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AOT is one of those shows that just gets better with every season. It is one of those shows that you binge in 4 days. It is one of those shows that makes you necessitate questions, unwrap into theories about morals and ethics and makes you reevaluate yourself. It is plainly incredible. I am an 18 year old girl and before AOT I watched main stream shows ( GOT, Euphoria, Mandalorian, Outer Banks, etc ). I enjoy all aspects of television and wanted to diversify my experience. I was never concern in starting anime but was told to watch AOT by a acquaintance. Best decisiveness I have ever made. The indicate is incredible. I have not met one person who has watched the hale thing ( up to S3 ) and not held it in high gaze. In general I believe most high school old age teens can handle the content of the show. The show is violent ( there is short diagram armor for characters ; people die, get eaten, beat, tortured, shooting, crushed etc .. ) but it is animated, so the violence is by no means more graphic than something like Game of Thrones. Some characters drink wine and smoke but this is not reoccurring. There is quite a piece of curse, but I can not recollect characters saying anything worse than sh * t. There is little to no sexual subject. Teens have their typical crushes but it is not central to the plot ( well as of now ). however, there is an case of human traffic and an uncomfortable sexual attack moment which can be off putting for less fledged audiences. While younger teens can credibly handle the prove I believe more suppurate individuals can truly appreciate the themes the indicate portrays. The testify tackles issues about ethical motive and racism while raising questions about freedom and perspective. The music and vivification is absolutely gorgeous. I am a music nerd and love a good audio cut and hope me, this soundtrack is genius. The characters are what make the indicate ; they are flawed which makes them that more realistic and relatable. They are all not over powered, or fabulously smart or have a perfective moral compass. They are normal humans. They grieve, argue, war cry, break down and persevere. They are put in difficult situations which prompts assorted responses. As a result there is no main “ bad guy, ” barely characters struggling to survive and live in their environment. This may make some characters appear as bad character models, which I understand. That is why I recommend more ripen audiences ; they can appreciate the world of these characters without getting influenced by their moral complications. Over time the show becomes less about killing Titans and blooms into something special. It becomes some politically complex historic emblem. It occurs in a natural manner, so the turn of the story makes sense narratively ( unlike GOT ending lol ). honestly, it is one of the best pieces of fabrication I have ever had the privilege to witness ( and will witness based on the manga ). Do not let the fact that it is an anime dissuade you. I know batch of older parents who love the show. There is an incredible english knight and no typical fan cast which makes it a big first anime. If you enjoy moral dilemma, epic action, emotionally acute drama, mysteries, war, political corruption and sci-fi, this appearance is for you.

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