Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 ending explained: how episode 87 sets up the anime’s endgame

The ending to Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 was heartbreaking. Having come so far with Eren, viewers were treated to episode 87 ’ mho “ The Dawn of Humanity ”, a chapter that more or less confirmed that the erstwhile protagonist has passed the point of no return. not alone that, but the stopping point to the irregular share of season four has quietly laid down the foundation for Attack on Titan ’ sulfur endgame in 2023. The Rumbling has started, unions have formed ( and broken ), and there are still several characters who could factor into proceedings as the Titans lurch towards Marley ’ mho mainland. In homework for the decade-in-the-making climax, we ’ ve dig deep into Attack on Titan sequence 87 ’ second ending : what happened and why * those * flashback scenes are so crucial to understand where attack on Titan is heading next. First, though, a quick recapitulate of Part 2 ’ second concluding chapter.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 ending: episode 87 recap

Attack on Titan ( image accredit : MAPPA ) assail on Titan episode 87 begins with a flashback. The Survey Corps headed from Paradis to “ across the ocean ” and towards Marley. This all took home off-screen between the third gear and fourth seasons, and it was last shown in detail during Final Season Part 2 ’ randomness finale. In a voiceover, Mikasa questions whether Eren was “ this way from the depart. ” The group, meanwhile, take in their new surroundings – the food, the technology, the people – until they are interrupted by a pickpocketing child, who swipes Sasha ’ mho bag. Levi grabs the child, and the Marleyan citizens converge on the pickpocket. The Survey Corps, though, save the child from a potential watery grave. They escape, though the pickpocket again runs off with the money as Eren looks on in panicky muteness. The group heads to Azumabito ’ s mansion. The Hizuruan apologizes for the pickpocket, explaining that the Subjects of Ymir have spread throughout the universe. Mikasa realizes Eren is not at the meeting and finds him overlooking the pickpocket ’ south refugee camp. Eren asks why Mikasa cares for him thus much. She ’ second flustered by the interrogate, only answering that they ’ re “ family. ” Eren describes their pledge as similar to his own : “ One day, our lives changed and everything was taken from us. ” In a show of oneness, Eren invites the rest of the Survey Corps to drink into the nox with the refugees. The following sidereal day, the Corps attend a suffer where it ’ second decided what should be done with the Subjects of Ymir. It is argued that, rather of these Subjects getting the brunt Marley ’ randomness anger, it ’ s the “ devils ” on Paradis Island rather. Upon hearing this, Eren leaves for beneficial and puts his fresh design into action ( which has been extensively covered so far in the Final Season and ends with the Rumbling Titans attempting to destroy the global outside Paradis ). The sequence besides fills in a few more gaps, namely Eren allying with Floch and pretending to go along with Zeke ’ s euthanization plan. Another scene is shown, with Historia pleading with to Eren not go ahead with his design to wipe out the world outside Paradis. back in the deliver day, the Global Fleet attempts to stop Eren ’ s Attack Titan and the army of Colossal Titans from invading, but are ultimately unsuccessful. The season ends with the Colossal Titans entering Marley .

Is Eren truly evil?

( picture credit : MAPPA ) That ’ s the million-dollar question and one that the picture has been wrestling with for some prison term. The assail on Titan sequence 87 ending has efficaciously sealed the cover in that respect. Mikasa ’ second voiceover ( and Eren ’ s many, many awkward silences throughout the episode ) indicate that Eren has always been evil and has merely looked for an excuse to kickstart his war. There are, of path, some dissenting viewpoints presented by Part 2 ’ second finale. namely, that Eren rightfully wants what is best for his friends, no topic the price. His auspices of the pickpocket besides shows that Eren possibly harbors a stronger feeling towards protecting people preferably than outright killing millions. In his mind, the potent rhetoric and actions of the Marleyan people have given him no choice in the matter. attack on Titan has constantly prided itself on being a morally complex history that paints its conflicts in versatile shades of grey. That ’ mho no different here, though if Eren did foster any screen of benevolent spirit, that has long since been wiped away. even his conversations with Historia showcase a man who will stop at nothing to ensure the death of a civilization. Eren crossed the line in the sand long, long ago. Everyone – including the friends he purportedly wanted to protect – has turned against him.

What do the flashbacks mean?

( effigy credit : MAPPA ) From a narrative perspective, they fill in some much-needed gaps. We previously didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know how Eren was radicalized, nor why Historia got pregnant ( which was to stop or delay Eren ’ s genocidal plans, in lawsuit you were wondering ). They besides further flesh out Marley, painting it as a area lacerate between protecting refugees and inciting hatred against the “ devils ” of Paradis. Their racist overtures seal the softwood in regards to Eren ’ s fateful turn towards genocide. The flashbacks are besides punctuated by Mikasa ’ s voiceover in the present day. They ’ re used to further exacerbate the idea that Eren has always felt resentful towards those outside the wall .

What’s up with Mikasa?

( image credit : MAPPA ) Does Mikasa love Eren ? Given that she ’ s the dramatize sister of Eren, it ’ five hundred be a little weird ( to put it mildly ), but Attack on Titan is making it abundantly net that her puppy dog-like follow of Eren is something deeper than a sense of duty. She is clearly caught out by Eren ’ randomness credit line of questioning over why she cares for him sol a lot, and even questions herself about why she gave the answer of “ kin. ” Zeke, besides, reveals that the Ackermanns aren ’ thyroxine genetically predisposed to follow those who ‘ saved ’ them as was previously assumed. much like with Eren ’ s plow towards evil, sometimes the simplest truths were there in front of us all along : Mikasa loves Eren .

What if the significance of the pickpocket?

( trope credit : MAPPA ) The pickpocket may not have been the catalyst for Eren ’ s turn to the dark side but, as a metaphor, it ’ s an effective cock as any to understand why Eren has ended up that way. It allows him to see just how barbarous and malicious Marley can be when it comes to those who aren ’ thyroxine of ‘ pure ’ rake. For Eren, it ’ s the perfect character discipline in why the universe would be better off without people like that .

Will the Rumbling be stopped?

( image credit : MAPPA ) The Global Fleet, a coalition of ships from around the world, barely put a incision in the Rumbling ’ south plans. It seems like Eren is going to achieve his goals of flattening the world. Who can stop him ? Zeke is potentially distillery in bet if he ever gets out of the Coordinate, while Mikasa ’ s group now has respective Titans they can deploy to stop Eren. But they ’ ve got a set of catching up to do, and not a bunch of clock to do it in. fire on Titan Final Season Part 3 will probably revolve around them trying to stop Eren before it ’ sulfur excessively deep .

What’s next for Attack on Titan?

( persona credit : MAPPA ) In subject you missed it, Attack on Titan will return in 2023. No dismissal date even for the absurdly-named Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3, though we can expect it to be another shorter season as the show hurtles towards its endgame. For more from the medium, check out some of the best zanzibar copal you should be watching right now, or the best anime for beginners .

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