the flatware line .


Attack on Titan Edward Elric Eren is far from being the first zanzibar copal supporter to lose his branch and branch. Although, while Eren got his limb back, others were far less fortunate. In case you ’ re wonder who the hell is Edward Elric, we suggest you binge Fullmetal alchemist : brotherhood at your earliest convenience. Edward Elric is the supporter who, through a series of unfortunate events, loses his right arm and left peg .
however, unlike a certain hot-headed penis of the Survey Corps, Ed didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have the ability to fair magically grow his limb second. now, imagine what would happen if poor Ed found out that this idiot can grow limbs like it ’ s no big deal. Well, if anime characters had social media accounts, this meme pretty a lot sums up how their converge would go down .


Attack on Titan Wrecking Ball The fact that the first season of Attack on Titan was released in the spring of 2013, while Miley Cyrus ’ randomness song “ Wrecking Ball ” came out in the summer of the like year is equitable a bit besides commodious to be a coincidence. In font you ’ ve been living under a rock, the song ’ s lyrics address of breaking walls with, you guessed it, a wrecking ball .
Granted, the song is metaphorical. however, if you decide to give misprint interpretation to the lyrics, then you put a megascopic looking colossus on the wrecking ball rather of a half-naked Miley, you will have yourself a pretty hilarious meme. And hera you were thinking nothing full could ever come out of a Miley Cyrus song, when in fact all you have to do is get creative .

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