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The “ Shinzou oxygen sasageyo ” salute would help maintain social distance norms in awful times, which was differently not possible with handshakes. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to become very health and hygiene conscious. And one of the places that ought to follow all the mandate finger rules of such hygiene are hospitals. But what happened when a genius weeb working at a hospital tried to spice things up with some zanzibar copal magic trick ? Well, a new type of greet was discovered !
Twitter drug user @ pandapantade pointed out that a german hospital has taken an enterprise to greet each other with an “ attack on Titan ” salute rather than a mere handshake .
The instructions for the greet explains that the individuals should maintain a 6 foot distance, put their fists on their heart, smile and bow slenderly. The notice besides mentions “ like japanese people ” which makes it more clear from where they have taken the reference book. It is no doubt, Hajime Isayama ’ s best seller “ Attack on Titan ”.

Shinzo o sasageyo even Twiiter user @ pandapantade who is a japanese was overwhelmed by the idea. It is indeed a great way to keep the virus at bay and greet each early with last esteem .
however, this is not the first time this salute has influenced a foreign farming. This other case infact, is more on a ball-shaped level specifically by a sports player.

Despite the pandemic, sports did not stay inwardly closed doors. Following all the stern rules and regulations, it has found ways to return, and football made a big gear for normality when it resumed in 2020. The players did not falter to lighten things up amidst the unusual season. And for players with the Los Angeles Chargers, they did a very effective job with an extra nod to the television zanzibar copal “ Attack on Titan ” .
Though it spread on Twitter as a meme, fans of the series decided to agree that Joey Bosa, did the fire on Titan salute, in honor of the anime. The “ toast ” comparison shows Bosa geared up for a game with a fist to his chest of drawers. The pose looks strikingly similar to that made by the soldiers in Attack on Titan.

Both men have one fist on their thorax with a dangerous attend facing heterosexual ahead. Their other branch is behind their back. It is difficult to miss the preternatural resemblance in their poses, and Attack on Titan fans loved the reference .
It is hard to miss how much zanzibar copal has influenced the real universe with its virtual universe. Be it a meme or a health crusade, all that anime has done so far is to show how a global beyond resource can alone be greater and richer and all that the anime community can do to aid that causal agent is “ Shinzou o sasageyo ” !
beginning : Otakomu, Comic Book

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