Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 5 Review: Declaration of War

Episodes like “ Declaration of War ” are my very favorite pieces of television receiver. The timeline for this entry is very boil down and the majority of it takes identify over the naturally of a lecture and a stage play. It ’ sulfur by and large a conversation, yet it ’ south packed with more tension than any other episode from this season. “ Declaration of War ” makes every sentence count and it ’ s a highly emotional affair. It ’ s systematically gripping to see person adenine steadfast as Reiner get reduced to a shaky, sobbing fix as Eren just confidently breezes through his plan .
The episode juxtaposes this awful with the juvenile Marleyian play about their manufacture history regarding the Titans and King Fritz, which lone further highlights the mix of extremes that are present ( those weird ass trombones from the festival are besides a fantastic touch ). There ’ mho a very innocuous moment where Reiner ’ s mother and Annie ’ s father commiserate over how their children have dedicated themselves to war, but Mr. Leonhart is lost in defense over Annie and insists that she ’ second silent alive. It may not feel like much, but Bertholdt and other casualties are besides characters that have parents good like Reiner and Annie who don ’ thymine get to have closure over their children ’ south deaths and are forced to find ways to continue to live .
Reiner ’ s reverence over Eren through all of this highlights one of the most satisfy elements of a series when it ’ randomness in its final examination temper, which is looking at how far characters have come since the begin. Eren made great strides death season, but it ’ south hard to even recognize the helpless and rigidify Eren that whined his means through the foremost two seasons of the series. This Eren does not give a bloody and it ’ s chilling when he threatens to turn into a Titan and kill the people in Reiner ’ s community considering that when the zanzibar copal begins Eren ’ randomness on the receiving end of this destruction and his people are under siege. It ’ s a powerful charge of sarcasm that ’ south decidedly not lost on Attack on Titan considering this final examination temper ’ s promotional art has revolved around this idea, but it ’ s still highly effective and hammers in the zanzibar copal ’ mho larger points.

Willy Tybur ’ s big speech is positioned as the centerpiece of the Liberio Festival, but it ’ s besides the episode ’ randomness highlight. Attack on Titan efficaciously build anticipation over Willy ’ s proclamation about his design for the Titans. It ’ s such a satisfying soliloquy that sets the stage for where this final season—and the series as a whole—is head. Willy combs through his revelation that Marleyan history on the glory of Helos is all a lie down and that King Fritz is actually a savior, not a villain. Willy goes on to explain that Fritz promised to not subject Marley to the Founding Titan if these two nations could find a way to live in peace and abolish war.

All of Marley ’ second propaganda has been in service of this peace and to prevent a war-torn future, even if it ’ s all predicated on lies. This is huge news for the Marleyan population to consider, but there ’ s a seismic addendum that ’ s included with all of this. Willy explains in a very calculate manner that this peace has been destroyed by one specific person, Eren Jaeger, who has claimed the Founding Titan ability for himself .
The Marleyan population has never heard of Eren before, but his appoint immediately galvanizes them all and gives the people a common foe. It merely takes a few sentences for Willy to put a gigantic target on Eren ’ s back and turn him into a scapegoat for an entire nation. It ’ s an absolutely cooling moment that ’ s up there with the very best scenes from Attack on Titan. Marley has a gain number to focus their fury on, but they don ’ metric ton even know that he ’ mho already within their ranks. Another terrifying wrinkle in Willy ’ s plan is that he ’ randomness accounted for Eren ’ s actions to kill him and many of the people at the festival, but he knows that this is the necessary tone to trigger war and solidify Eren as the villain that he ’ second painted him to be. He gets precisely what he wants .

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