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  • Bertolt sweating and his various distressed facial expressions.
  • Then there is Jean and people (jokingly… most of the time) mistaking him for Reiner or Thomas due to similiar character designs. Jean also is somewhat of a memetic Butt-Monkey on certain boards, where people who like him or ship him with Mikasa are often told: “Jean, please leave/go to bed.”
    • What is it, Eren?
  • Levi’s ass has achieved memetic status, because of his bizarre pose◊ after kicking Eren.
  • Levi is a Disney Princess. explanation From a scene where he opens a window to clean, people noticed the similarities between that picture and the begin of Beauty and the Beast in which everyone opens their windows during a musical number. The fandom took the joke and tend with it
    • Just the fact that “Levi is a Disney Princess” appears on Google’s search suggestions. In other words, the fact that Disney Princess Levi is memetic is a meme in itself.
  • The walls being made to protect the Titans from Levi / “On that day, the Titans recieved a grim reminder…” explanation Despite world being solidly outmatched by the Titans for most of the series, the sole exception to this is Levi, who has absolutely dominated every competitiveness he ‘s been in – to the point where he ‘s delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to the previously unassailable Female Titan, and three to the similarly strong Beast Titan. Hence jokes about how while humanity lives in fear of the Titans, the Titans live in fear of Levi.

  • Photoshopping together pictures of Armin and Coconut Head, due to their resemblance, is becoming popular. Observe.◊
  • According to this chart◊, Levi and Mikasa are both heavier than Eren despite being shorter and the same height respectively. Encouraged by official artwork that shows Mikasa having distinct abs, many fans have humorously depicted Eren as being noticeably◊ scrawny in◊ comparison◊ to the two’s much more muscular builds.
  • Demon Lord Corporal. explanation A popular Eren/Rivalle doujinshi that takes place in an AU in which Eren is a young village girl and Levi is a herculean demon who befriends her .
  • Riva-Sha… explanation Another popular doujinshi in which Levi and Eren are reincarnated as brothers. Eren is just a toddler and has trouble pronouncing his name
  • Marco is all right. explanation due to how Marco dies ( his integral right side was taken off by a titan ), it ‘s distinctly an fabulously morbid pun .
  • Ha? explanation The minor baffled noise that Jean makes in one episode .
  • Two words: Shota He-Man. explanation A few people have taken notice of the similiarities beetween Armin and He-Man .
    • Or the less popular version, Chib-Man! explanation Pronounced Cheeb-Man .
    • Oh my God, did he try!
  • Potato Girl. explanation Sasha Blouse/Braus, a female character in the express likes to eat food, particularly steamed potatoes. Her first view has her eating a steam potato that she stole in front of their drill teacher .
    • Ascended Meme: Sasha is being featured as a DLC character in the 3DS game, and will have a giant knife and fork as alternate weapons.
    • This particular video has a stinger that takes it up to eleven on just how far her obsession with Potatoes might go.
  • Pole dancer Levi. explanation Around Tumblr, it ‘s become pretty popular around the fanon that Levi ‘s shady past involves him being a pole dancer. It escalated after that television appeared in Youtube .
  • (눈_눈) explanation In address to the bore search that Levi carries 98 % of the clock .
    • Notably, the symbol that appears twice is Korean for “eye”.
  • Reiner’s Bara titties. explanation Tumblr fans are very fond of Reiner ‘s chest, triggering all manner of jokes about him having man-boobs .
  • Mylius Zeramusky aka background-chan. explanation The cute blond Red Shirt in Eren ‘s police squad who died during the Trost struggle has become reasonably popular with the female audience on Tumblr .
  • Eren should really stop leaving Mikasa’s side. explanation ! many fans have pointed out that bad things happen whenever Eren is separated from Mikasa during battle. plunderer

    Even managing to get kidnapped about two seconds after he leaves her side by Reiner and Bertolt

  • Legout. explanation The name the fans have given to an nameless background character who looks like Armin with embrown hair, normally referred to as Armin ‘s Evil Twin. Originated from a jest edit post, but then a character powerfully resembling said edit appeared in the background of sequence 23 .
    • The nickname has since extended to an actual character named Nifa, who bears a striking resemblance to Armin. 4chan has also dubbed her Armin’s “good twin.”
    • As of chapter 57, her destine has given her the extra nickname of “ Faceoff.
  • Jean is a horse. explanation In episode 23, Eren makes a remark about Jean having a sawhorse side. The fandom took it and ran with it, its popularity bolstered by the fact that using people with horse heads to represent mindless internet trolls was already a democratic meme .
  • Sorry, that was a strange thing to ask. explanation In episode 15, Erwin comes out of nowhere to ask Eren who he thinks the true enemy is, then notes that was a strange question to ask. Fans took screenshots and replaced the interrogate he asked with even stranger ones that would make no feel to ask in the display .
  • Petra-ing. explanation Petra dies in episode 21 after being slammed facefirst into a tree by the Female Titan. It ‘s become a photograph meme since then to imitate her affectation upon death against a tree .
  • Levi wanted to finish his tea. explanation Levi gets this half- Oh, Crap !, half-annoyed formulation when Eren by chance transformed during a break as he was drinking tea .
  • Eren is Princess Peach. explanation ( minor spoilers ) due to Eren ‘s leaning to get kidnapped, it ‘s become democratic in sports fan art to depict him as Princess Peach, and to depict Mikasa and Levi as the Mario brothers. Levi holding a super-shroom is optional .
    • “It has been (X) days since Eren Jeager was last kidnapped.”
  • No, I don’t want that! {Example} Finding another man! explanation ( minor spoilers ) In the final examination chapter, one of the most ill-famed scenes was Eren having a mental breakdown on the prospect of Mikasa finding another man. Detractors of the ending state that it was out of character and pathetic, mocking it as character assassination. Supporters found it to be an concern penetration of Eren ‘s soul. Whatever is the case, the scene itself became a giant star meme of how weird it was .
  • Eren manipulating X. explanation ( minor spoilers ) A brazilian meme format that uses the scene in which Eren manipulates Grisha into murdering the royal family. In this meme format, Eren manipulates person else into doing something. For exemplar, manipulating Cristiano Ronaldo into ignoring a Coca Cola bottle .
  • Eren…What a man you are… explanation ( minor spoilers ) A mistranslation by Reiner in the final chapter after figuring out Eren ‘s plan. After the image was posted, due to how absurd Reiner ‘s affirmation is in the context of the manga, it immediately grew as a meme mocking the ending of the serial. With some incorrectly pointing out as an exemplar of the dip in writing quality .
  • Reiner sniffing Historia’s Letter. explanation ( minor spoilers ) Another scenery from the final examination chapter showed the consequence of the Rumbling, with one of the last scenes we see from Reiner is him sniffing the letter from Historia and fantasizing about her smell. Due to the bluff levels of Squick and how creepy most have found it, it became another meme mocking both Reiner and the ending ‘s decision to the manga ‘s detractors .
  • While everyone takes an L. Jean mains keep on winning! explanation ( minor spoilers ) Memes about Jean sleeping with Mikasa cursorily blew up once the extra panels from the final chapter was released, in which a homo next to an aged Mikasa has a exchangeable silhouette as Jean. Fans quickly took note of this, with detractors making playfulness on how every major character lost in some room with the exception of Jean .
  • Annie is Kira. explanation When Annie is exposed as the Female Titan, she has an eerily alike reaction to Light when he ‘s exposed as Kira .
  • Humanity’s Worst Fear. Explantion On episode 4 of season 2, Reiner opens a interlock door lone to encounter a Titan climbing the stairs, and immediately re-locks it. The titan is replaced with respective other characters or scenes, frequently to give the impression of Reiner reacting to something obviously Faux Horrific
  • Poor Armin. explanationwound up molesting him. In chapter 53, Armin was forced to crossdress for spoiler reasons and a Dirty Old Man
  • People mistaking Armin for Krista. The fact that he later crossdresses as her to fool the kidnappers certainly didn’t help anything.
  • ALL HAIL QUEEN HISTORIA! explanation In chapter 55, Erwin learns the Reiss family is the veridical royal family and plans to replace the Fake King with Historia .
  • You’re an Ackerman. He’s an Ackerman. Everyone’s an Ackerman. explanation Levi ‘s surname is revealed to be Ackerman and the man who killed Historia ‘s mother is revealed to be Ackerman as well .
    • You’re an acronym. He’s an acronym. Everyone’s an acronym.
  • STOP KILLING OFF EVERYONE matthew CARES FOR! explanation Brought on by the formulation Levi has in chapter 57 after he sees the rest of Hanji ‘s team gunned devour by the Humanity Suppression task pull .
  • Kanye Ackerman. explanation The brutal and cryptic Captain Ackerman of the First Brigade is stated by Levi to be a erstwhile Serial Killer and his mentor/surrogate father whose first name is Kaney, which lends itself nicely to an anagram.

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    • “Yo Levi, Imma let you finish, but I’m Humanity’s strongest”. explanation extension of the parent meme, helped enormously by the fact that most english translations actually make “ Yo, Levi ” the first gear thing he says to Levi .
  • Your friendly neighborhood Military Policeman. explanation Happens during Levi and Kaney Ackermans ‘ fight where Levi escapes into the bar and Kaney smashes through yelling about how he was there to get rid of all the bad guys .
  • Many people are parodying Kaney’s Guns Akimbo pose, mainly because of how his legs are drawn to be incredibly long.
  • Marlow is a kappa. explanation Jean calls Marlow a kappa-head, ascribable to his haircut in chapter 59 .
  • “Captain… Armin…” explanation after being captured by Rod Reiss, Eren thinks specifically of Levi and Armin, but not Mikasa (though he does worry about the Survey Corps, which would include her). Many fans saw this as yet another sign of Eren’s Upon waking up, Eren thinks specifically of Levi and Armin, but not Mikasa ( though he does worry about the Survey Corps, which would include her ). many fans saw this as however another sign of Eren ‘s incredible denseness in regards to Mikasa ‘s feelings for him, ampere well as Mikasa ‘s ceaseless Butt-Monkey status ascribable to her unanswered love .
  • Big-Ass Trees explanation In Episode 18, Levi smacks some sense into Eren by reminding him of the placement they ‘re in. however, Levi being Levi, he crudely describes the forest as such, and the bromidic rescue stick in the fandom to the point where said forest got the Fan Nickname of “ Forest of Big-Ass Trees ” .
  • The Bertl Bomb. explanation In Chapter 77, the Beast Titan throws Bertholdt over the wall inside a crate, with the intention of having him transform over the city .
  • The Bertl Badass. explanation In Chapter 78, Bertholdt beats Mikasa in a one-on-one fight, landing a beastly gripe to her face to boot. The fandom has swarmed over this, noting how knock-down an skill that is .
  • Hange is immortal. explanation Hange finally bites it while fighting off the Wall Titans in chapter 132. After presumably she and everyone in her police squad died in a giant explosion caused by Bertholdt, Hange shows up again looking virtually unharmed, minus an eye injury, and placid having working gear, therefore leading to the fandom joke that she ca n’t be killed. Harsher in Hindsight Hilarious in Hindsight as
  • Levi kicking the door. explanation After everything they ‘ve gone through, the group last makes it to the basement only for the key to not work. Levi ‘s solution to this is to fair kick a hole through the door and open it from the other side .
  • Zeke’s pony. explanation ( spoilers ) A meme that originated from this post basically saying that the whole reason Zeke sold out his parents to the Marley officers and left them to die is because Grisha would n’t get him a pony. now the meme has reached a steer where Zeke is apparently wholly obsessed with ponies .
  • As expected of Pieck! That’s exactly right! explanation A democratic phrase that popped up from one of the translations of chapter 95 wherein Zeke praises Pieck ‘s intellectual with that accurate give voice. It ‘s pretty much become the go-to phrase to express the fandom ‘s love for Pieck. Often accompanied by Zeke pointing at Pieck in the like view, which has become a Memetic Hand Gesture associated with this phrase .
  • Bertholdt explanation “ Bertholdt ” is an fabulously park spell of “ Bertolt ”, which is the character ‘s official translated name. Because of this, it ‘s become popular to measuredly botch the character ‘s mention .
  • Pieck’s ass explanation separate of Pieck ‘s massive appeal among the characters in the series is her equally massive ass. When walking on all fours in front of Porco, her butt ended up looking bosomy despite wearing a large, flow, curve-hiding annulus. In a series where every early female is slender and has their bodies further downplayed by their outfits, this struck a boldness with the fanbase. Cue the endless references to Pieck ‘s “ patty ”, near-universally being best girlfriend ( helped by her great intelligence and autonomy ), and even her haters among the fans who view her as merely another war criminal still acknowledging her complimentary ass .
  • Ereh explanation How Mikasa pronounces Eren ‘s name in the substitute adaptation has caught on with the fanbase .
  • Chad Eren explanationVirgin vs. Chad is a series of memes where two characters are juxtaposed and the Chad character is considerably superior. In chapter 110, the pose Eren makes when he is donning a black jacket resembles that of the Chad character. It also goes hand in hand with Eren’s development.
  • Eren Yeager wrote Attack On Titan explanation It is revealed in chapter 121 that Eren masterminded the Reiss Family slaughter and was manipulating Grisha behind the scenes. It led to a lot of overdo jokes about how the integral plot was a separate of Eren ‘s headmaster design and him supervising Isayama on how to write the storyline .
  • Dad Eren explanation After chapter 122, it became common to make jokes about Eren adopting Ymir Fritz ( the progenitor of Titans ) as his daughter. One normal scenario for the jest involves ordinary activities which Eren treats as crucial tests of exemption, often at Zeke ‘s expense. The other is significantly darker as it treats the Rumbling and full destruction of world outside the walls as father/daughter bond time .
  • Monke explanation nickname for Zeke Yeager. alternatively written as Monkey, MONKE, or M O N K E .
  • “SHIIIZAAAAAAAA!!!” explanation ( spoilers ) In episode 65, the Attack Titan ‘s rampage across Marley results in Zofia being crushed by a giant rock. Comparisons to Caesar Zeppeli ‘s destiny from JoJo ‘s Bizarre Adventure have already been made .
    • Too bad Zofia wasn’t there to give Kakashi her Sharingan. explanation ( spoilers ) Related to the above, fans made this joke by remembering the meter Obito Uchiha had half his body crushed by a boulder, and transplanted his own special eye to his ally Kakashi .
  • Gabi’s beatdown. explanation ( spoilers )◊, was used as a reaction regarding the satisfaction towards her just-desserts, or a response towards questions about this episode’s favorite moment. In an anime-only here and now for sequence 67, we get to see close-up shots of Gabi being assaulted by the Survey Corps after she fatally shot Sasha. One such painting, which was a clear punch to Gabi ‘s face, was used as a reaction regarding the satisfaction towards her just-desserts, or a answer towards questions about this episode ‘s favorite moment .
  • Ellen becomes dove (crying) explanation ( spoilers ) A identical ill google-translated version of a text leak for chapter 137. The actual japanese phrase was about the leaker ‘s concern that Eren will take final target in the popularity poll ( crying ). What ‘s funnier is that this meme actually predicted Eren ‘s destine in the fib .
    • Ellen becomes tree (growing) explanation ( spoilers ) A continuance of the Bird meme. This time, used to mock the extra panels from the final chapters, with some fans calling it even worse than the original ending. This is because the tree that Eren ‘s head was buried in, grew to resemble the lapp tree that Ymir fell into. Some have even accused the ending for sequel bait and making the entire point of Eren ‘s travel otiose .
  • Here’s how Eren can still win. explanation ( Major Spoilers ) With Eren ‘s decreasing chances of winning, following the Founding Titan ‘s head being blown off in chapter 137, dry memes inspired by “ how Bernie can still win “ took off. These range from merely being in defense, to coming up with absurd and nonsense scenarios akin to conspiracy theories .
    • Eren is Alive and Well in Paradis explanation ( Major Spoilers ) A sort-of snowclone of the above meme, based on a fan hypothesis that Eren was not actually in the Founding Titan leading the Rumbling and was alternatively controlling it through the Warhammer ‘s outback control ability or, in a less unplayful theory, that the body he left behind in Paradis regrew into a new Eren .
  • The Chad Falco explanation ( Major Spoilers )for yourself. In the concluding page of chapter 137, we get a good count at Falco ‘s flying titan watching Armin detonate his titan inside Eren ‘s body. many have noted that Falco ‘s confront in this detail image bares a contact resemblance to the “ Yes Chad ” meme from Wojack Comics. Just see
  • Necrophilia explanation ( Major Spoilers ) In Chapter 138, Mikasa decapitates Eren, and then picks up the abruptly, still-bleeding head to kiss it on the lips. intelligibly, this reignited the jokes about her being a Yandere
  • When you know Mikasa is stronger than you and Armin is smarter than you so you argue with Mikasa and fight with Armin. explanation ( spoilers ) In sequence 73, Eren telling Mikasa she is nothing but a slave and that he has constantly hated her and then beating up Armin when he retaliates for Eren ‘s deleterious words has brought this up .
  • Tatacaw/Flight. explanation ( Ending Spoilers ) The Parasitic Jaeger bird reoccurs throughout the series and at the end it is implied the one that flies above Armin and then fixes Mikasa ‘s scarf on her neck is Eren ‘s reincarnation. Fans found this hysteric and edited the bird ‘s Wikipedia page to reference the scene, on top of making puns off Eren ‘s Tatakae/Fight mantra and editing his front over pictures of birds. As Eren felt unwilling to let Mikasa get over his death, fans besides depict him as a possessive stalker who pecks at anyone trying to flirt with her .
  • Thank you for becoming a mass murderer for us. explanation A wrinkle by Armin in an early transformation of 139. In context, it ‘s Armin realizing Eren shouldered a atrocious load to save Eldia. however, the awkward give voice makes it sound like Armin is precisely very pleased with the mass murder. not helped by the fact Armin was already a Memetic Psychopath thanks to A Slap On Titan
  • Ymir the Simp explanation The final chapter reveals that Ymir stayed in the Paths for possibly millions of years ( from her perspective ) because she was in love with King Fritz. As the world enslaved, tortured, and raped her, some fans were agile to mock Ymir as the ultimate simp .
  • Aaron Yoghurt explanation ( Spoilers ) In one of Mikasa ‘s dream, she dreamt of her and Eren running aside from the worldly concern and be in a bungalow together, with Eren abandoning his responsibilities. “ Aaron Yoghurt ” soon became Eren ‘s doppelganger, this adaptation of him being portrayed as a wimpish coward whose biggest accomplishment is catching a adult pisces nearby rather, in contrast to Eren The Determinator
  • Yelena’s face explanation◊. Yelena’s intimidating face gained a lot more traction when it was adapted to the anime, leading to many edits and parody redraws of the scene with characters from other franchises in Armin and Yelena’s place. In Chapter 118, Armin voices his patronize for the Yaegerist faction to the group, under the belief that by helping them bring Zeke and Eren together, they can ensure the safety of the global as a whole. Cue Yelena coming up behind Armin, and the latter looking behind him to see Yelena giving him the mother of all Death Glares in seeming disfavor, her face contorted into a jarringly acute frowning expression. Yelena ‘s intimidating face gained a lot more traction when it was adapted to the zanzibar copal, leading to many edits and parody redraws of the scene with characters from other franchises in Armin and Yelena ‘s position .
  • My name is Eren Yeager! explanation

    Episode 21 of the Final season sees Eren use the Paths to communicate with the universe about his intentions to commit mass genocide of everyone outside of Paradis Island. Viewers were quick to find dark humor in the mind of characters going about their daily lives only to get bombarded with this massive bombshell, and began photoshopping other characters getting throw into the Paths with this revelation .

  • Eren Whispering in your Ear explanation ( major spoilers )◊ next to another character, commanding them to perform an important action. Eren finally unlocks the ability to send his consciousness through time and command everyone else who always held his Titan power, including his own founder Grisha. It ’ randomness common to put Eren ‘s confront future to another character, commanding them to perform an important action .
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