‘Attack on Titan’ Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained

The concluding season of Attack on Titan still isn ’ thymine over. The first separate of the last collection of episodes for the democratic anime debuted in recently 2020, and the second separate wrapped up this past Monday. With the announcement of a third base separate on the way in 2023, it ’ s not quite yet to say adieu to Hajime Isayama ’ second ghastly epic. Considering that there ’ s only nine chapters of the manga left to adapt after the Part 2 stopping point, the third part is likely to be the final-FINAL partially of the concluding season. But where did the anime leave us for the retentive expect ?
With Episode 86 ending on a bloody get off from Paradis Island for Eren ’ randomness ( Bryce Papenbrook ) friends, a flashback to a happier time is a disarming starting signal to Episode 87. We are treated to the gang ‘s first trip outside the island, equally well as the return of deep fan-favorite, Sasha Braus ( Ashly Burch ). The blithe scenes of the group experiencing frost cream for the first meter are accompanied by a voice-over monologue of Mikasa ( Yui Ishikawa ) pondering the precise detail when they lost Eren. She wonders if there was a pivotal moment in the past few years that transformed Eren into a monster, or if possibly he has constantly been this room. The crowd ’ s gay tour through Marley is slightly truncate when a young male child steals Sasha ’ second wallet, and the crowd turns on the boy suspecting him to be an island devil. It ’ s a sobering moment for Mikasa, Armin ( Marina Inoue ), and the others that this world fears them ; for Eren, it ’ mho evidence that what he is planning to do is a necessary evil .
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attack on titan part 2 finale image Image via Adult Swim ever since discovering the being of humanness outside the walls, Paradis has lived under the menace of violent xenophobia. Nations such as Marley fear the “ Island Devils ” for the horrors that the Eldian race had inflicted in the past, and they believe the only way to secure the base hit of the world is to wipe the whole island. however, no matchless has attempted to do indeed because of the danger of retaliation from Paradis in the form of the “ Rumbling. ” Before Paradis isolated itself, the Eldian king warned the rest of the populace that the giant titans within the walls would be released to flatten the populace if the island was ever threatened .
The night that Eren attacked the Marleyan city of Liberio, Willy Tybur ( Jonah Scott ) reveals the truth : that the king ’ s warning was an empty menace, that the Royal Family of Paradis was beholden to a vow disown war, and that an intruder had seized control of the Founding Titan ’ s baron – making the Rumbling a world. Eren ’ s attack galvanizes hostile sentiments toward Paradis and damages the plans his friends had been making to get a bridgehead on the world stage .
The plan was apparently to use Eren ’ s Founding baron to initiate a examination of the “ Rumbling ”. Paradis would show the world a fraction of that baron as a hindrance against invasion. By announcing that the power of the Rumbling is within their hands, Paradis would buy time to catch up to the rest of the world technologically, therefore rendering the necessitate for the Rumbling unnecessary. Because Eren is unable to use the Founding power on his own, Paradis would need to cooperate with person from the Royal pedigree – namely their enemy, Zeke ( Takehito Koyasu ). Since it would take about fifty dollar bill years for Paradis to catch up with the rest of the earth, after Zeke ’ s end his Beast Titan would need to be passed onto another Eldian with Royal lineage – namely, Queen Historia ( Shiori Mikami ). In another thirteen years, before Ymir ’ sulfur bane could claim Historia ’ second life, her children would eat her in order to pass on the power and maintain the menace of the Rumbling .
attack on titan queen historia Image via Adult Swim As we learn in the finale, this plan is unacceptable to Eren. He refuses to let Historia ’ s liveliness be cut short, and he refuses to let the bicycle of children eating their parents continue – he himself had eaten his father in order to have the Attack colossus passed on to him. But about from the get down of Paradis ’ alliance with Zeke, Eren was made privy to a unlike plan : Zeke ’ s privy plan. Zeke believes the only way to save the global is to use the Founder ’ s might to sterilize all living Eldians, ensuring they can never have children and they can never pass on the titan lineage, efficaciously dooming the race to extinction. Though Eren plays along with Zeke, this plan is besides impossible to him. Eren believes he is free because he was born into this global, and he intends to use that freedom to insure the freedom of his friends .

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Eren ’ s motivations for initiating the Rumbling have been reasonably murky until this finale. What made Eren such a compel protagonist – his saturation, his bloodlust, and his devotion to his friends – besides makes him a terrific villain. It ’ s a turn for the character that reflects what Isayama has done with the world of Attack on Titan in the expansive scheme. At first, titans were the foe that unite humanity within the walls. then, when the Scouts came under fire from Kenny Ackerman ( Phil Parsons ), other humans became the enemy until the military staged a coup against the monarchy. ultimately, with the revelation that Paradis is a small function of a larger world, the enemy became every living person outside the island. With every development of the menace, the heroes of the story were forced to adjust their morals for the sake of their survival and the survival of their people. The nationalist ardor of the Paradisian military remained the like – the only thing that changed was the prey. Floch, the only other person Eren trusted with his true design, used that nationalist ardor to seize control of Paradis and turn its population against the external world. What once was an inspirational rallying cry is now a chilling imprint of propaganda : “ Dedicate your hearts ! ”
As is made obvious by this point, Eren ’ s dependable goal has always been to unleash the Rumbling on the world – not just as a demonstration, but for real. Eren intends to exterminate all biography outside the island, as he believes the only room to end the cycle of hate is to commit genocide. The finale revealed that it ’ randomness not just Eren ’ s bloodlust driving him to do this. It ’ s not just his desperation to last be free. Eren is killing the world because he wants his friends to live long and felicitous lives, and he believes it ’ s the merely way for them to do that. Any hope he may have had for a peaceful solution was extinguished when he witnessed an Eldian sympathizer in Marley predicate that the Eldians of Paradis Island need to be wiped out, claiming that the Eldians of Marley were not to be feared like the island devils who deserve to die. At that consequence, Eren convinces himself that the future he saw when he kissed Historia ’ south hand – the future in which he destroys the earth with the Rumbling – must come to pass. As he tells Historia, he believes it is the only way to “ end the hertz of revenge fueled by hate. ”
attack-on-titan-kenny-ackerman part 2 Image via Adult Swim In a collage of Eren ’ mho memories, Attack on Titan confirms a few other celebrated details. first, that everything that has happened indeed far, and everything that will happen next, occurs according to Eren ’ south will and his alone. No matchless is twisting his sleeve. He is not under the influence of any nonnatural entity such as Ymir. Destroying the world is a choice that he made, even though he saw visions of this future advance. second, Zeke tells Eren he doubts Mikasa is patriotic to Eren out of any kind of genetic condition, like Eren suggested in their heated confrontation at Niccolo ’ s restaurant. What ’ south more probably is that Mikasa barely likes him a lot. The night of their first day in Marley, Eren is upset to be in the presence of people he knows he is going to slaughter, and in a here and now of failing he asks Mikasa why she is so devoted to him. He wants to know what she is to him, and Mikasa tells him that he ’ s her family. She wonders if she might have been able to prevent Eren ’ s slaughter if she had given a different answer – implying possibly that the one she did provide wasn ’ t the full accuracy .
This vulnerable moment is interrupted by an aged refugee who offers Eren, Mikasa, and the group to join his people for dinner and drinks, and we are allowed one last front at the hale team as if they were normal kids – not soldiers, not murderers, not war criminals – merely a gaggle of young friends getting drink together for what seems like the first meter. It ’ s an important moment that sets the stakes moving forward and marks how far these characters have come since the begin of the series in 2013. When calamity compelled them all to join the military as children, no one could have guessed that one among them would commit the same kind of atrocity on a global scale, or that the rest would need to unite against him. During that elated night in the tent, none of them except Eren would suspect that every single one of the refugees hosting them would be trampled to end in a few months .
attack on titan part 2 season 4 Image via Adult Swim After several episodes spent glancing at the advance titans through clouds of steam, the Part 2 finale at stopping point showcases Eren ’ mho united states army in its terrify completeness, along with his skeletal new titan imprint. The connect forces of the earth launch an artillery attack against the grumbling titans to no avail. The acute heat radiating off the bodies of the giant titans violently evaporates the ocean water beneath the naval armada, destroying the battleships in the flash of an eye. As the titans make landfall and begin their rampage, Eren delivers a voice-over soliloquy justifying his march. His rationale is depressingly exchangeable to a much younger Eren ’ s resolve to rid the world of titans. “ I ’ ll wipe out every last one of them from this worldly concern. ”

While the themes of the final season have so army for the liberation of rwanda seemed to be waving a boastfully red warning flag about the dangers of fascism, the anime is wading into some potentially mucky territory. It ’ s raising some big questions that require carefully measured answers. One such question is whether Mikasa can be held accountable for Eren ’ s violence simply because she denied him a amatory avenue. The other is whether genocide of any kind can ever be justified, whether because of historical conflict or because the perpetrator is doing it for their friends. There ’ mho no need to spell out the importance of sticking the land when it comes to these big questions being posed. In 2023, Attack on Titan will need to answer these questions in one form or another .

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