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PROLOGUE Attack on Titan ( AOT hereon ) was the most overhyped title of its class, pretty much like Madoka Magica and Sword Art Online ( SAO ) were in the years good before it. And merely like those, it did not live up to its ballyhoo, as reasonably much no display always does. It was a gamey seller that was talked about for some time, and finally ended up being a adult disappointment. And yes, I have read the manga so I know what I am talking about regarding by and by plot twists. Just like it happens with all overhyped mediocrities, the thing that made it so celebrated is the premise. A set where world is about wiped out by giant monstrosities and gets cornered behind huge walls, alone for a giant to break down their fortifications and let the monsters into civilian areas. terror and death circulate as people die defenseless by the thousands and the rest retrograde to early arm lands where they work about as slaves because of overpopulation and miss of food. From this description you are presented with a most matter to action / survival / horror, which is identical graphic and doesn ’ triiodothyronine hold rear in depicting gore, as the giants chew and swallow people. You are actually intrigued to find out how they can possibly survive against these monsters. Sounds amazing enough for anyone to jump into the show, but surely not because it is original. It is actually quite basic and exaggerated ; there have been respective similar stories over the years, from Blue Gender to Claymore. Heck, the very same studio made afterwards Owari no Seraph and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which are the claim lapp premise. AOT was golden adequate to come out at a time when 90 % of zanzibar copal were effortless softporn and moe ; so it stood out. If it was made along with Death Note or Code Geass, it would only get a fraction of its ballyhoo. besides, it is not a harem with schools that pretends to be deep and good by having an apocalyptic story that is there as nothing but unused backdrop, like in the cases of Chrome Shelled Regios or sum Eclipse. The main problems are still deliver though ; so let ’ s go over them, one by one. 1. AOT is a SHONEN, oozing with chilliness and not a mature or reasonable SEINEN That translates to lots of eye-rolling moments. It is NOT a mature fib despite having fledged themes ; and if some think otherwise they are just ignorant. It ’ s all here, the bum dialogue, the 1 dimensional characterization, and the overuse shonen shenanigans. The foe seems undefeatable at inaugural but then some objectionable emo teenagers get convenient superpowers and defeat them by the dozens. That ’ randomness veracious ; everyone has jutsus and shroud evil powers inside them, equitable like in Naruto. And don ’ metric ton give me any excuses of the sort “ There is no early way such a report could be told. ” I have read manga such as Biomeat Nectar, Parasyte, and Dragon Head, where you have a pretty similar situation and they didn ’ t have any of the crap that happens every 5 minutes in this prove. Because those were not shonen. 2. word picture is quite basic and even amusing at points despite the attempts to make the cast mature and serious. Take the supporter for exemplar. so objectionable ! Remember Naruto and how he constantly screams “ I WILL SAVE SASUKE DATEBAYO ! ” every 5 minutes to the point you want to strangle him ? well this one here is not any better since all he does is yelling “ I WILL DEFEAT ALL THE GIANTS DATEBAYO ! ” It has that irritating always-angry, totally-stupid shonen matter you find reasonably much everywhere and no amount of dramatic backdrop manages to make him anything more than that. besides, his backdrop did not form his personality, as he was BORN angry ; he did not became angry because of the titans. And merely like all typical shonen heroes he has special powers, particular family, special friends, is plot armoured, and in general has everything working to his favor despite being nothing but yet another ill-mannered young. But hey, we got tantalum pamper our main audience somehow and this casual pigeonhole works fair ticket ; then why try hard ? other characters include : – An aloof daughter who loves potatoes and talks like a retard ; because all shows need a comedian easing idiot. – A local aristocrat who exists to show what a selfish arse he is, letting everyone die just sol he can escape with his money and not thinking about it doubly ; since ampere well all know adults in shonen are all assholes and only teenagers are the goodhearted folks who do all the work and save the day. – Kidnapers who kill and sell people as prostitutes, just so we can hate them and wish them dead 10 seconds after they are introduced. – Some scaredy big cat boy who is always crying and panic, precisely to show how cool is everyone else. Worthless and irritating as Reki from Claymore and yet another proof of why this appearance is not better than Claymore. They pretend he is a originator when it comes to planning ahead, but in reality he is the lone one who sometimes thinks, while everyone else is an oblivious idiot. thus technically he is a normal guy surrounded by retards. – And let ’ s not forget the supporter ’ s “ not-blood-related-sister ” who seems WAY excessively interested in him to the point she can ’ thyroxine exist without being a destitute pet with constant withdrawal syndrome. How else would we have the obligatory brother-sister love thingy going on ? You can literally describe most of them in 10 words as the way they talk and act will border a slapstick drollery half the time. Everything they need to express, they do it by yelling or crying like maniac, even when the situation barely calls for them to act as such. Or when they try to be serious for a change, it still comes off as amusing. You see a guy in the first episode giving the sever bridge player of a dead soldier to his crying mother while saying with a serious face “ This is all we could salvage. And by the way, your son died for nothing. HERP ! ” Lol man, what kind of a military drawing card is this guy ? Was that supposed to make me feel sad ? I am laughing at it. You may be fooled to think they have depth, since most of them get flashbacks full of tragic childhood moments and stuff ; but let ’ s be honest, all junior-grade characters in shows like Naruto and Bleach have those besides and they are still nothing but cardboards to the floor and finally one dimensional archetypes rather of real people. AOT is not any different, as each of them is there fair to cry in a corner, show us his tragic past and then go to fight the giants until he realizes he is wholly worthless before the hax skills of the main characters and plainly discontinue worry afterwards. literally all secondary characters are neglected and forgotten a few episodes after they are introduced. 3. SHHHHOOOOOCK FACTOOOOORRRR Something quite un-shonen for the time it came out, was the numerous deaths of secondary characters. not many commodious survivals and resurrections hera ; if you are caught by a giant, he is going to rip you to pieces and corrode you while you are still alive and screaming. That makes the tension tenfold compared to an average shonen where everybody survives from impossible situation. That still doesn ’ t save it in the longrun of course, since it is nothing but SHOCK FACTOR to make the consultation gasp with rake and violence and not some actually tragic death of important characters you will never forget. You alone notice the gore and not the people experiencing it. I will never forget the Nanto fighters in Hokuto no Ken because they were contribution of the diagram and did far more than being emo in a corner before kicking the bucket. These here ? Who are they ? You will forget them 5 seconds after they are dead. And even the bangle of the high deathrate rate lost its edge, since soon afterwards shows like Akame GA Kill, Knights of Sidonia, and Fate Zero did the demand same thing. not even that feels that particular anymore. 4. plot Armoured ( Titan ? ) And despite the gamey deathrate rate, finally you realize it is something that counts merely for secondary characters. They serve merely as cannon fodder in this express ; they exist equitable to cry in corners, die miserably, and fool the unexpected to think no one is dependable. The major ones on the other handwriting, get the common shonen package : plot armoured with hax powers, like Wolverine ’ s super fast positive feedback and Spiderman ’ s super fast agility, to forever survive any giant attack. They are oozing with the rule of cool and dwarf everybody else in importance, thus trashing the unharmed survival / horror aspect. The audience cheers for them, as they wipe out armies of undefeatable ( for everybody else ) giants, therefore there is no tension. It is still all about who is more overwhelm and cool, like in any run of the mill shonen. The tragic parts besides become meaningless, since it all comes gloomy to the usual charming superpowers and poseur active, as in the case of, again, any run of the mill legal action shonen. 5. The mystery aspect is quite weak Half the concern most show in this anime derives from the gore ( which is brassy and finally shallow ) and the other half is the mystery of the unsophisticated enemies ( which fades away deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as it is finally revealed ). At inaugural you are thrilled to find out why the giants are eating people. They don ’ t need food to sustain themselves. They don ’ t have a personality or even news which makes them grotesque and terrifying for not understanding their motivations. well, most of your questions won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be answered, since the fib is left incomplete, and the eventual explanation in a later arc alone serves to make you realize there wasn ’ triiodothyronine much to it. so even if you are watching this for the thrill emotions, you are bound to hate it after you realize it wasn ’ t that good to begin with. It pretends to be far more than a most basic zombi apocalypse scenario. The city is the plaza, the titans are the undead, and the steampunk spidermen are the people trying to survive. 6. Weak world-building It is full of interesting ideas ampere far as the set goes, from detail maps of how the human lands are run, to blueprints of how their cannons and steam engines that make them fly work. late on you get even basic politics and religious fanaticism as the people react to the new giant attacks and all of a sudden some kids get hax powers. It makes it far more concern than some generic RPG world broad of fortify cities and wilderness crawling with monsters. It ’ s not TOO detail though ; most of them are there for appearance since they don ’ metric ton count much in the longrun. You think those rotating cannons, the titanium swords, or the steampunk spidermen do shit against the giants ? All you need is a few angsty teens with hax superpowers cipher else can get even if they wish it all their lives. And tied if you barely stick to the setting itself, it is quite dim-witted despite its secondary details. The unharmed world is basically either houses where people live in, or wilderness where titans roam about. many call that since the fib is a slowly-revealed mystery, it is excused when everything is thus basic. It calm doesn ’ triiodothyronine change the fact that the worldly concern looks like 3 absolutely drawn concentric circles. evening a baby can do better than this. 7. Slow pacing The early episodes have extremely fast pace but then it snails depressed to about a arrest. The first gear five minutes go wasted on summaries of things we saw precisely in the former episode, and there are even recapitulation episodes for events that don ’ t need more than a few minutes to describe. In a way this is a plus trait since it invests time in letting the spectator immerse in the mood of the picture. much better to running through the events while leaving everyone and everything unfocused or not looked into. sadly, the temper is the only thing they focus on. not much time is used to flesh out the characters or the mount, and in the longrun all junior-grade frame and the funky steampunk technologies are meaningless, neglected, and completely forgotten. 8. Overused latent hostility gimmicks The script heads for a constant shudder, and because of the slow tempo causes every major event to last more than it needs, and constantly stops with a cliffhanger. Although this can be a decent motivation for the hearing to anticipate the future episode, they do it therefore many times and for events that could practically fit in only one episode. tension loses its mean if it happens all the fourth dimension without proper relaxation points and after awhile you no longer find it exciting or edgy, precisely because it is constantly like that. You get used to it, it doesn ’ thymine search amazing anymore, and because most of whatever happens in it is about people you don ’ metric ton care about, it becomes bore. 9. Plot Driven Although this is not an issue with everyone, it is inactive a problem. The characters have no control over the events of the read ; they are barely reacting to them. No matter what happens, they will never choose what to do following ; the plot is going to force them into what to do adjacent. It makes sense for that to happen in stories that have to do with end and survival, but it besides makes them pass as drones, ineffective to progress or develop further on their own will, despite their hax superpowers. This takes away their significance, which is already very thin since you forget them 5 seconds after they die. 10. Incomplete You don ’ thyroxine evening get a solution to all this mess, since the manga is still ongoing, far from over, and with an evenly slow build up. You won ’ triiodothyronine get any reward at the end and you will have to wait years for a irregular season. Yes, that may not be an issue if you wait for all the seasons to be extinct after 20 years or something, but it doesn ’ metric ton fix the trouble of the show leaving you with blue balls if you don ’ thymine. 11. It looks courteous but that is all adenine far as the artwork goes, there are big aesthetic differences between the manga and the zanzibar copal adaptation. The manga feels identical crude when it comes to proportions and position. It has identical harsh outlines to the most share and it feels incompletely drawn at points or even with blunders in anatomy. I can ’ t say it was very annoying ; it screen of improves by and by on and it fits a history based on crazy stuff. The anime has improved well these minor issues and even included a attention-getting refrain OST to make it even more challenging. At the lapp time it censors most of the disgust scenes where the giants are chewing people and replaced them with blood spills falling while the gore is left out of screen. If there is something I didn ’ thymine like, that would be the body figures. All giants seem to be randomly drawn and all human soldiers look like they have the exact same body digit AND uniform. It ’ s not like big breast for girls or huge biceps for men would make it better, but it indisputable feel weird to have everybody being skinny and flat-chested. The only thing that differs is the face and occasionally some flushed lips to point out THAT PERSON IS A GIRL. furthermore, there are major quality drops throughout the appearance, since at some parts you get fluent animation and detailed artwork which make it look perplex, while in others you get electrostatic images and crude character figures which makes it look lame. 12. It is still a fun show to watch good for the exhilaration, alternatively of even another moe school liveliness thingy I do agree though that as a whole AOT manages to build up tension right away. even if you are mindful of its problems, it is still not holding back in ferocity ; the average Narutard is decidedly going to like it. It is besides refreshing to see a prove that is not about high school baseball club ecchi comedies for once, as is the canon for about all mod anime. As for me ? After sincerely good manga such as Battle Angel Alita and Battle Royale, this was unintentional sarcasm. No veteran proofreader or spectator is going to give it anything more than a good time destroyer condition, because down to it, it is a punch-drunk shonen when it could well be much better as a mature seinen. 13. It didn ’ t even succeed in maintaining its status as a big zanzibar copal As for the ballyhoo this show got ? A few years down the line, the second temper came out and by then there weren ’ thyroxine many matter to in it anymore. It didn ’ metric ton winnings at a single class during the Crunchyroll awards of 2017, and it got completely overshadowed by My Hero Academia, which is a generic fight shonen. How is it potential for such a praise masterpiece of depth and thrills to get owned by the very generic shonen everyone was saying it easily tops ? It ’ mho because hype is hollow and finally meaningless. There is constantly an zanzibar copal every year that blows everyone ’ randomness brains out, only to be wholly forgotten by the following year ’ s mind-blowing serial. AOT is no exception to this.

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