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Story 10/10

It continunes few days after where we left off last season and it focuses more on political drama and dilemmas inside the walls. This season gets square to the point and introduces new villain named Kenny that turns out to be somehow related to Levi. There are many parties trying to get Eren and Historia. For what reason ? It is so far to be reveald. Mystery we all feel in love with is even there and there are even more questions, but do n’t let that distract you from the fact that this season, even tho is merely few episodes in, already has some major reveals in it. Pacing is amazing and i was n’t bored for a moment while watching. Things are only getting more interesting when Erwin reveals how he ‘s planning to ovethrow the governmant without using the wedge. This season has a identical freshen and different plot compared to former ones as we can see from the lack of titans and focuse on the issues inside the walls preferably than beyond. however it ‘s still american samoa, if not more interest than ahead. There is world buidling, mystery, back knife and some major questions answered which there is hopfully more to come.

Animation 10/10

As we can see characters in this season look a little piece different or older which some might not like but i do personally. It ‘s a fresh change. They look closer to their manga designes. Some might notice that they removed those blockheaded black lines around characters faces which made AOT art stand out even more. Do n’t get me incorrect, it however does but that was something that was missing which kept me from giving it 10/10. animation is brilliant for this season ( it ‘s Attack on Titan after all : D ) and like every season it entirely got better.. perfect combination between 3D background and 2D vivification along with masterfull television camera motion made this setting look like a movie. There is even one ensnare where matthew is facing the wall and you can see his reflection in the window. just goes to show how a lot contingent and clock was put in to this scene. After one done some research i found out that it took the energizer of this setting 1 solid calendar month to complete it. Just that one picture alone. All props to Arifumi Imai. Great speculate. Hopfully it keeps this quality because this temper is said to be 24 episodes long.

Sound 10/10

I mean, is there anything to say ? AoT is ill-famed for it ‘s amazing OST and sound quality. Voice actors are great as constantly and the reasoned that stand out to me the most was the voice of falling blast from kenny on the ceiling in ep.1. It was just so satisfy : D. And again harebrained props to Hiroyuki Sawano ( the composer ) for the epic and aroused music.

Characters 10/10

What one like about AoT characters is the fact that they interact sol naturally and nothing from their conversation seems forced which is immediately showcased in the identical inaugural fit in ep. 1. That cabin scene where jean and eren argue, sasha tries to steal boodle, mikasa however does work even tho she ‘s injure and arminius cares for her deeply. And of course Levi the clean freak out comes in at the end : p They are such fun and bouncy characters. This season already had some major development for our cast. We got to see Erwin ‘s and Hisotira ‘s backstories which besides delved deeper in their characters motives. Both backstories were heartbreaking and made me care a draw more for them. Hisotira is slowly taking of her “ Christa Lenz ” facade ( is that how you say it ? lol ) and Erwin is proving again and again why everyone loves him and would follow him to end. His childhood report is very similar to how our society and governmant wokrs today which is very chilling. And we all need to remember that isayama is criticizing this type of government and club with these topics. rather of just walk of Erwin comes rear to Dimo Rivees ‘s wife and comforts her saying he ‘ll avange him. Erwin is charismatic, capital drawing card, intellignet and person that you just want to follow. Since the young historic period he was corious and as he call himself a “ gambler ”. He is person that would give everything for the humanness. Or is he ? I think there is a distribute more to his character. Hange got some development excessively. Eren is maturing and seems a draw more chill this season but unfortunately he is kiddnaped again : ( Poor ridicule he good ca n’t catch a break. In ep.1 he helps historia to overcome here annoyance and shows again just how good he is by telling her “ I like you more this way, just a stupidly normal honest girlfriend ”. besides hugeee development for arminius. To think that he would be capable of killing a human .. this will deffinitely have a huge impact on his fictional character in the future. The way he selfreflects and his philosohpical speach about morals is capital, it actually makes you think. He kinda has a point excessively. He shows one more time how mentally impregnable he is even tho he lacks physicial forte. This time is just on another flat. now lets speak about our new villain. KENYYYYYYYYYYY. I love this guy lol. The way he roasts and insults matthew and the cowboy vibration he gives. I love it. He immediately showcases that he is not a joke by blowing nifa ‘s head off fair like that. He besides seems very cryptic. The manner he treats matthew is about as if he looks down upon him. speak of Levi hera is what iodine think : That chase setting where he ‘s running away from kenny is not good a great action succession it besides represents Levi running from his by. Kenny=His by. Running from kenny or his past. This bow is besides big development and challange for him immediately that he has to act as a leader/commander because erwin is absent or busy. There was besides some smaller developments for connie ( motivating himself to take on the beast colossus ), jean ( struggling to remain human which about costs him liveliness, besides selfreflecting ), sanes ( showing how he did n’t want to do the things that he has done and over the time he just got used to it, besides he was kinda slowly to symphatise with besides and his devotion to king is may be morally wrong but aslo admirable, the way he feels destroyed after finding out that he was actually the one that betrayed the king is besides worth mentioning ), flegel ( stepping up becoming a emboss saying how he ‘ll protect the people of his city ), zachary ( showcasing that he cares more about himself rather than humanness and how he always hated the governmant because they looked up on everyone ).

Enjoyment 10/10

I never enjoyed AoT more. It ‘s great.This season has perfect libra between floor telling, character exploitation and action.

Overall 10/10

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