Attack On Titan Season 4 Art Teases A Mikasa, Armin & Past Eren Face Off

A new piece of artwork for Attack on Titan season 4, separate 2 ‘s home release has teased a confrontation between Mikasa, Armin, and a younger Eren Yeager. The second contribution of the final season aired from January 10, 2022 to April 4, 2022. Attack on Titan season 4, part 3 is set to be released in 2023, completing the series ‘ final arc .
attack on Titan season 4, share 2 saw many changes that wholly shifted the relationships of its cast while besides setting up a conclusion that raised the stakes to their highest. After leading his own coup d’etat and betraying his friends, Eren Yeager ( Yuki Kaji ) used the powers of the Founding Titan to awaken the Colossal Titans slumbering inside the walls of Paradis. Despite having hope that Eren might have better intentions, Mikasa Ackerman ( Yui Ishikawa ) and Armin ( Marina Inoue ) realize he has started the Rumbling, using the Titans to wipe out world outside of the island. Armin and Mikasa join forces with early enemies from Marley to take part in one final examination mission to stop Eren ‘s genocidal plan, even if it means killing their former close acquaintance .
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Shared by the official Attack on Titan anime serial ‘ Twitter account, the new piece of artwork sees Mikasa and Armin set their sights on Eren. Created for season 4, Part 2 ‘s home media releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, the artwork places the three characters within the paths, with Mikasa and Armin looking forward toward an picture of young Eren. The young Eren is stood before the arboreal pillar of light at the center field of the paths, while his Founding Titan form looms overhead. Check out the home let go of ‘s binding artwork below .

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attack on Titan season 4, part 3 was announced promptly following the initial publicize of the concluding sequence of part 2, “ The Dawn of Humanity. ” Through the anime series ‘ Twitter account, it was confirmed that Studio MAPPA was presently developing a final set of episodes that would bring the zanzibar copal adaptation of Hajime Isayama ‘s black fantasy manga series to a close, with the new episodes set to debut in 2023. Alongside the confirmation, the report besides released a new assemble of eye artwork for the approaching episodes that depicted Armin, Mikasa, and the alliance between the Scouting Regiment and Marley ‘s Warriors in the wake of Eren ‘s destruction .
Attack on Titan ‘s final season has set up a colored path for its fallen protagonist, centering him as the series ‘ greatest menace. While episode 87 explored Eren ‘s motivations and desire to protect his friends, his quest has now seen him seek to destroy the world, with his concluding line of temper 4, depart 2 adding a night spin to his younger self ‘s vow to eliminate and take retaliation on the Titans who took his mother by playing the line over his destructive demonstrate on Marley ‘s coast. With Eren undergoing such a drastic change, the latest home media release ‘s new top artwork not only shows the character ‘s bare development from hero to monster, but shows that those who loved him nowadays must stand against him to save the global .

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