Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 1 Review: The Other Side of the Sea

Attack on Titan’s final examination season immediately differentiates itself from the former years and it ’ vitamin d be easy to confuse its new afford theme with one that belongs to a completely unlike anime if it didn ’ t advertise Attack on Titan’s list. The title sequence is broad of aggressive explosions and depressing imagination that immerses the consultation in persistent conflict and offers no conversant reference points to latch onto for serve. One would assume that Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and Levi are still the series ’ main characters, but there ’ randomness nothing in the possibility credits to assure viewers of this, which turns out to be representative of the sequence itself. Audiences knew that these final examination episodes would signal unprecedented change, but it ’ s amazing just how much this newly history arc reinterprets everything that ’ sulfur come before it. It helps this season begin on a note that ’ s both excite and destabilizing in a way that Attack on Titan has never been ahead .
What ’ randomness beautiful about this premiere is that it feels like Attack on Titan is getting pleasure out of how much it ’ sulfur messing with its consultation. The episode features the Eldian army engaged in a war that they ’ ve been fighting for four years and the central character, Falco, appears to be just american samoa confuse as the hearing. This premier even plays with the estimate that this war-torn universe is world and that everything that ’ s previously happened with Eren and company is just some ambition that Falco was lost in—as if this has been The Matrix or the zanzibar copal equivalent of the Newhart series finale .
It ’ s not unusual for a series to spend time with new characters, but it ’ sulfur normally understood that it will get binding to the original cast at some point. Attack on Titan’s newest wrench in many ways feels like a move from Lost, but what makes it uniquely different is that it ’ randomness established how characters experience the memories of their ancestors—from both the past and the future. This premiere plays with the idea that Falco is in fact the real main quality and that he ’ sulfur just flashed through Eren ’ second life in the like way that Eren experienced Grisha ’ s past.

The appearance of Zeke and Reiner are the only major clues offered here, but their universe indicates that these events placid take stead in the world that the audience knows. This credibly occurs concurrently with the travel that Eren and his group set out on at the end of season three. These storylines will presumably intersect at some decimal point, but it looks like it may not be for a while. Attack on Titan increasingly throw expectations out the window and “ The other Side of the Sea ” deserves respect for acting like the main narrative is just lore for these new characters. tied the end credits push the idea that this is now Falco ’ s show and to forget everything in the past that ’ s been held hallowed.

The challenge then that “ The other Side of the Sea ” faces is that these new characters need to stand out a well as the old characters that the audience has had years to grow invested in. These characters face a improbable job with this bait and switch maneuver, so far they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate come across as annoy or feel like a job. Their floor begins in its culminate and it ’ south easily to get lost in it and not good think about whether Eren is going to show up or not. many of these new faces feel like approximations of previous characters and while Falco is the hero, it ’ s the Hange-like Gabi who makes the best mental picture in this episode .
“ The other Side of the Sea ” doesn ’ thyroxine feel overcrowded and its miss of exposition is one of its biggest assets. The sequence does fit in some Titan action by the end and there are a few sequences that are particularly herculean, like when it rains Titans or the Beast Titan ’ s assault on the naval unit. All of this is complemented by the score, which is the surprise winner of the sequence. Every piece is fantastic and there are some unexpected choices where the music becomes evocative of the wartime put or becomes more electronic in nature to compliment the chaos at hand .

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