Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 Review: Traitor

“ Traitor ” is ready to let unleash after Attack on Titan’s more muffle previous episodes. In theory this collective of especial warriors from across Marley and Eldia would dominate in most conflict scenarios. These characters decidedly feel the atmospheric pressure of what ’ s ahead of them and a reasonably childlike plan to infiltrate the Jaegerists and acquire the Azumabito ’ s flying embark turns into a bloodbath .
What works sol well with this catastrophe is that no matchless ruins the mission and there ’ s not some crisis of faith treachery from Yelena. It ’ s strictly the history that all of these warriors have shared together and how toxic the Jaegerists ’ malice has become that triggers characters like Mikasa and Connie. even person like Magath is able to become a better person when faced with adversity due to how others like Gabi have shown him the light. Characters preach others ’ lessons and it ’ s truly elate to take notice of how everyone has rubbed off on one another and that these alliances aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate superficial or irregular .
The return of the Azumabitos ( remember them ! ) and the second coming of a giant flying ship that brings this battle to the skies makes a distribute of common sense. It ’ randomness one of the few strategies that can actually level the playing field against Eren ’ s impossibly-sized Founding Titan. The Resistance unit international relations and security network ’ t in full successful in their goal and their plan actually faces major setbacks, but I ’ d be identical surprise if the following episode doesn ’ metric ton have these freedom fighters up in the air. It ’ s such a grandiose place for the series ’ final examination battle to occur and it besides provides a chilling opportunity to look down on civilization and opinion the accumulative damage that they ’ ve all contributed to over the years.

A ttack on Titan’s concluding season has been full of satisfying parallels ( or PATHS, if you will ) to the express ’ s first two seasons and “ Traitor ” is deep in this regard. The aforesaid flashbacks that Connie experiences in regard to Bertholdt and Reiner are herculean. however, this calculate is even more narratively affecting since Bertholdt and Armin were both the Colossal Titan. Armin is literally forced into the lapp question at point that Bertholdt was subjected to, but on a deep, cosmic tied these two are besides one through the connect memories and powers of the Colossal Titan. Connie never respected Bertholdt, but in the moments where he saves Armin and kills his early comrades it ’ sulfur Bertholdt ’ s confront that he sees. Bertholdt. Armin. Traitor. Hero. What ’ s the difference ? If nothing else, these explosions of empathy make every episode of Attack on Titan’s final season such a enchant.

A batch of these payoffs connect on a quality development level, but Reiner and Annie ’ s Armored and Female Titans fighting in bicycle-built-for-two in concert again just elicits such intuitive joy as a Titan winnow. They merely obliterate the Jaegerists that take them on. It ’ south even crazier to consider that this iconic Titan duet is still doing what they ’ ve always done–fight in favor of Eren ’ sulfur execution–but it ’ randomness now presented as an act of heroism .
All of the tension that “ Traitor ” builds through this awful homecoming culminates with Connie getting pushed beyond his breaking point. Connie ’ randomness execution of Samuel and Daz is dour, but it ’ mho even more grievous that Connie is forced to cross this line and take out two of his previous friends. It ’ s a setting that if viewed by a strange from afar would look no different than Floch ’ s late executions of immune soldiers. Connie and the rest of these characters desperately move fore because they in truth have no alternate. The dangerous confrontation with Eren ’ s Founding Titan continues to loom over everyone ’ mho heads, but even if they are triumphant they may be besides haunted by all of the “ faithless ” acts that they ’ ve done to win this war .

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