Omni-directional mobility gear (Anime)

Omni-directional mobility gear



Omni-directional mobility gear
Rittai kidō sōchi



Fight in a 3D space against Titans




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To You, in 2000 Years : The fall of Shiganshina, Part 1

Anime movie

Attack on Titan Part 1 : Guren no Yumiya The omni-directional mobility gear ( 立体機動装置 Rittai kidō sōchi ? ) is a type of equipment developed by humans that allows great mobility when facing the Titans in combat. It allows the user to fight in a three-d space as opposed to a 2D one. The equipment itself takes the form of a consistency harness that encompasses much of the soundbox below the neck. Although the equipment can grant a skilled drug user fantastic mobility, it is a demanding art that requires both force and skill, both of which must be honed through constant practice. Some tools involved in the apparatus admit :

  • Hand grips 
  • Piston-shot grapple-hooks
  • Gas-powered mechanism
  • Iron wire propeller with plug-in blades


The simplest move potential with the ODM gear is merely aiming and firing the grapnel crochet at an object and then activating the natural gas mechanism to reel oneself toward the said object. They can then disconnect the hook and continue moving forward. normally however, soldiers must be able to move about in decree to navigate in cosmopolitan. consequently, they tend to use their momentum in order to swing about targets, not entirely in rectilinear patterns, but besides slaloming between objects and Titans. The gas mechanism is so knock-down that it can stop a person from falling without using the hook. [ 1 ] The ODM gearing tends to be less effective in open spaces because the drug user does not have besides many spots where the hooks can be reeled. however, the hooks are able to pierce Titan flesh and ODM gear can be as debauched or evening faster than a Titan. More progress techniques include changing directions while silent being reeled in a demonstrated by Jean Kirschtein. [ 2 ] The bladed anti-titan omni-directional mobility gear has been largely superseded by its anti-personnel counterpart in 854. In addition, a newer adaptation with different scabbard put, lower blade count and different straps has entered service. Older gears are inactive in service with Cadet Corps members. [ 3 ]


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Main Housing — The winch resides inside a house, located on the wearer ‘s lower back. There are two independent shafts, with spools of steel wire. [ 4 ] Controller Grip — The system is operate via a pair of hand held controllers which besides serve as hilts for the wearer ‘s swords. The inner workings of the controllers are a closely guard hidden. The technical department manages and improves this system under rigorous security. [ 4 ] The top trigger fires the anchor with the penetrate trigger firing compressed accelerator. Pulling the lever reels the wire back in, letting function makes it stop. The hammer switch located at the back releases and locks the blades in place. The switches on the sides adjust the angle of open fire for both anchor mechanism. The control fascinate is approximately 18cm in acme. Compressed Gas Cylinder — Two cylinders, one on each sheath, shop compressed gas which is used to both fire and retract the grapples. [ 4 ] Blades — The blades are made from an Ultrahard steel, which is both lissome and solid, adequate to of rending Titan flesh. It can only be manufactured in the blast furnaces of factory cities. [ 5 ] Soldiers normally carry more blades in boxes built at the sides of their thighs. Turbine — Gas from the cylinders is blown immediately into the turbine powers the winch to retract the grapple cables. The imperativeness of the flatulence is regulated to control how promptly the cable are retracted. [ 6 ]


  • 300?cb=20170512220925 Moving in the third dimension
  • 300?cb=20170512221021 crucial Qualities


ODM gear train is a rigorous action that allows humans, which are limited to two-dimensional movements, to adapt to drift in the third dimension. [ 7 ] Great physical force, peculiarly in the leg, coupled with spatial recognition abilities, vitamin a well as the mental intensity to not waver in the midst of a panic, are crucial qualities. [ 7 ] One of the first things done after enlisting in prepare is the ODM gear aptitude evaluation. Those ineffective to remain erect are dismissed.

Those incapable [of staying upright] aren’t suited to even be used as decoys! ” [ 8 ] Three years of train are needed before officially becoming a soldier. many run off or are driven out before graduating. The train is therefore intense that some people actually die during the process. [ 9 ] The trail strengthens the soldiers ‘ muscles to a degree far greater than any normal civilian when you consider the necessity of force of acceleration, shock of bring, performing consecutive quick leaps repeatedly and accelerating at highly high speeds. This leads to the soldiers acquiring a gloomy body fatty share .


  • The Beast Titan showed great interest in the ODM gear, apparently having never encountered it before his meeting with Miche Zacharius.[10]
  • A variation of this device involves using the standard body and harnesses of the equipment, but replacing the sword blades with explosive rods used to incapacitate or destroy armored opponents (such as the Armored Titan).
  • In the online game, Ragnarok X: Next Generation during its second anime collaboration and its first anniversary, the ODM gear serves as a limited back costume worn by the players and it was difficult to be obtained along with a limited mount whenever they open the boxes including the gold one.



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