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Coming into Attack on Titan temper 3 I was slenderly nervous because I heard that this season was going to be more focus on Human vanadium Human, but by the second episode all my doubts had been relieved and thought It was the greatest bullshit ever.

Visuals and Animation – 10+
Out of nowhere Studio Wit upped the timbre of the production values to a point I didn ’ t was possible in a television receiver anime. The Levi vanadium Kenny Squad sequence in sequence 2 had some of the best Sakuga and animation I had always seen All of anime, let alone television zanzibar copal. The measure of

shit going on in that scene literally just made my brain go like, “what the fuck that just happened.” Not only did the animation improve but also the art quality improved. In some scenes I was just in awe of how Wit Studio crafted the world of attack on titan so beautifully.
The only thing I had a slight issue with was some of the CGI cuts. The rod titan was done pretty well but some CGI cuts were not pretty. I Also liked how they designed the crystal basement, thought it looked nice.

Sound & Music -10+
Hiroyuki Sawano, the man, the myth, the legend. This dude has composed almost everyone of my favorite soundtracks and is always consistent. Some uneducated people might say all his work is too similar, but guess what? Who tf cares if it is similar all his music amazing and on top of that Attack on titan has in my opinion the best soundtrack in anime EVER. PERIOD. Everyone song in attack on titan sets the mood and tone perfectly and can strike a range of emotions, whether it be sad,inspiring,hype,heartwarming,scary, or nervous every emotions can be felt. Also the last scene when they played the scouts theme and Erwin was getting the scouts and the people hype was fucking heart pounding and gave me goosebumps.
Not only is the soundtrack good but the voice acting and sound effects are excellent as well. Dub and Sub both do a great job.

Characters – 9
Eren- had some pretty good development learning that he is not special and developed some chemistry with historia and became overall more mature, only issue I had was he sometimes got a little over dramatic and the stretch of episodes where he wanted to be eaten and was called constantly crying got a little old. Though even did come up clutch with that crystallization power and was badass when he through the barrels in rod titans mouth

Levi- We get some much needed depth on Levi’s backstory and see how his mom died and was a prostitute, how he lived with Kenny and when Kenny died how he really showed sadness that his father figure died. Also we get to see how fucking badass he is taking out every mf in his path. He went off against Kenny Squad twice and even injured Kenny. But that chase sequence was something else and just shows us how super human Levi is. Also the scene at the end where he is threatening to break Erwin’s legs so he can’t go on the mission shows how much he cares for Erwin and doesn’t want to see his friend dead, but at the same time when Erwin reveals that he values going on the mission to retake Wall Maria more than humanities victory Levi has to respect Erwin’s dream and let him continue. Also we see how Levi has to mentor the new Levi squad – Connie, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Sasha, and Armin, to kill other humans and hardens them as shown when the new recruits see that there faces have changed.

Historia – she gets a lot of development in this season, first we see her backstory how her mom was rod reiss’ mistress and didn’t care for her in the slightest. We also see her develop a relationship with Freda, who she remembers when rod shows her the erased memories through his magic bloodline power. Historia for the first half of the season is manipulated by rod who wants her to become a titan so he can get off on his God fantasy. Historia who is blinded by the memory of Freda blindly follows and at the last second changes her mind and breaks the syringe and flips Rod. This a huge development because historia is finally taking control of her own destiny and doing what she feels is right. When historia was made queen I thought it was going to be weird but AOT pulled it off and Historia gets her huge payoff when she cuts ties with Rod completely by cutting the last piece of him, thus ending his life and breaking historia completely free of her past. Also Historia gets closer with eren and Mikasa catches wind of this in episode eleven when she gives Eren the Death Stare.

Erwin – Uh oh, the Erwin death flags are high after episode twelve, with Levi showing concern for his safety on the mission to retake Wall Maria. Moving on, Erwin starts of this arc being arrested for murder he didn’t commit and having dramatic conversations with pixus and Nile.
He then comes up with a badass plan to fake a titan invasion and turns the table on the aristocratics running the government, who panic and want to quarantine Wall rose. This doesn’t sit well with pixus or Nile so they overthrow the government and head for eren. We also see Erwin’s backstory and how his father was killed because he found out too much about the world and that drives Erwin to uncover the truth of the titans and the world. Finally, Erwin gets the send off he deserves rallying the crowd and the soldiers.

Mikasa- she doesn’t really get that much focus into her character but does have some pretty cool fight scenes but we do see her mood improve when eren goes back to his normal scrappy self when he fights jean.

Armin- in ep 2 armin gets his first human kill and gets emotional about it, he starts to show maturity and is more useful to the scouts also he cross dresses and gets felt up which was weird, reminds Eren about dream to go she the sea

Jean, Connie, and Sasha – we get see just how More mature they become when in the first battle vs Kenny squad they are indecisive and nervous and then in the second fight they just straight up murder people from the Kenny squad. When I saw my boy Jean slice that dudes neck and Connie also kill someone I was like “fuck they really out here killing people.” Also that scene when they are hype for the send off was pretty funny

Kenny – personality was super unique and he was a really cool character his fights with Levi were pretty hype and the whole gunman style of him in his squad was really dope. His death was pretty sad and the story of how he came to live with Levi was well done only issue I have with him is he died before his character was completely fleshed out.

Plot – 9.5
Finally the PLOT! I appreciated the change in direction and commitment to focusing on character development rather than Titans. Although I did think the bloodline power thing was sorta whack the story was overall good. All though I am pissed that series is taking a break because I was hype to see them retake Wall Maria but whatever.

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