Ranking the Openings of Attack on Titan

approach on Titan has some of the most epic poem, acute openings in zanzibar copal history. We ’ re ranking them all right here in celebration of the serial. Attack on Titan is home to some of the most epic, adrenaline-pumping music in zanzibar copal history. Its seven unlike theme songs are no exception, with efforts that range in oscilloscope and scale from high-concept operatics to more low-key and haunt songs .
In celebration of the final discharge of episodes in Attack on Titan : The Final Season, we ’ rhenium ranking all seven openings from weakest to strongest. We ’ ll be highlighting the strengths of each song as we go, but entirely one titan can come out on top, then give your hearts and let ’ s get this party started .
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7. “Shukei to Shikabane no Michi” – Linked Horizon

It ’ south strange to think what is arguably Attack on Titan ‘ s most arouse run of back-to-back episodes has the least thrilling and exciting subject song of the entire series. “ Shukei to Shikabane no Michi ” is the fourth main theme birdcall from the fabled Linked Horizon, but it equitable feels like their kernel international relations and security network ’ thymine in this one the like way it was with the others.

not to be excessively hard on this open ; it ’ south absolutely serviceable. The visuals equitable aren ’ metric ton that inspired either, largely precisely scantily moving or calm shots of characters and actions with sparkles coming off of them. It ’ s precisely then filled with echoes of the a lot better Linked Horizon root songs that it ’ south hard to get pumped up from it, which is kind of a shame .
Attack on TitanImage Credit: MAPPA

6. “Boko no Sensou” – Shinsei Kamattechan

now we ’ re on to the effective gorge. The fact that an first step subject equally rock-solid as “ Boko no Sensou ” is this first gear on the list is your key index of just how firm most of these songs are. The most haunting and doom-sounding of the seven Attack on Titan openings, “ Boko no Sensou, ” is set to images that suggest the get up of a fascist empire but besides a coming calculation for it .
With the chilling intonation style of its vocals and the atrocious feeling of awful that they carry, “ Boko no Sensou ” perfectly lays the foundation for the change in tone and venue that fits the inaugural collocate of episodes in Attack on Titan : The Final Season .
Attack on Titan S2Image Credit: Wit Studio

5. “Shinzo wo Sasageyo!” – Linked Horizon

The season two open had some reasonably big shoes to fill after the incredible 1-2 punch of the first pair of themes. While “ Shinzo wo Sasageyo ” may not be quite as pulse-pounding in its volume, the inspiration that comes when Commander Ervin says that argumentation ( which translates to “ Give your heart ! ” ) adds a solid sense of emotional gravitas to the birdcall .
This understand besides helps explain the ocular style with the hearts of the characters and titans shining throughout the sung. Though it culminates in a strange final image that sees The Beast Titan running with dinosaurs and blue sky whales ( a possible reference to former Beast Titans ), the lastingness of the subject hush holds true and starts every episode of season two off on the proper foot .
Attack on TitanImage Credit: Wit Studio

4. “Red Swan” – Yoshiki w/ Hyde

By far, the most meaning tonic switch in these openings comes from “ Red Swan. ” A mournful, melancholy open that sounds more allow for a slice-of-life zanzibar copal than an action-heavy shonen, “ Red Swan ” however suits the tone of the foremost separate of the one-third season absolutely .
An discharge that ’ randomness as heavy with childhood nostalgia as this one needs some heart, and “ Red Swan ” provides that in spades. Cut to images that juxtapose the hard-edged modern versions of the characters with their younger, more aspirant counterparts, “ Red Swan ” is the Attack on Titan take on a coming-of-age saga and, as such, it fits this tend with incredible synchronism .
Attack on Titan S1 Pt 1Image Credit: Wit Studio

3. “Guren no Yumiya” – Linked Horizon

The original and still a legend, Linked Horizon ’ s first and most intense attack on Titan possibility, sets the stage and tone of the show from the first gear seconds of its adrenaline-fuelled crescendo. It ’ s the perfective music to get you ready for some titan-fighting action, and that is, of course, the main focus of this first streak of episodes .
With a beat that increases in speed and saturation as the song reaches its culminate, “ Guren no Yumiya ” can ’ metric ton help but quicken your pulse a little in prediction of each new episode and goes down in history as well one of the most unskippable anime openings ever. There ’ randomness merely no fast-forwarding through this one .
Attack on Titan S4 Pt 2Image Credit: MAPPA

2. “The Rumbling” – SiM

What makes “ The Rumbling ” stand out from the pack is its heavy alloy inhalation more than anything else, like with “ What ’ s Up People ? ! ” from Death Note, there ’ second fair something so wildly exciting about a alloy subject that it can ’ triiodothyronine aid but pump you up for the latest sequence. The discord between the balmy lyrics and the metal scream is besides a arrant blend for the images and scenes accompanying them .
now, this might be a bite of recency bias. Those without affection for metallic music might wonder at a placement this high, but “ The Rumbling ” sets such a baleful, chilling, and dangerous tone for a concluding rivulet where everyone is at war with one another that it ’ south merely excessively good to be any lower on the list than second place .
Attack on Titan S1 Pt 2 1Image Credit: Wit Studio

1. “Jiyuu no Tsubasa” – Linked Horizon

Is this the most epic and heroic anime theme ever ? As we said at the jump, all of the Attack on Titan openings are impressive, but none get you jumping up and down on your couch like “ Jiyuu no Tsubasa. ” Beginning with an operatic tone similar to a national hymn, this root immediately slides into an electric guitar solo that amps things up to 11 .
ultimately, it switches back to a more cynical, revengeful note before combining all three styles into a pulse-pounding culminate that gets the viewer ready for some titan-on-titan action. Cut to the most phantasmagoric and chilling images in the serial and some fantastic bode ( I ’ megabyte looking at you, Hange ), “ Jiyuu no Tsubasa ” is absolutely top of the batch when it comes to Attack on Titan openings .









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