Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20 Review: Memories of the Future

There ’ south constantly been a schism between Eren and Zeke. These two siblings have lived markedly unlike lives, but in “ Memories of the Future ” it ’ s Zeke ’ s bend to learn equitable how contrasting their upbringings very were. Eren hasn ’ t been brainwashed and forced to view himself as a weapon at an early old age. In fact, he ’ south been showered with beloved, friends, and all of the fixtures of a normal universe that Zeke lacked. It ’ mho tragic to consider that Zeke ’ s entirely real friend during his youth was Tom Ksaver, who besides had to double as a positive father name for the son .
Eren and Zeke both come from different backgrounds, so far they ’ ve hush arrived at this lapp decimal point in their lives. What ’ second absorbing here is that Zeke has grown into a sympathetic digit because of the destructive way he ’ sulfur been led down by Grisha, whereas Eren shifts into a more callous and terrifying person because he ’ sulfur pushed to this point of war on his own. This all grows even more complicate and incestuous when it comes to light that Grisha international relations and security network ’ thyroxine creditworthy for Eren ’ sulfur decisions, but curiously, Eren is responsible for his church father ’ second actions .
“ Memories of the Future ” slowly morphs into a repugnance movie once Eren and Zeke visit the most pivotal memory of all, Grisha ’ second performance of the Reiss syndicate. This is the catalyst to the generations of war that have consumed the series since its begin, so it ’ s a major electric shock to the system when Grisha chooses not to commit murder and efficaciously doesn ’ thymine disembowel first blood. It teases a future that won ’ t be lost in acerate leaf bloodshed, only for Eren to be the one who talks his father into committing these executions. Eren is creditworthy for all of this.

The distorted irony of this episode is that Zeke ’ second purpose is to convince Eren of the truth, lone for it to open up his own eyes. Eren remains several steps ahead of his brother and he ’ s the one who ’ s been pulling the strings for generations, even if it ’ south been through subconscious mind ripples across time. It ’ second grievous that Zeke believes that he ultimately understands his buddy and has gained an ally, but in reality they ’ ve never been more distant. Eren transforms from victim to abuser in a count of seconds before Zeke ’ s eyes. It sets up a rich moral force for what ’ second to come as these two brothers will be forced to inescapably take each early out. Eren ’ s observation that Zeke remains haunted by Grisha and continues to act in response to him is besides fabulously astute and demonstrates not only the unlike ways in which injury lingers, but besides that perceived exemption can calm be a form of reactionary codependence.

These revelations hit hard, but it ’ s a testament to Attack on Titan’s enormous character development that a dear embrace between Zeke and Grisha evokes genuine pathos and becomes the episode ’ south foreground. These are figures that the series has taught audiences to hate for years and now it ’ s Eren who ’ s the awkward intruder who ruins this cathartic moment. The contrast between the first interaction between Eren and the Beast Titan, versus where they ’ re at now, is staggering .
“ Memories of the Future ” is a absorbing Attack on Titan episode that recontextualizes the past in shocking ways. This emphasis on backstory might wear reduce on those that are hungry to learn what ’ s ahead in the War for Paradis, but it feels necessary to answer these questions and by rights connect the past to the future as lines get increasingly blurred .

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