Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 25 Review: Night of the End

“ Night of the end ” is arguably the calmest episode of Attack on Titan’s concluding season. It plays out wholly over a humble campfire while characters spill their guts, heal their hearts, and consider the future. This sequence is not the radical retaliation mission that ’ s teased during the thrilling cliffhanger of last week ’ mho “ Pride, ” but it ’ s an absolutely necessary footstep for these new allies to take before they ’ rhenium thrown into the chaos of war together. Four seasons ’ deserving of grievances get relieved and it ’ s a radical revelation that they ’ ve only exhausted years trying to kill one another because they ’ ve never taken the meter to authentically talk and listen to each other. This transforms into one of the most gloomy rounds of “ Never Have I Ever… ” ( “ never have I ever taken off a spouse ’ south ODM gear and held him down while a Titan consume him… ” ) while stew is shared and irritations are expressed .
One of the more bewitching wrinkles to these past few episodes of Attack on Titan is that Eren has basically disappeared after his hideous Founding Titan metamorphosis. In Eren ’ s absence, everyone has had their moments in the limelight, but Jean has increasingly become the new de facto leader and supporter, which pushes him to a irregular break point in “ Night of the End. ” This episode ’ s earnest hearth chat reiterates how every character has blood on their hands and a legalize reason to hate person else in the group. Jean has carried the pain of Marco ’ s death all the means back to the foremost season ’ s Battle of Trost, but he ’ randomness ultimately given closure here as Annie and Reiner explain their roles in Marco ’ s death .
This is devastating news for Jean to process and “ Night of the end ” is well the fictional character ’ second best episode. amazingly, this candid confession besides turns into a purgative moment for Reiner to heal. Marco ’ s death appears to be one of the first instances where Reiner questioned the nature of their mission and if he ’ randomness on the correct side of this war. If Reiner and Marco just had a conversation like these characters are doing now then who knows how many more lives could have been saved in the process. Reiner even admits that he slaughtered the Titan that ate Marco, convincing himself that this was some tribute towards this needlessly lost life sentence. Jean has more to be upset about here, but another tragic twin is drawn between characters since Marco ’ sulfur death has besides haunted Annie and Reiner, merely in a different way than it has with Jean.

The personal grudges that have kept these characters apart in the by perplex discussed, but “ Night of the end ” besides breaks down the broader photograph of Eldia and Marley ’ s millennium of conflict. These characters begin to understand the futility in arguing over 2000 years of war when none of them were tied there to witness the events in the first base place. “ No one wants genocide, ” seems like a glib statement to make, but it ’ randomness something that characters repeatedly assure each other in the episode. The causal nature of this otiose war is reinforced by the cognition that the Rumbling would never come to pass if Marley didn ’ triiodothyronine send Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt to break down the walls, which results in Eren ’ randomness mother getting eaten by a Titan, which triggers his cyclic vengeance mission in the first base topographic point. none of this matters if generations from now the Eldians are still seen as Devils for the actions that they ’ re about to cause.

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Yelena instigates a set of these arguments as she stirs both the figural and literal stewpot, which is what pushes everyone forward to reach this natural, but healthier invest. A bantam detail about Yelena and her fabricate backstory besides comes to lighter, but it speaks volumes for her desire to turn herself into a critical firearm of history. It ’ randomness easier to live in a fantasy than to confront the barbarous realities of the universe. On that eminence, there ’ s a capture sequence that appears to be a fantasy for Jean–although it ’ s possible that it ’ s a flash-forward–where he ’ second happily married to Mikasa and that they have a child of their own. Every time that Mikasa faithfully defends Eren ’ s genocide must sting Jean a little extra unvoiced as a result .
Mikasa ’ s commitment to Eren remains one of the few cracks in this united presence and no resolution is in truth reached here. It makes smell to not come to blows on this topic until it ’ s absolutely necessity, but it ’ s besides deeply asinine to think that Eren can still be reasoned with when he ’ second already reached this destructive place. The Jaegerist electric resistance can finally move forward, even if this solution is a Band-Aid for a gape breast wreathe .

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