Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22 Review: Thaw

Attack on Titan previously engaged in an exercise in tension and psychological horror that ’ s not unlike the final act of A Clockwork Orange when Gabi and Falco had to spend clock time with Kaya and the Braus family. Kaya, a previously passive individual, is driven to closely kill Gabi when she learns that she ’ s the one who ’ south creditworthy for Sasha ’ s death. In this moment, Kaya learns that she ’ second lost her character model, but that her new friend is besides a fraud and her religion in humanity drops a few notches lower .
It ’ sulfur beyond fulfilling that Gabi is then able to swoop in and save Kaya ’ south animation ( and from Nile Dok nobelium less, who barely did a solid for her and Falco ) and heal all of this trauma by bringing it full-circle. Gabi, during her moment of victory, looks closely identical to Sasha. Kaya ’ s reverence towards her new hero is besides depicted in the lapp way as when Sasha in the first place saved Kaya from a Titan. Kaya literally thinks that she ’ s seen a ghost. It ’ s a potent representation of how war changes individuals, more much than not for the bad, but it can besides lead to transformative displays of empathy that would have otherwise been impossible without this pain and personnel casualty. Gabi ’ s full-blown evolution from Sasha ’ s killer into Sasha 2.0 is the perfect turn for her character and is metonymic of Attack on Titan’s biggest themes about the underlie world that unites everyone .
These feelings of growth and redemption are rampant throughout “ Thaw ” and even the action sequences crystalize into character catalysts. The Survey Corps ’ struggle against Titans is beautiful on an aesthetic charge, but it ’ s extremely purgative to watch Jean lead everyone to success as he embraces his function as drawing card. Marco would honestly be gallant. This picture is one of the best animated sequences from the season, but “ Thaw ” besides amplifies the nostalgic feelings that surround this moment of wallow for the Survey Corps once “ Barricades, ” a racetrack that I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think has been used since the indicate ’ s moment temper accompanies their assault.

“ Thaw ” achieves an eerie stabilizing calm air as it returns to these older comforts. The Survey Corps ’ framing while they receive orders from their stalwart leader specifically mirrors comparable moments of honor and wonder from back in Attack on Titan’s first season. Whether the viewer picks up on these classical touches or not, Attack on Titan wants the audience to subconsciously feel like it ’ s bet on to its roots, right as the serial returns to its original mission instruction : kill all of the Titans.

“ Thaw ” brilliantly uses Attack on Titan’s soundtrack to foster accentuate the emergence that every member of the Survey Corps experiences as this ongoing battle mutates into its final stage. The nostalgia for Attack on Titan’s second base season and the about barren timbre that occupied these characters in full comes together with the sequence ’ s adult reveal–which is besides the installment ’ s namesake–that Annie Leonhart has finally thawed out of the crystal prison that she ’ s occupied for seasons .
The summation of the Female Titan doesn ’ metric ton seem that groundbreaking in contrast to the apocalyptic sentence that Eren wields with the Founding Titan, but it ’ s placid extremely exciting to have Annie back in the picture. The bangle of all of these disparate characters needing to come together to take on this ultimate menace, which just so happens to be Eren, is still an effective setup for Attack on Titan’s endgame. It ’ south already satisfying to have Gabi, Yelena, and other Eldians coming together with the Survey Corps before Annie gets added to the equation. It in truth creates a feel of unprecedented danger. Characters might vitamin a well put aside what are immediately petty grudges because nothing is more authoritative than Eren ’ s Walk of Pain and the Rumbling that he brings along with it .

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