Attack On Titan: Every Opening Song And Intro From The Anime, Ranked

Attack on Titan is one of the most successful zanzibar copal series of all time, and for good reason. From the large-scale battles to the character growth, there is so much to enjoy about the zanzibar copal, and every aspect of the picture seems to shine. This includes the separate possibility intros the read has used for its different seasons. They are possibly among the best OPs in the anime industry when it comes to both fluid animations and exciting birdcall choices .
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Attack on Titan has released four seasons in sum, a few of the seasons being released in two parts. Each of these openings has its own style and flair to it, though there are surely a few that fans hush recite and remember more fondly to this day than others .
Updated January 10, 2022 by Mark Sammut: Attack on Titan : The Final Season Part 2 is afoot, bringing with it a new open song and video. The anime has been on the atmosphere for closely a decade by this point, going through quite a few changes throughout that prison term. This is reflected in the OPs, all of which capture the tone of their respective episodes. naturally, some songs are more love than others, and the last OP, “ The Rumbling, ” has a draw to live up to due to it presumably being the final one of the iconic zanzibar copal. How does it compare with the other Attack on Titan openings ? Does “ The Rumbling ” end the series on one of its best or most lackluster OPs ?

7 Season 4, Part 1: “My War”

Attack on Titan Season 4 intro colorful battlefield

  • Link
  • Song by Noko & Shinsei Kamattechan

Season 4 Part 1 is one of the best in all of the serial in terms of the show ‘s best episodes, but the presentation equitable does n’t match the intensity of them, sadly. The “ My War ” soundtrack composed by Noko is a fan favorite and is alone when it comes to Attack on Titan unfold songs. however, the beautiful song is paired up with some rather generic, if colorful and abstract, action. It ‘s pleasing to the eye but does n’t show much early than nondescript soldiers fighting on a battlefield .
The presentation is n’t bad by any means, it just lacks the personal connection that other openings from the show boast. This does make sense, considering that the begin of the season follows new characters, but the cinematic does n’t bring out the emotion like the best attack on Titan presentation .

6 Season 1, Part 1: “Guren no Yumiya”

Attack on Titan Season 1 intro Scouts standing together

  • Link
  • Song by Linked Horizon

There will constantly be something nostalgic about a beloved zanzibar copal ‘s first-season opener. This certainly rings true with Attack on Titan, as these scenes marked some of the first animated action fans ever saw from this critically acclaimed anime .
The intro has n’t stood the screen of time like other openers, though, and can actually remind viewers of the testify fair how a lot the animation has improved over the years. “ Guren no Yumiya ” was an excellent song choice to capture the wonders of the beginning season, however, and is one of the biggest highlights from this particular opener .

5 Season 3, Part 1: “Red Swan”

Attack on Titan Season 3 intro young Eren, Mikasa, and Armin

  • Link to the full song
  • Song by Yoshiki ft. Hyde

Season 3 of Attack on Titan actually expanded on the world-building view of the show and had an open cinematic to match this feat. The open of Season 3 has a fortune of great qualities besides it, such as showing the increase and change of the characters fans have invested then much time watching. This is a very courteous allude .
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not to mention the fact that fans get to see flashbacks of Levi as a child wielding a knife, which never gets old ( considering that he late becomes one of the most herculean beings in Attack on Titan ) . Pair these animations with the beautiful “ red Swan ” performed by Yoshiki and Hyde, and you have another iconic attack on Titan opening cinematic .

4 Season 4, Part 2: “The Rumbling”

Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 the rumbling OP

  • Link
  • Song by SiM

fire on titan : The Final Season Part 2 will bring the zanzibar copal to a close, and the show deserves to go out on a fantastic OP. Thankfully, “ The Rumbling ” more than delivers on this promise, producing a stellar and heavy track aboard visuals that showcase just how far the characters have come over the zanzibar copal ‘s ply. well, to be more particular, the OP shows how greatly one character has changed : Eren.

Yeager takes center degree for about the entire OP ; more importantly, the open shows Eren isolated, a person who has the weight of the earth on his shoulder and has separated himself from the community that kept him grounded. The imagination of Eren walking on the wall is provocative, as are the haunting shots of the army of Titans. The Final Season Part 2 is here .

3 Season 3, Part 2: “Shoukei To Shikabane No Michi”

Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 intro Eren vs. Reiner

  • Link to the full song
  • Song by Linked Horizon

Season 3 was split into two parts, with the second one being preferred here. It gets the edge over the first ‘s intro due to the fact that the song used remains one of the most recognizable tunes in the series to this day. not only that, but the cinematic is fully of slow-motion shots like the legendary Scouts rushing the Beast Titan and other iconic moments such as Eren ‘s Attack Titan and Reiner ‘s Armored Titan doing long-awaited struggle with one another .
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The undoer does a arrant job of showing viewers some of the intense scenes of episodes past, while besides hinting towards what ‘s to come. Season 3 ‘s presentation is however considered among the best the zanzibar copal has to offer. not quite the identical best, though .

2 Season 2: “Shinzou Wo Sasageyo”

Attack on Titan Season 2 intro enemies swarm with beating hearts

  • Link
  • Song by Linked Horizon

There is something chilling about the piano keys that start off Season 2 ‘s presentation, which is a good thing considering the indicate can become identical dark at certain points. This makes “ Shinzou Wo Sasageyo ” by Linked Horizon the perfect song option for this particular intro. Some of the shots used in the opening are gripping and poignant american samoa well, such as the one that pans over all of the heroes standing on the wall ( and reveals the huge amount of huge and frightful Titan forces barrelling their means ) .
Something else to note about this presentation is the red beat hearts that can be seen in both our main protagonists ‘ and their enemies ‘ bodies. possibly this goes to show that the two sides ultimately are n’t besides different after all ( the members of the Survey Corps have done some severe things themselves ) .

1 Season 1, Part 2: “Jiyuu no Tsubasa”

Attack on Titan Season 1 Part 2 intro eren inside titan

  • Link
  • Song by Linked Horizon

attack on Titan Season 1, separate 2 sports the best opening that the show has to offer. The music performed by Linked Horizon begins with a spine-tingling chant, which then proceeds to turn into an electric guitar lead which ramps up the intro to new levels.

It besides offers a first-person perspective of what it ‘s like to fly through the sky in ODM gear, which helps give viewers an understand of what it ‘s like to fight hordes of fabulously dangerous titans as a scout. The stylish scenes of the season they chose to include don’t seem to spoil anything but serve very well to get the show’s many fans excited for the adventures that await them.
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