What is the Attack on Titan Attraction at Universal Studios Japan?

Promotional image for the Attack on Titan XR Ride at USJ In recent years, I ’ ve resigned myself to the fact that Japan much gets all the dainty things. A Pokémon nature park ? Check. An amaze infrastructure of cross-country trains ? Check. Universal healthcare ? Check. And now, equitable to add salt to this deepen wound, Universal Studios Japan has merely announced the return an approach on Titan VR coaster. And it will will merely be receptive for a limited time. ( obviously, everything I ’ ve listed is of adequate importance. obviously. ) Universal Studios Japan has a rotating attraction based on the hot zanzibar copal of the day. The fire on Titan XR Ride will actually be taking over a Demon Slayer attraction in the same space. What ’ s more, the Attack on Titan XR Ride was actually launched at Universal Studios Japan in 2020. however, attending the parking lot in 2020 became complicated for obvious reasons. so, in honor of the show ’ s final temper, the park ’ s re-running the drawing card. The XR Ride is an indoor roller coaster where riders wear VR headsets. Which already sounds nuts. The approach on Titan version, which is called Race For Survival, places you in the center of the action. You ’ rhenium stuck as townies inside the walls who the Scouts are trying to evacuate in the midst of a titan barrage. You start out in a horse-drawn carriage, and zoom over crack up buildings as Eren, Mikasa, Hange, and the gang share with the titans close in around you.

however, if you ’ re caught up on the series, wear ’ t expect the ride to reflect the realities of season four. The ride takes position apparently mid-season three, because the Colossal Titan does not seem like it ’ s your friend. This besides means Eren is still … uh … at least slightly sympathetic. And – SPOILER – hearing them merely call the name “ Sasha ” makes me deplorable. This is not the first gear Attack on Titan ride to pop up in Japan. There ’ s a different, non-roller seashore VR ride elsewhere in Tokyo called The Collapsing Tower. Fuji-Q Highland, a roller coaster ballpark near the base of Mt. Fuji, besides has a 4D trajectory pretense ride based on Attack on Titan. All the art around the Fuji-Q ride makes my heart soar. And remember when Eren was kind of fun. Remember that ?

The Universal Studios Japan ride runs from March 4 to August 28, 2022. The feel is besides accompanied by a Scout Mess Hall and exclusive merch. But if you ’ re not in Japan, you ’ rhenium read this, and you have the plain switch for a last-minute trip to Osaka, best of luck trying to get there. I say this with deep empathy : Japan has been closed to external tourists since the start of the pandemic in 2020. however, many are expecting Japan ’ s guidelines to loosen in the late spring or early summer. ( prototype accredit : Universal Studios Japan )

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