Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 24 Review: Pride

Lingering trauma is stage in each of Attack on Titan’s soldiers and Connie ’ s ageless annoyance stems back to the transformed Titan state that his mother remains trapped in. Connie international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine everyone ’ s front-runner character and his plan to sacrifice Falco is condemnable, but his desire to save his mother is something that anyone can understand. What ’ randomness so compelling about Connie ’ mho struggle is that it becomes barely equally a lot of an opportunity for Armin to exhibit emergence .
Armin still carries the slant of Erwin ’ sulfur loss on his shoulders and in his eyes he ’ s only failed to honor his fallen brother ’ randomness bequest. His try to sacrifice himself to save Falco is completely actual and it ’ s another elegant occasion where the lines blur over who ’ s the real enemy. Armin holds himself to a high criterion, but at this moment there ’ s no wonder that Erwin would be proud of him .
fortunately, Armin ’ second altruism is the catalyst for Connie ’ s change of heart. He laments over the person that he ’ sulfur become and how his mother would be ashamed of person who gives her a second probability at the monetary value of a child. He can ’ metric ton avail but feel that Sasha would besides criticize him for his actions here and he ’ second left to wonder if the soldier that he ’ sulfur become is person who deserves to survive. This is a nice parallel to Armin ’ s own ambivalence over his universe in this moment and how he hush feels indebted to Erwin.

It ’ s so powerful to have characters use the memories of fallen figures to prompt their own improvements. Emotions run high and everyone ’ mho fragility is on display. however, this heightened return is at its strongest during the dull moments of expression. A lingering shot on Connie ’ s fast Titan ma perfectly encapsulates her son ’ randomness annoyance.

The drama involving Connie ’ s Titan beget is the centerpiece of “ Pride, ” but there ’ s a calm sequence between Mikasa and a hurt soldier that ’ s thematically louder than any legal action scenery. The exchange between Mikasa and Louise isn ’ metric ton much longer than a minute. however, it ’ s an interaction that will probably hang over Mikasa ’ s drumhead for the rest of the series. Louise cherishes Mikasa ’ s discarded scarf and Mikasa can ’ thymine assistant but scene her as a past version of herself who doesn ’ triiodothyronine have the strength to escape. The shifting symbolic weight unit of Mikasa ’ s scarf continues to impress. A scarf joint can comfort one person and gag another, not unlike how the emergence of the Founding Titan can be a divine interposition for some and a omen of doom for others .
Louise confidently tells Mikasa that she has no regrets, which becomes the mantra of “ Pride. ” It ’ s harrowing that in Louise ’ s concluding moments that she ’ south deplorable over how she won ’ triiodothyronine see the new world that Eren builds. Mikasa ’ second heart breaks when Louise credits Mikasa for inspiring her to fight in this war. She clings onto Mikasa ’ s old security blanket and when she ’ south asked to give it back, she refuses. Mikasa has woken up and figured out her priorities, but she ’ second haunted over how past actions have formed raw fighters who might equitable prolong this bicycle of destruction. It ’ s a reminder of war ’ s domino consequence and how every single decision splinters into dozens of consequences, some of which remain inconspicuous until it ’ mho excessively belated .

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