Year Event 847 The 104th Cadet Corps, under the tutelage of ex-Survey Corps commander Keith Sadies, begins.[10] 180?cb=20180721193601 848 During a wilderness training exercise, Christa is nearly captured by bandits. The cadets team up to take down her captors, and they successfully rescue Christa.[38] 180?cb=20140902063325 849 On the 34th Exterior Scouting Mission, Ilse Langnar encounters a Titan who speaks of the “Subjects of Ymir” and “Lady Ymir.” She attempts to communicate with the Titan but is eventually eaten.[39] In decree to settle an argument among cadets Jean Kirschtein and Sasha Braus, Garrison Commander Dot Pyxis hosts a cook-off. Sasha presents cooked meat from a colossal boar while Jean presents an omelet cooked by his mother ; the latter is declared the winner as Sasha merely used kernel. [ 24 ] 200?cb=20160403225501 200?cb=20140829183328 Time Event – Year 850 One Day Before the Struggle for Trost The 104th Cadet Corps formally disbands after its completion.[40] 180?cb=20170813185534 Time After the Struggle for Trost Event – Year 850 1 Day After nonstop cannon-fire, all but two Titans are eliminated from Trost District. These two Titans, later named Sawney and Beane, are taken into the Scout Regiment’s custody for Hange Zoë’s studies.[44] 180?cb=20170802122001 2 Days The Garrison and Cadet Corps work to gather the bodies of fallen soldiers in the district to prevent a secondhand disaster epidemic. Jean Kirschtein finds Marco’s corpse. 180?cb=20170829081205 3 Days Eren awakens from his coma in a prison cell. Erwin Smith and Levi tell Eren of what transpired after the struggle for Trost.[44] 180?cb=20201202020850 5 Days Eren is held on trial before a military tribunal judged by Premier Dhalis Zachary. He is eventually given over to the custody of the Scout Regiment.[22] 180?cb=20180606212213 6 Days Eren joins the Scout Regiment under the supervision of the Special Operations Squad, with whom he would later test his Titan abilities over the next month. Hange Zoë tells Eren of their experiments with Sawney and Beane.[46] 180?cb=20170921135955 8 Days – 1 Month Under the supervision of the Special Operations Squad, Hange experiments with Eren’s Titan abilities.[49] 180?cb=20180606212442 Time After the 57th Scouting Mission Event – Year 850 1 Day Scout Regiment recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps are sent into Wall Rose under the supervision of Miche Zacharius.[54] 180?cb=20171215081940 3 Days 20 Hours After Sighting – The Beast Titan throws debris from Wall Rose at the Scout Regiment at Utgard, killing two veterans, and summons more Titans to attack Utgard before leaving Wall Rose.[57] Ymir transforms into a Titan to protect the remaining recruits at Utgard.[57] The Stohess operatives arrive at Utgard concisely after the break of click, saving the recruits at Utgard. Christa Lenz reveals her truthful identity as Historia Reiss. [ 37 ] 28 Hours After Sighting – The Scout Regiment meet up with Hannes ‘ Garrison squad at the top of Wall Rose, who reveals that there was no breach in Wall Rose. [ 33 ] Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover reveal their Titan identities and mission to Eren Jaeger and subsequently assume their Titan forms as the Armored and Colossal Titans. A battle ensues on Wall Rose. [ 58 ] Eren and Ymir are captured by Reiner and Bertholdt, who escape to a Forest of Giant Trees. [ 59 ]

Reading: Timeline/Anime

Five hours after the battle on Wall Rose, Commander Erwin reunites with the Scouts. They set out to rescue Eren and Ymir. [ 59 ] Reiner and Bertholdt attempt to flee to Wall Maria, but are intercepted by the Scout Regiment, who manage to rescue Eren from their grasp. [ 60 ] The Smiling Titan appears in movement of Eren and Mikasa for the first prison term since the Fall of Shiganshina. Hannes attacks the Titan, but is killed in front of Eren. [ 60 ] Eren unleashes the power of the Founding Titan unwittingly after striking the Smiling Titan ‘s hand. Using this world power, Eren commands nearby Titans to devour the Smiling Titan and assail Reiner and Bertholdt. [ 61 ] The surviving soldiers of the operation retreat to Wall Rose, while Reiner and Bertholdt retreat to Shiganshina District with Ymir. [ 61 ] 200?cb=20170430034216 200?cb=20170921135954 200?cb=20170830222122 Time After Eren activates the Founding Titan’s power Event – Year 850 Within 1 Week Refugees from Wall Rose are sent to the underground city.[61] Hange and Conny Springer return to Ragako to investigate the mysterious event. They realize that the Titans that had invaded Wall Rose were actually residents of Ragako. [ 61 ] Wall Rose is declared Titan-free. Refugees from the metro are sent back to their homes after anarchy about breaks out. [ 61 ] respective recruits from the 104th Cadet Corps are assigned to the new special Operations Squad to safeguard Eren and Historia. [ 62 ] 180?cb=20180530170703 180?cb=20180724040113 1 Week Erwin recovers from his injuries and is informed of the events that transpired during the past week.[61] Hange conducts Titan experiments with Eren to see if he can harden his Titan consistency to plug the hole in Wall Maria. Eren is ineffective to do so, and is besides unable to summon a dispatch Titan form in his third base transformation. [ 63 ] Pastor Nick is tortured to end by the First Interior Squad members Sannes and Ralph in the military barracks Hange assigned him to. [ 63 ] 200?cb=20180724040113 200?cb=20180722194727 Time after Pastor Nick’s Death Event – Year 850 1 Day Hange learns about Nick’s death and confronts Sannes and Ralph. Hange later reunites with Squad Levi and informs them of Nick’s death.[63] Nifa informs Erwin of Nick ‘s death, who gives her a letter addressed to Levi. Erwin is then summoned to the imperial capital of Mitras. [ 63 ] Upon receiving the letter from Erwin, Levi orders everyone to leave the cabin immediately, just before military Police raid their hideout. Levi informs them that there has been a freeze in Scout activities outside the Walls and the government wants them to hand over Eren and Historia. Hange decides to visit Erwin, lending 3 members of their squad to Levi, who prepares to head to Trost District to identify the enemy. [ 63 ] 200?cb=20180722201039 200?cb=20180724040115 2 Days The monarchy decides to give away 60% of the royal family’s food reserves to the people of Trost, to boost the people’s approval of the royal family while they carry out their plan to capture Eren and Historia.[64] Jean and Armin, disguised themselves as Eren and Historia respectively, get kidnapped by men from the Reeves company. They are subsequently rescued by Squad Levi, who apprehend the kidnappers, including the head of the company, Dimo Reeves. [ 64 ] Levi is ambushed by the Anti-Personnel Control Squad led by Kenny, an old adversary, and a skirmish erupts in Trost District. Despite Squad Levi ‘s efforts, Eren and Historia are kidnapped and taken to Rod Reiss. [ 64 ] Squad Levi strikes a deal with Dimo Reeves, who lure Sannes and Ralph into a trap set by Squad Levi. Hange and Levi agony Sannes, finding out from him that the Reiss family is the on-key royal family. [ 64 ] Kenny kills Dimo Reeves for his treachery, while his son, Flegel Reeves witnesses the scene from a shroud location. [ 64 ] 200?cb=20180723095204 200?cb=20181101050204 200?cb=20181205201510 3 Days Erwin meets Commander Pyxis in private, and they talk about overthrowing the government. Afterwards, Hange arrives with the truth of the Reiss family. Before leaving, Erwin names Hange his successor as Commander of the Scouts.[65] Erwin is framed for the mangle of Dimo Reeves, and an halt guarantee issued for the Scouts. Erwin is brought to the royal capital, where he is violently interrogated by a extremity of the royal forum. [ 65 ] Hange saves Flegel Reeves from his MP pursuers, and persuades him to expose the truth of his father ‘s murder. Flegel tricks the MPs into revealing the truth about Dimo Reeves ‘ murder in front of the inhabitants of Trost. Afterwards, Flegel convinces the journalist Roy to print the truth in their newspaper. [ 66 ] 200?cb=20181021045241 200?cb=20180805213508 200?cb=20180812221503 180?cb=20190714091248 4 Days The royal government sentences Erwin to death for violating Clause 6 of the Charter for Humanity. As Erwin is being taken to the gallows, Anka brings news that Wall Rose has been breached. The assembly members order Nile Dawk and the other MPs to close the gates of Wall Sina to prevent refugees from flooding in. Nile decides to disobey the order just as Premier Dhalis Zachary enters the room with a contingent of soldiers, informing those present that the breach was a false alarm. After Pyxis reveals it had been a test to see the royal government’s suitability to lead, he and Zachary arrest the royal assembly members in a coup d’état.[67] Squad Levi captures Marlo and Hitch, who are part of the MP contingent tasked with searching for the Scouts who are inactive on the test. They propose to cooperate, and Levi accepts their help after they successfully pass a test of loyalty from Jean. Using their intelligence, Squad Levi raids the least heavily guarded MP frontier settlement and capture a valet from the Interior Police. [ 66 ] While interrogating him, they are found by Hange and Mobilt, who inform them that the coup was a success and the Scouts cleared of all charges. They promptly set off for the Reiss chapel service, where they believe Eren and Historia are located. [ 67 ] 180?cb=20201202021121 180?cb=20180813081522 180?cb=20180827025956 5 Days In the cave underneath the Reiss chapel, Rod and Historia place their hands on a chained Eren’s back, triggering past memories from five years ago. Eren learns that his father, Grisha, had stolen the Titan power of the Reiss family from Historia’s sister Frieda and murdered all their members, with only Rod managing to escape. Grisha had then injected Eren with a Titan serum, turning Eren into a Titan and eating his dad resulting in Eren inheriting his Titan Powers.[9] Pyxis tells Erwin that all the nobles they captured confirmed that the Reiss class had the power to erase the memories of the people, which could potentially undermine everything they have accomplished. Erwin quickly forms a rescue party and heads towards the Reiss chapel service. [ 9 ] Squad Levi arrives at the Reiss chapel at nox. They clash with Kenny Ackermann and his police squad in the cave underneath. [ 9 ] Historia refuses Rod ‘s offer of reclaiming the Founding Titan, choosing alternatively to free Eren. Rod Reiss drinks from the Titan serum shattered by Historia, becoming an enormous Mindless Titan. [ 7 ] Eren ingests a serum labeled “ armor ” from Rod ‘s bag, creating a harden Titan for the first clock, which he uses to shield Squad Levi from the collapsing cavern. [ 68 ] Erwin Smith reunites with Squad Levi, and they head to Orvud to devise a method acting of defeating Rod Reiss, who is advancing on Orvud District. [ 68 ] 180?cb=20180819220558 180?cb=20180909095357 180?cb=20180903083323 180?cb=20190312191712 180?cb=20180909201819 6 Days With the combined efforts of the Garrison, Eren, and Squad Levi, Rod Reiss’ Titan is defeated at Orvud District, with Historia landing the killing blow. Before a crowd of the District’s citizens, Historia declares herself to be the true ruler of the Walls.[69] A badly injure Kenny Ackermann is found by Levi outside of the break down cavern. He reveals that he is Levi ‘s uncle, and gives Levi a Titan injection he stole from Rod, before dying. [ 8 ] At Capital Mitras, Historia is coronated before a large crowd as Queen of the Walls. [ 8 ] 180?cb=20180917023543 180?cb=20200710121135 180?cb=20180917023544 Time after Historia’s coronation Event – Year 850 Under 2 Months The Beast Titan defeats Reiner’s Armored Titan in Shiganshina, therefore deciding that they and Bertholdt will wait in the District to ambush the Scouts, in hopes of regaining the Coordinate.[8] The nobles from the Assembly are imprisoned and members of the Military take their places. [ 70 ] queen Historia brings many orphans from the Underground to the come on populace to reside in her newly founded orphanage. [ 70 ] Eren ‘s new hardening ability is used to create the Executioner from Hell where Trost ‘s out gate once stood, which begins to clear Titans from Wall Maria. [ 70 ] The Scout Regiment ‘s increase popularity causes many young soldiers to enlist or reassign. [ 70 ] Squad Levi visits Keith Sadies to learn of his affair with Grisha Jaeger. Keith tells them of his past with Grisha. [ 70 ] A council of military leaders decides that Levi Ackermann should be entrusted with Kenny ‘s Titan serum. [ 71 ] 180?cb=20180924045446 180?cb=20181007201654 180?cb=20181008055645 180?cb=20181015050804 2 Months The Scout Regiment departs for Shiganshina District from Trost, receiving a hero’s send off.[71] 180?cb=20190724202409 Year 850: The Battle of Shiganshina District Erwin Smith leads over one hundred soldiers of the Scout Regiment on an expedition to Shiganshina under the cover of night. The Scout Regiment arrive in Shiganshina at dawn. Eren uses his hardening ability to seal the breach in the outer gate.[72] Before the inner gate can be sealed, Zeke as the Beast Titan traps the Scout Regiment in Shiganshina with a Titan army, starting a battle between the Warriors and the Scout Regiment. [ 72 ] Eren and Reiner conflict in their colossus forms in Shiganshina. During the struggle, the Scout Regiment attacks Reiner with the recently developed Thunder Spears, blowing Reiner ‘s mind off. [ 73 ] Bertholdt transforms into the Colossal Titan above Shiganshina, killing most of Hange ‘s squad in the explosive energy of the transformation. [ 45 ] The Beast Titan bombards the Scouts to the union with a barrage of stones and boulders. Erwin Smith leads a last ditch frontal charge into the line of fire as a distraction, which results in the accomplished annihilation of the cavalry, save for one soldier by the name of Floch. [ 74 ] [ 75 ] Levi successfully ambushes and defeats the Beast Titan, cutting Zeke out of its nape. Before Levi can kill him, Zeke is rescued by the Cart Titan, and the two flee towards Shiganshina. [ 75 ] Hange and Squad Levi attack the regenerated Armored Titan. They defeat it with Thunder Spears, with Mikasa landing the coating boast that blows Reiner out of its nape. [ 75 ] Armin sacrifices himself in a diversionary attack against the Colossal Titan, which Eren defeats after leaving his Titan form to seal the inner gate, cutting Bertholdt out of its nape. [ 75 ] Reiner tells Hange to pass a letter from Ymir to Historia, concisely before Zeke and Pieck arrive to rescue him. The three Warriors flee Shiganshina. [ 76 ] Both Armin and Erwin are found to be alive but on the verge of death, creating a unmanageable choice as to who should be saved with the Titan serum held by Levi. ultimately it is decided by Levi that Armin will be given the serum after a severe debate between him, Eren, Mikasa, and Floch. Armin, in his fresh Titan form, eats Bertholdt, stripping Marley of the Colossal Titan, and Erwin dies. [ 76 ] Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and Hange investigate the basement of the Jaeger family, where they discover three books left by Grisha detailing his past in Marley and his cognition of the Eldian-Marleyan conflict. [ 77 ] [ 1 ] 180?cb=20190430210110 180?cb=20190512232833 180?cb=20190512181332 180?cb=20190521153018 180?cb=20190603044528 180?cb=20190603094059 180?cb=20190603092143 180?cb=20190610052624 Time After The Battle Of Shiganshina Event A Few Days Eren and Mikasa are detained for assaulting their superiors. In his dreams, Eren begins to see his father’s memories of his arrival at Paradis Island and realizes that his first wife, Dina, was the Titan that killed his mother and later triggered the power of the Founding Titan that allowed him to control the Titans. He also states that he has eight years left to live due to the curse of Ymir.[1] shortly after the render of the Scout Regiment, Queen Historia arrives in Trost District and reads Ymir ‘s letter. Eren and Mikasa are released from their imprisonment early with Commander-in-Chief Dhalis Zachary ‘s approval, and a meet is held to discuss the findings from the basement. Eren realizes a loophole in the First King ‘s will involving touching a royal-blooded Titan as he did with Dina, but chooses not to speak of it out of concern for Historia ‘s destine. The converge concludes with the decision to make the basement revelations populace cognition. [ 6 ] [ 6 ] The nine survivors of the conflict of Shiganshina District are honored in ceremony by Queen Historia. [ 11 ] 180?cb=20190624055241 180?cb=20190624055238 200?cb=20190701041609 Under A Year Upon the Warriors’ return to Marley, the government postpones their mission to obtain the Founding Titan. When the loss of two Titans becomes publicly known, the Mid-East Allied Forces declare war on Marley.[78] Near the end of the winter months, it is announced that Wall Maria has been made completely Titan-free. due to the large inflow of Titans over the course of five years, very few Titans remain beyond the Walls on Paradis Island. [ 11 ] 180?cb=20190701041600 Year Event Unknown Ymir is restrained and eaten by Galliard, who inherits her Jaw Titan. While he has access to her memories, he is unable to access those of his brother’s. 180?cb=20210525230403 851 One year after the Battle of Trost, Eldian citizens begin to repopulate Shiganshina District. The Scout Regiment sets out beyond Wall Maria for the first time in six years, reaching the borderline wall where Eldians were transformed and the shores of the ocean.[11]The first of the thirty-two scout ships from Marley arrives at the shores of Paradis. Onboard are the Anti-Marleyan Volunteer members Yelena and Onyankopon, Nicolo, and an assortment of wine bottles laced with Zeke’s spinal fluid.
once bring, the two makes reach with Hange and Levi, devising plans on how to modernize the island, including the usage of semi-automatic pistols, bolt-action rifles, railways, and harbor plans. [ 79 ] 180?cb=20190711075426 180?cb=20210325214201 180?cb=20210208054252 180?cb=20210208054330 850-854:
Marley Mid-East War

Marley slowly gains control over the seas in its war with the Mid-East Allied Forces, though half of the outdated navy is lost through the course of the war.[78] meanwhile, the Allies develop anti-Titan weapon to gain a meaning advantage on farming conflicts. Over the naturally of three years, 32 scouting ships are sent from Marley to Paradis Island. none of the ships return. [ 28 ] Marley ‘s war with the Mid-East Allied Forces culminates at Fort Slava, a coastal fortress. While the Warriors under Marleyan command besiege the fort, Zeke uses his Beast Titan ‘s exponent to drop parachuting Eldians over Fort Slava, turning them into Titans as an airstrike. Reiner ‘s Armored Titan destroys most of the anti-Titan weapon present at Fort Slava, and the Beast Titan tosses artillery rounds at the nearby Mid-East fleet, destroying it. The result of this battle brings an end to the Marley Mid-East War. [ 78 ] 180?cb=20201208170742 180?cb=20220112064224 180?cb=20201207220332 852-853 Eren warns Historia that the Military Police intends to immediately have Zeke be devoured by her as soon as he arrives on the island. Yelena meets with Eren and discusses Zeke’s plan with Floch eavesdropping. He pretends to go along with the plan and tells Floch to do the same.

Members of the Scout Regiment goes clandestine in Marley. The Scouts save a refugee boy named Ramzi ; he invites them to his camp, where they have a good time until being found wasted by Hange, Levi, and Onyankopon. A People of Ymir Preservation Society gives a speech in an International Speech Forum hosted in Marley ; Eren finally abandons the Scouts on Marley and enlists as an Eldian soldier in Marleyan serve, serving in the Mid-East War . 200?cb=20220404104955 200?cb=20220404044910 200?cb=20220404153943 200?cb=20220404045356 200?cb=20220404104057 Time After the End of the Marley Mid-East War Event – Year 854 A Few Days The Mid-East Allied Forces sign a peace treaty with Marley, the victors of the four-year war.[80] A meeting is convened subsequently to discuss the ball-shaped reaction to the Armored Titan ‘s defeat, and Commander Theo Magath concludes that the technological build up of the universe is rendering the power of the Titans disused. Zeke proposes that the Founding Titan must be reclaimed ampere soon as possible for Marley to gain full domination of the Titans while Marley develops conventional weaponry to boost its outdated military. [ 28 ] Some meter after the stopping point of the war, the forces of Marley tax return to their fatherland. [ 28 ] 200?cb=20201214064943 200?cb=20201214004137 A Few Days – One Month In order to restore Eldia’s reputation in the eyes of the viewing world, the Tybur family offers their support to the Paradis Island Operation, vowing to deal with Paradis Island within one year.[28] Eren infiltrates Liberio using Eren Kruger ‘s identity. He befriends Falco, whom he uses to help deliver letters to his allies. [ 81 ] The Tybur family comes to Liberio to make preparations for an approaching festival of world ambassadors. Willy Tybur meets with Magath, and together they conspire to rid Marley of its troublesome military elite to pave the way for Magath ‘s resurrect into world power. [ 81 ] 180?cb=20210308015502 180?cb=20201227234705 One Month Construction works for the festival begin, supervised by Willy Tybur.[81] Time Event – Year 854 One Day Before The Raid on Liberio The night before the festival, Willy Tybur announces that his upcoming stage production will reveal his answer to the worldwide Titan threat.[81] 180?cb=20210126160804 Time After the End of the Raid on Liberio Event – Year 854 One Month Gabi and Falco escape custody of the Paradis military, fleeing into the wilderness, before coming into contact with the Braus family under false names. While one of the children know their true identities as Warriors, she chooses to keep it secret.[85] Historia Reiss is revealed to be respective months pregnant, the beget a laborer at her orphanage. [ 4 ] Floch Forster and Scout Regiment recruits patriotic to Eren ‘s campaign leak the news of his collar to the public, leading to protest and disarray. The Scout Regiment has his cell arrested. [ 85 ] Yelena admits to Pyxis that she had secretly met with Eren, legitimizing the Volunteers ‘ catch. [ 86 ] A group of Scout Regiment recruits plant a bomb to assassinate Zachary, who was looking to have Eren eaten. The same day, Eren Jaeger uses his colossus powers to escape his cellular telephone, and his followers are released by charitable jailers. Eren meets with Floch ‘s group, and decides to find Zeke. The military broach a all-out search for Eren. [ 86 ] Pieck successfully infiltrates the Walls once more. [ 86 ] Pyxis announces the design to begin negotiations with the Jaegerists, putting Zachary ‘s character assassination away. [ 86 ] The Braus family, with Gabi and Falco, are treated to dinner by Nicolo. The Scout Regiment arrive at the same restaurant curtly after to question him. Gabi reveals she is a Marleyan warrior and that she killed Sasha to Nicolo, making him hit Falco with a wine bottle. The Scout Regiment breaks up the conflict, and Nicolo reveals that Zeke ‘s spinal anesthesia fluid had been at heart numerous wine bottles served by Marleyan workers to many in the military elect, including the one Falco was hit by. [ 32 ] Jaegerists enter the restaurant after receiving a topple, taking Survey Corps soldiers captive. The Jaegerists, who have refused Pyxis ‘s invitation to negotiate, demand Hange to take them to Zeke ‘s location. [ 32 ] meanwhile, Eren meets with Mikasa and Armin, but the discussion goes amiss and both of the latter are besides taken prisoner as per Eren ‘s orders. [ 87 ] Zeke attempts to escape from Levi by transforming the Scout Regiment guarding him into Titans. [ 87 ] however, Levi defeats Zeke after killing all the Titans and captures him again. [ 87 ] As Levi rides back to the Walls, Zeke detonates a thunder Spear, catching both Levi and himself in the resulting fire. While Zeke ‘s wounds are miraculously healed, Levi is left heavy wounded. [ 3 ] [ 88 ] The Jaegerists stop by the 109th Cadet Corps training camp in Shiganshina to get more followers among the trainees, badly beating Keith Sadies in the action. [ 87 ] A group led by Floch then have Hange lead them to Zeke. The Jaegerists label everyone who consumed Zeke ‘s spinal fluid with blacken armbands. Yelena visits the Survey Corps soldiers in their cell and explains Zeke ‘s euthanasia design. Pieck, who is posing as a Survey Corps soldier, ambushes Eren while the latter attempts to interrogate Gabi Braun. Pieck tries convincing Eren into believing she has defected to Eldia and promises to reveal the placement of the Marleyan infiltrators as proof. Pieck and Gabi are taken to the roof to point out the placement of said Marleyan infiltrators, when Porco in his Jaw Titan shape attacks Eren as region of a Marleyan surprise attack. Eren narrowly avoides getting eaten before transform . 180?cb=20210222022126
180?cb=20220114194425 180?cb=20220115032658 180?cb=20210228232109 180?cb=20220115003845 180?cb=20210322220601 180?cb=20210323001449 180?cb=20210329210553 Marleyan Raid of Paradis Event – Year 854 The Rumbling Event – Year 854 1st Day Eren begins to walk towards Marley with the Wall Titans.

Armin tells Mikasa that Eren defeated Zeke in the Paths and is gon na destroy the Global Alliance ; he then realizes that Eren is going overboard after seeing Wall Maria being destroyed as well. [ 2 ]
Eren telepathically speaks to all Eldians across the worldly concern and explains that he will destroy the entire worldly concern for Eldia ‘s base hit. The Eldians on Marley starting signal panic and rush to the gate guards to warn them of the approach danger. The guards do n’t believe them and round them all up, but not before Leonhart lashes out on them. [ 18 ]
Hange is in the woods caring for an injure Levi when they both hear Eren ‘s plan to destroy the world. At the same clock, all hardening is undone and Annie is set free from her crystal. Reiner is put out of mission after getting his armor stripped ; Gabi goes out to save Falco.
Up on a build, Jean, Armin, Mikasa, and Conny discuss the stream site, before being attacked by Zeke ‘s titans and Conny getting away with an unconscious falco after a argument.
Gabi rescues Kaya from the Titan shape of Nile Dawk and the two apologize to each other for their past mistakes.
The Titans are soon deal with and the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers are restrained by the Jaegerists.
Hitch finds Annie and helps her escape ; the latter tells a narrative of her childhood with her father. Armin sets off with Gabi to stop Conny from feeding Falco to his mother. He besides realizes that Annie is free from her quartz glass and on the loose somewhere. Pieck and Magath watch the airships retreat as Hange and Levi approach to meet them ; the two sides agree to team up to stop the Rumbling.
Jean dwells on if he should in truth settle down and live the good life as Hange bangs on the window to talk to him. He ultimately goes to her with Mikasa and they decide to join up with the new alliance . 200?cb=20220213212025 200?cb=20220219022545 200?cb=20220219020114 200?cb=20220213213809 200?cb=20220221052118 2nd Day Conny brings Falco to his village where the boy begins to get suspicious, Conny evades his suspicion by convincing the boy to brush his mom’s teeth with him. At the same time, Gabi and Armin arrive to stop him, in which Conny holds Falco hostage. Armin utterly decides to sacrifice his life to save Conny’s mom to which Conny saves him. They talk for a bit and decide to stop the Rumbling together.
Mikasa finds a dying Louise and takes her scarf back, but not before hearing that Eren wanted it thrown away. Floch and the Jaegerists celebrate in Trost before heading to Shiganshina as the Rumbling heads out for the mainland. Armin, Conny, Gabi, and Falco reach Trost and find Annie, who decides to go with them to stop the Rumbling. In Shiganshina, Floch and Jean stand to execute Onyankopon and Yelena with a push of cheering Jaegerists. As Onyankopon pleads for his life, Jean shoots the ground four times giving the signal to be rescued by Pieck. Below, Mikasa, Annie, Armin, Conny, Falco, and Gabi ride out to find and recruit Reiner. Keith watches them from inside of a build. They find him and convince him to join up in the raw alliance to stop Eren. Pieck brings Jean, Yelena, and Onyankopon to Magath, Hange, and Levi to which they wait for the others. At nox, the alliance gathers in the woods beside a fire. Magath and Jean get into an argumentation in which Hange stops the two. Annie uses the silence to ask her erstwhile friends if they can kill Eren ; Mikasa takes discourtesy and begins to attack Annie. Annie calms her down when she tells her that she does n’t want to kill Eren, but save her dad. The night carries on and Hange discusses her plan to use Kiyomi ‘s flying boat to stop the Rumbling. Magath turns to Yelena for answers, but she refuses to help him ; the conversation escalates evening further with Jean beating up Reiner and incidentally kicking Gabi, Yelena ‘s past being revealed, and Jean storming away for the remainder of the night . 180?cb=20220228025328 180?cb=20220307042410 3rd Day Jean wakes up Reiner as the group heads out towards the port, Pieck comes back from scouting and relays that the Jaegerists have the port captured along with Kiyomi and her engineers.
At the port, Hange and Magath notice the accelerate of the Rumbling and relay it to the group. They begin to plan their attack of rescuing the Azumabitos and stealing the flying boat. Floch discusses with Kiyomi about the future of the island, in which he is cut off by Armin and Conny madly screaming for him. They tell him to prepare the flying boat so they can chase after Reiner and Pieck, who have escaped to the continent. Floch stares at them sceptically as they head over towards it and meetup with Samuel and Daz. Samuel and Daz stop them and Conny yells at them to unhook the fail so they can chase Reiner ; Daz buys into it and unhooks the detonator. Inside a build up, Floch is restrained after trying to shoot the mechanics and being blindsided by Kiyomi. More Jaegerists fusillade in as Floch shout for them to help ; Mikasa burst through the windowpane and promptly handles the Jaegerists. Floch escapes and informs everyone that Mikasa, Conny, and Armin have betrayed Eldia. This prompts Samuel to shoot Armin and order Daz to reset the detonator as he holds Conny at point. Samuel tears up and pleads with Conny about how they were going to take back their land and share kernel. Inside the building, Mikasa and the mechanics rush down the stairs as Jaegerists begin to blow up the build up ; they are escorted to the basement by Hange, Magath, and Jean.

Outside, Annie and Reiner transform and cause more chaos as Levi, Yelena, Pieck, Onyankopon, and the kids watch from a distance. Conny wrestles with Samuel as Daz tries to reconnect the detonator ; he is stopped by an injured Armin. Daz pleads for Armin to stop as he aims his gunman at him and begins to tear up ; at that moment, Armin thinks of Bertholdt and Conny snatches the accelerator from a scream and crying Samuel and shoots them both absolutely. The Global Alliance ‘s flit is destroyed by the Rumbling as it ultimately reaches Marley and begins to trample everything . 180?cb=20220314044556 180?cb=20220325021738 180?cb=20220314012456 180?cb=20220325021814 180?cb=20220404153938

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