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Paradis Island


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From You, 2,000 Years ago

Quote1.png The threat of Paradis Island is the stampede of millions of Colossal Titans—a rumbling. As I mentioned, the vow renouncing war prevents the King’s bloodline from fully using the Founding Titan. But currently, this ‘Eren Jaeger’ who possesses the Founding Titan may begin this rumbling at any moment. Once the Rumbling is set into motion, there is nothing that we can do. Nothing but tremble at the footsteps of doom, fleeing in vain. All lands and civilizations will be trampled, literally razed to the ground. Quote2.png
— Willy Tybur explains the destructive potential of the Rumbling to his audience during the Liberio festival[1]

The Rumbling ( 地鳴らし Jinarashi ? ) is a cataclysmal event involving Karl Fritz ‘s Wall Titans marching across the earth, destroying all life upon it. It was a keystone determent component for the Subjects of Ymir on Paradis Island, until the class 854 when Eren Jaeger unhardened the Walls, freed the Wall Titans, and began the Rumbling. [ 2 ]


Karl Fritz ‘s ultimatum

During the final days of the Great Titan War between Marley and the Eldian Empire, King Karl Fritz used the world power of the Founding Titan to raise three Walls on Paradis Island : Maria, Rose, and Sina. These Walls were constructed from the hardened flesh of countless Colossal Titans created with the Founding Titan ‘s office. [ 1 ] Upon gathering the remnants of the Eldian Empire into the Walls and closing the gates to the outside world, Karl Fritz issued one final examination contract which assured the enemies of Eldia that if Paradis were to come under fire, the Founding Titan would unleash the Wall Titans to trample the earth into dilapidation. [ 3 ] however, Karl Fritz secretly confided with the Tybur kin [ 1 ] and the remaining Fritz class on the mainland [ 4 ] that this ultimatum was an empty menace of disincentive. In truth, Karl Fritz made a “ vow foreswear war “ with the Founding Titan ensuring that none of his successors would use the Founding Titan to threaten the worldly concern again, allowing for Eldia to live in a brief eden before their enemies would arrive to destroy Eldia as Karl Fritz believed they deserved to be. [ 1 ] As Karl Fritz had hoped, no open declaration of war or act of aggression was made against the people of the Walls for over a century, though Marley would use the lands beyond the Walls on Paradis Island as a penal colony for criminal or undesirable Subjects of Ymir transformed into Pure Titans. however, over eighty years after the end of the Great Titan War, Marley ‘s declining military industry turned the nation ‘s attention towards Paradis and the dodo fuels hidden below Eldian lands. Despite the vow renouncing war being known to Marley, the threat of the Rumbling was excessively great a hazard to attempt a full scale invasion. rather, Marley began training the Warriors in formulation for the Paradis Island Operation, an percolation of the Walls with the Power of the Titans that would not provoke the attention of the King of the Walls with military force. Likewise, the Eldia Restorationists led at this prison term by Grisha Jaeger attempted to use this warrior program to infiltrate the Walls in the lapp manner in order to steal the Founding Titan to restore Eldia. [ 3 ] In the year 845, the baron of the Attack Titan caused Grisha Jaeger to inherit future memories from his son Eren, revealing the decrease of Wall Maria later that day. Grisha fled to the chapel service of the Reiss family where he was influenced by the will of Eren in the distant future to steal the power of the Founding Titan and slaughter the Reiss kin. The future memories of the Attack Titan revealed to Grisha the sight of the Rumbling that Eren would create. [ 5 ] While spying on the Eldians within the Walls before his introduction into 104th Cadet Corps, Reiner Braun reminded himself and his fellow Warriors Bertholdt Hoover and Annie Leonhart that the terror of the Rumbling and the destine of all world depended upon the achiever of their mission. [ 6 ]

Truths rediscovered

During the Scout Regiment ‘s undertake to capture Annie Leonhart, a part of Wall Sina in Stohess District is damaged by Annie ‘s Female Titan, revealing the confront of a Wall Titan within it. [ 7 ] This disclosure causes bang-up confusion among the Scout Regiment and panic in Pastor Nick of the Order of the Walls, demanding the scouts to cover the face of the Titan before sunlight could reach it. The presence of the Titan in Wall Sina leads Section Commander Hange Zoë to promptly deduce that all of the Walls must contain Titans within them. [ 8 ] Upon discovering the journals of Grisha Jaeger in the Jaeger family ‘s basement in Shiganshina District, the Scout Regiment learns of the nature of the Rumbling as a deterrence agent that has kept enemies of Eldia aside from Paradis Island for over a hundred until five years ago. [ 3 ] During a gather to discuss the findings of Grisha ‘s journals, the leaders of the military in the Walls discuss how the power of the Founding Titan to release the Wall Titans may be achieved despite the vow renouncing war. Recalling his encounter with a Titan whom he late realized was Dina Fritz, Eren Jaeger realizes he can still bring out the Founding Titan ‘s power despite his non-royal blood deoxyadenosine monophosphate farseeing as he is in contact with a royal-blooded Titan, though he keeps this realization to himself for the sake of Queen Historia Reiss. [ 9 ]

Memories of the future

During a ceremony honoring the survivors of the Battle of Shiganshina District, a moment of contact between Eren and Historia opened a glimpse into Eren ‘s future memories where he saw himself influencing the decision of his beget Grisha in stealing the ability of the Founding Titan and slaughtering the Reiss family. At this prison term, Eren saw the sight of the Rumbling that he would cause in the future. [ 2 ] One year after the decoration ceremony, Paradis Island was visited by the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers, a clandestine organization of Marleyan soldiers led by Yelena, all foreign conscripts who wished to aid Eldia against Marley with the help of Zeke Jaeger. [ 10 ] Through the Volunteers, Zeke proposed cooperation with Paradis to bring him into contact with his stepbrother Eren Jaeger to begin a small-scale Rumbling which would far deter enemy attacks until Paradis could reach a charge of technical advancement sufficient enough to no longer trust on the power of the Titans for security. [ 11 ] While the respective military leaders of Paradis were openly against cooperation with Zeke, a early enemy, Eren revealed his discovery of a royal-blooded Titan acting as a electric potential loophole for the Founding Titan ‘s power, therefore making the Rumbling a possibility for Paradis to use in self-defense. [ 10 ] One year subsequently, the Volunteers introduced the leadership of Paradis to Kiyomi Azumabito, ambassador from Hizuru and ally of Zeke. When discussing the requirements to make Eldia a self-sufficient nation on Paradis Island, Kiyomi proposed the manipulation of the Rumbling as deterrence for at least a time period of 50 years while Paradis caught up technologically with contemporaneous nations. Despite his foresight of the Rumbling, Eren refused to comply with Zeke ‘s plan to use the Rumbling and pass his Beast Titan to Queen Historia to ensure the perpetuity of the process, deciding alternatively to pursue diplomatic solutions for Paradis. Regardless, the Rumbling would become a cardinal component in the military alliance between Eldia and Hizuru. [ 11 ] The following year, Hizuru ‘s trade proposals for Paradis Island failed, once again leaving them with only the Rumbling as determent. As one concluding alternative, the Scout Regiment made plans to embark on an clandestine view to Marley in order to gauge ball-shaped sentiments towards Eldia for themselves. [ 11 ]

Marley ‘s preparations

After the conclusion of the Marley Mid-East War, Willy Tybur is recruited by Zeke Jaeger to announce to the global the threat that Paradis Island poses in order to remove global hostility towards the Subjects of Ymir as a whole. [ 12 ] During his manner of speaking before the external ambassadors and journalists, Willy reminds the consultation of the many Wall Titans present on the island and the possibility of Eren Jaeger unleashing these Titans upon the world. In regulate to prevent this revelation from occurring, Willy Tybur urges the leaders of the world to unite against Paradis in open war. [ 1 ] soon after Eren escaped imprisonment on Paradis Island for his desertion, Marley launched an attack upon Shiganshina District in retaliation for Liberio in order to take the Founding Titan from Eren. [ 13 ] When Zeke arrived upon the battlefield, Marleyan forces desperately tried to prevent Zeke and Eren from coming into contact and unleashing the Wall Titans. After learning of Zeke ‘s true plan to use the Founding Titan to sterilize the Subjects of Ymir, Armin speculated on Eren ‘s genuine motivation for conspiring with Zeke. Deducing that Eren would rather use the Founding Titan to unleash the Titans in Shiganshina ‘s Walls, Armin trusted that Eren was on their side .

The Rumbling

The Walls fall

When Eren and Zeke came into contact, an instantaneous moment in time occured where Eren came to understand that Zeke ‘s will as a descendant of the royal kin superseded his own will as the Founder ‘s mailman. Eren learned that the Founding Titan ‘s exponent was dependent on the will of Ymir Fritz, constantly enslaved to obey the will of the royal family who enslaved her in life 2,000 years ago. When ymir prepared to carry out Zeke ‘s will to sterilize the Subjects of Ymir, Eren urged her to reject her duties and act in her own will.

Choosing to support Eren, Ymir lent the power of the Founding Titan unto Eren, who then unhardened all the Walls on Paradis Island. With the wide exponent of the Founding Titan, Eren telepathically declared his will to all Subjects of ymir that he had unleashed the Wall Titans upon the worldly concern to crush all life beyond Paradis Island. [ 2 ] Eren then led the Colossal Titans on a southbound marching music, unhampered by the Marleyan and Eldian soldiers preoccupied with Zeke ‘s Titans throughout the city. [ 14 ] After respective days, the last of the Wall Titans began to leave Eldian territory on Paradis Island. By this time, the remaining Marleyan Warriors on the island joined forces with Eren ‘s former friends in an try to pursue him and stop the Rumbling. While the allied soldiers were left to confront Floch Forster and the Jaegerists guarding Paradis Island ‘s port, Eren and the Colossus Titans approached the Marleyan mainland, [ 15 ] crossing the ocean by swimming. [ 16 ] Commander Hange Zoë estimated that in the half a day it would take to prepare the Azumabito family ‘s flying boat to pursue Eren, the Rumbling would have already destroyed up to 600 kilometers inland, the entire continent to follow in a few as four days. [ 17 ]

arrival on the mainland

While the allied soldiers were en road to Odiha, the Rumbling arrived on the northeastern Marleyan slide, wholly bypassing the fleet of the Global Alliance and shrugging off all weapon fire during their advance. [ 16 ]



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