Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Two Brothers

Some characters–as well a viewers–remain in defense over Eren ’ s trajectory and all of this material is strengthened by Eren processing this trauma on his own, regardless of where his interests rightfully lie. There ’ mho already so much blackmail placed on Eren and Zeke ’ s quest to make contact, but this union besides functions as an highly cathartic consequence for the series since Eren last opens up about what he ’ second been planning and what he wants after dozens of episodes of subterfuge .
There ’ s a set to digest in “ Two Brothers, ” particularly since it feels like the payoff to what ’ s been brewing across the first two entries of the final season ’ s second half. however, arguably one of the most shock events from the stallion series takes put when Gabi successfully pulls off her long-distance rifle blastoff and cleanly blows Eren Jaeger ’ s head off. It ’ s an highly strike ocular for any zanzibar copal serial to depict a detail Zapruder-style account of their main character ’ second assassination. “ Two Brothers ” lingers on the shock violence and the enormity of these actions. Time literally freezes for these characters. It absolutely works and Attack on Titan deserves a bunch of accredit for their chasteness in not going out on this seismic surprise as the cliffhanger ending to an sequence. It ’ s all even more destabilize that Eren ’ s execution occurs part-way through the sequence and it ’ s just one of the many bombshells in “ Two Brothers. ”
Some may take exception to the fact that it ’ randomness Gabi who snipes out Eren, but it ’ s the legitimate development to over a temper ’ s worth of quality development. Gabi has been presented as an analogue to Eren ever since her first base appearance and their latitude paths have alone increasingly overlapped. Gabi reached actual clearness back in survive week ’ s “ Sneak Attack, ” but it ’ second Zeke ’ s refusal to show any mercy towards Falco that ultimately pulls the trip that takes out Eren. Generations of Eldian and Marley conflict exhaust that bullet from its chamber. It ’ south gutting that the previous episode teases some sort of happy ending for Gabi and Falco, entirely to descend them further into darkness. Her tears as she decides to execute Eren are a fantastic partake.

Another satisfying wrinkle to Zeke ’ s decision to weaponize his scream and turn everyone who ingested his spinal anesthesia fluent into mindless Titans is that it ’ sulfur one set of brothers putting their goals above another. Colt Grice has worked so hard to secure Falco ’ s base hit and leave him potent enough to defend himself in the future. Colt ’ randomness wishes for Falco aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dissimilar to what Zeke hopes to achieve with Eren and the annoyance that he can relieve from him. These goals aren ’ triiodothyronine even directly in confrontation with each other, but Zeke ’ s decisiveness to scream and put Team Jaeger over the Grices reflects that possibly the faulty people are winning this war. Any plans for peace are merely self-preservation re-packaged as salvation.

Of course, Eren does not die and because Zeke is able to catch his forefront before he amply passes on they ’ re calm able to accomplish what they set out to do. The fourth dimension that “ Two Brothers ” spends in the “ Coordinate ” with Ymir Fritz is brief, but it ’ s an incredible change of pace that seems like it will be the backdrop for the adjacent several episodes of the season. It ’ s morbidly ironic that all that it takes for Eren to open up and speak his heed is for his pass to get blown off, but it ’ mho liberating to watch him last operate with no percolate .
Eren ’ s nihilistic character development is still one of the greatest charming tricks that Attack on Titan has pulled off and this work is about to enter its “ prestige ” phase. As many may have expected, Eren hasn ’ t been wholly honest with Zeke. His willingness to betray his brother either registers as crushing or exhilarating, depending on which side you fall, but more than anything it speaks to how Eren is lone looking out for himself. Eldians, Marleyans, friends, family–they ’ re all just means to an end .

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