Attack On Titan: 10 Best Quotes

attack On Titan is full of wisdom and motivation and the characters ‘ contend for survival elicits some of the most inspirational quotes ever ! As fans get quick for the stopping point episode of the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan, many are already reminiscing about the series highlights. Among the most popular zanzibar copal going into the future ten, it has gained far-flung recognition for its handwriting, action, aesthetics, and alone characters. One of the zanzibar copal ‘s most democratic features is its knock-down dialogue, which prompts introspection and crucial life and death reflections .
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attack on Titan is about humanity ‘s battle for survival and competitiveness for exemption against hideous, man-eating Titans. The emotionally dramatic storyline gives the hearing a enormous array of quotes. The best are the ones that force the consultation to think, inspire them to be brave, and highlight significant emotional truths .

  1. Tatakae, Tatakae, TATAKAE!
  2. Who Brings Change?
  3. Good Person or Bad Person
  4. Never Give Up
  5. No Fight, No Victory
  6. Death Is Inevitable
  7. You Are You
  8. The Drive To Live
  9. Two Sides Of The World
  10. Choices

Tatakae, Tatakae, TATAKAE!

Eren: “It Doesn’t Matter How Strong The Opposition Is. It Doesn’t Matter How Fearsome The World Is, It Doesn’t Matter How Cruel The World Is. Fight!”

Eren looking pensive with a sunset in the background In a thrill and emotional scene towards the end of temper 1, Eren gives a message to fight for exemption, no topic the circumstances. While Eren has changed a lot over the series, one thing that ‘s reproducible is his determination to fight. He utters these words to himself as he moves to close the Wall Rose with a boulder in his Titan form .
The plant is all-important, as is the message conveyed. Eren ‘s level courage and efforts to save world are inspiring to everybody. This comment provides penetration into Eren ‘s thoughts and what motivates him to struggle at all times .

Who Brings Change?

Armin Arlert: “If There Are Humans Who Can Bring About Change, They’re Those Who Are Capable Of Abandoning Everything. People Who, When Required To Surpass Even Monsters, Are Capable Of Tossing Aside Their Very Humanity.”

Armin Arlert looking pensive in Attack on Titan Armin is devoted to the Survey Corps, and as a soldier, he trusts Erwin ‘s ideas completely. He understands the reasons behind his drawing card ‘s decisions and supports them like a true corpsman. When his companion corpsmen begin to doubt Erwin, Armin shares this precious truth with Jean in an intense chat .
This quote resonates then strongly because it ‘s not a dessert reality but a difficult even necessary one. Armin claims that merely those uncoerced to make sacrifices can make a deviation and encourages his fellow soldiers to have faith and competitiveness. It brings the viewers to face the harsh reality of the cost of change ; the courage to sacrifice everything they love .

Good Person or Bad Person

Armin Arlert: “I Don’t Like The Terms “Good Person” or “Bad Person.” It Is Impossible To Be Entirely Good To Everyone. To Some, You Are A Good Person, While To Others, You Are A Bad Person.”

Armin Alert looking hopeful in Attack on Titan Armin speaks in facts every fourth dimension he does. He may be physically weak, but his strategic and aroused intelligence make him a capital asset. The quotation mark pushes people to accept themselves as they and stop label others, a well. It reveals Armin ‘s extraordinary intelligence about life and world .
In the actual world, everyone has reasons to act the way they do. And no one can judge whether it ‘s right field or improper. Armin reveals this wisdom to Annie Leonhart, who besides spared him in a desperate act despite being an attack On Titan villain. The setting is quiet and challenging as the two exchange meaningful dialogue .

Never Give Up

Miche Zacharius: “As Long As We Continue To Fight, We Are Not Defeated!”

Miche looking serious in Attack on Titan Miche had a brave heart and a strategic mind. He was the section commander of a major division of the Scout Regiment. Owing to his noteworthy sense of smack, Miche detects the bearing of Titans in the outdistance within Wall Rose and comforts Nanaba as they get ready to fight through the situation .
Remembering his own words, he was able to restore his calm for a brief moment of battling resoluteness before being swallowed alive amongst his fear and crying. His words were remarkable to keep the fight going. ampere long as one is fighting, cipher is defeated .

No Fight, No Victory

Eren: “If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You Die. If You Don’t Fight, You Can’t Win!”

Eren Yeager looking shocked in Attack on Titan One of the toughest challenges a person encounters is overcoming fear. But Eren ‘s words have the power to motivate anyone to face their fear with courage. One of the men manages to strangle Eren in his arms after Eren saves Mikasa ‘s life from the hell mafia in her house. In this emotional and enraging scenario, Eren then speaks to urge Mikasa to fight and help him .
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With this iconic negotiation, Mikasa triggers her Ackerman power and saves Eren ‘s liveliness after struggling with herself. not only are the words mighty in the moment, but sol is their affect on Mikasa and the other characters .

Death Is Inevitable

Hange Zoë: “You Understand, Don’t You? One Day Or Another, Everyone You Care About Eventually Dies. It’s Something We Simply Can’t Accept. It’s A Realization That Could Drive You Insane.”

Hange Zoe smiling and winking in Attack on Titan Hange is normally erratic and unplayful, as she has faced about every traumatic conceivable. Mikasa and Eren were unwilling to accept the harsh reality of their closest acquaintance ‘s death. Being the second-in-command at this meter, Hange knew she had to step in and act like a drawing card. Hange carry this potent yet emotional message to help them .
Everyone has to deal with death at some point in their lives. even though everyone dies in the end, it ‘s a unmanageable pill to swallow. As Hange says, it ‘s a realization that drives people harebrained. One can never be ready to face death, be it their own or person dear to them .

You Are You

Ymir: “You’re Gonna Care What Other People Think And Be Someone You’re Not Your Whole Life? You’re Fine As You Are. So, Talk In Your Own Words.”

Ymir's profile in Attack on Titan Ymir initially appears egotistic, cynical, and contentious. however, she displays a wise side subsequently on. She has an preternatural ability to read people, and she impolitely criticizes people for being untrue to themselves. This quotation comes up in the 104th train corps discharge in season 2 .
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She immediately recognized Sasha ‘s wish to seem mannerly in presence of her peers by concealing her local anesthetic accent and adopting an extremely ball demeanor. To this, Sasha and the viewers get a golden musical composition of advice from her. ymir has potent beliefs in self-esteem, and she advises others to be gallant of who they are excessively .

The Drive To Live

Kenny Ackerman: “Everyone Had To Be Drunk On Somethin’ To Keep Pushing On … Everyone Was A Slave To Somethin’.”

attack on titan kenny the ripper Kenny spent his entire life striving to obtain power and grew pitiless. During his end moments, Kenny told Levi about his close observation of the sad room of the universe. When question why he did not inject himself and become a titan, Kenny explains that everyone requires something to motivate them to live. Everyone is a slave to something, be it family, children, or power. And Kenny was no longer a slave to anything .
Kenny made the audience feel sympathetic towards him despite being a villain. He hid his emotions behind a situate saying. however, the hearing gets the last glance of his soft side when he says his final words to his nephew, Levi .

Two Sides Of The World

Mikasa: “This World Is Cruel, And It’s Also Very Beautiful.”

Mikasa from Attack on Titan looking up, surrounded by 3D gear wires Mikasa is one of the characters who changed the most in Attack On Titan. Following her parents ‘ atrocious death, she developed a cynical expectation on the world as a barbarous invest. But she did not allow this tragedy to determine her entire vantage point. She remained a caring individual who gained religion in the earth as a beautiful invest because of her friends .
Mikasa says these words to herself as a realization. She recognizes that ampere atrocious as the world might be, it was besides beautiful. She recalls Eren and her toast to him that she would never give up. Mikasa wonderfully explains the two sides of the lapp coin that everyone knows as “ the populace. ”


Levi Ackerman: “No One Knows What The Outcome Will Be. So, Choose Whatever You’ll Regret The Least.”

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan in a white shirt with the collar popped upright Humanity ‘s strongest soldier, Captain Levi, has one of the most influential personalities. As a drawing card, he is blunt and sometimes even contemptuous, but his years of conflict and pain have made him wise beyond his years. Advising Eren whether he should trust the squad and keep going or believe in himself and go binding, Levi leaves him with a blunt truth about making choices .

This quote is amber for people who have difficulty make decisions. The future is unpredictable, and whatever one chooses will always have an impact. then matthew advises taking the choice that one will regret the least and trusting their decision .
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