Attack On Titan: The 15 Creepiest Titans In The Show So Far

attack On Titan is known for its extremely creepy titans that terrorize humans. here ‘s a look at the 15 creepiest titans from the series so far ! honestly, all the titans from Attack on Titan are horrifying or creepy in some manner. There is a reason why the anime attracts many horror fans. The designs of these titans are absolutely wild and terrify .
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not every titan is built the lapp though. In fact, they come in a great variety. After three seasons of the show, fans have seen a decent total of titan designs. Which were the ones that unsettled fans the most though ? here are the 10 creepiest titans we have seen indeed far in the anime. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead !

Updated on July 6th, 2021 by Kit Morris:  now that the first half of temper four has been released and the last chapter of the manga came out a couple of months ago, there are even more titans that have been shown since this list was in the first place written. There are besides new designs of some titans as they have nowadays been inherited by early characters. In fact, some of the newest titans are even creepier than the ones from the first three seasons .

15 Staircase Titan

This titan was discovered in an vacate castle. The manner it ‘s discovered proves that smaller titans can actually be evening more atrocious than the larger varieties. Reiner opens a door and finds this titan hanging out at heart. He closes the doorway and tries to keep it exclude but it breaks through .
fortunately, Bertholdt was prepared and the two warriors were able to fight it off until Ymir, Connie, and Historia pushed a cannon into it. At least the big ones can not hide indoors like that !

14 Bloated Titan

This titan made its appearance in season three, episode 22. It is not angstrom dangerous as the others, due to its inability to stand. however, that does not mean it is not a creepy sight .
It about looks like a larva. It dragged itself fiddling by small with its bantam limbs and grotesque body. While it is creepy, it was rather harmless and did leave drag marks to follow .

13 Crawling Titan

Abnormals make up a fortune of the most memorable titans in the series. They are titans that have quirks, whether that be in their intelligence or abilities .
One such colossus chased Sasha, and it was nightmare fuel. It crawled like a spider at intense speed. Its colossal size was besides no quilt .

12 Connie’s Mom

Poor Connie. When visiting his home, he finds it crushed under a very creepy colossus. To make matters worse, it appears that this titan is his ma. She even says, “ Welcome family. ”
She is one of those titans with bodies sol deformed that they can not move. What ‘s truly eerie about her invention is her face and position. In some touch manner, she looks happy .

11 Tiny Titan

small titans like this one make up for some of the most balmy and creepy designs. This one is not well known, but it did eat Ian Dietrich. It waited patiently until he fell from a roof and grabbed him with its hands and started eating him .
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Its bantam ears, huge eyes, and skull human body all merely look like a figure out of a Picasso painting if it was besides made of nightmares .

10 The Colossal Titans Inside Of The Walls

Colossal Titan inside of the wall (Attack On Titan) rather than being chilling ascribable to its purpose or the manner it would act, the Colossal Titans inside of Paradis ‘ walls are creepy due to how none of the Eldians that thought the walls protected them knew that they were there .
To find out that the thing that made them feel safe actually contained the thing that frightened them must have been atrocious for them to know, leaving some in fear of their own home .

9 Pieck Finger

Zeke meets Eren The Cart Titan is one of the Nine Titans, introduced in the second one-half of the third season. Its foreign design decidedly made it memorable. The most creepy view of it is its duck-bill-like mouth. Since titans eat people, that makes its mouth all the more overturn .
Though the Cart Titan appears to be terrifying in this form, its heir, Pieck, has become one of the most beloved titans after temper four released .

8 Rod Reiss

Rod Reiss was one of the few remaining members of Paradis ‘ royalty left, and he went down in a very memorable way. He pressured Historia to take on the Founding Titan but ends up taking it himself in an act of despair .
His colossus was quite abnormal. It was a earthworm, and dragged its face against the flat coat. Due to that, its stallion face was ripped off by the earth. The drag besides ripped the skin aside from his chest of drawers and abdomen, allowing everyone to see his inner organs when he ultimately stood up. Yikes !

7 Frieda Reiss

Frieda's titan in Attack on Titan Historia was Rod ‘s only daughter to have the opportunity to inherit the Founding Titan. however, unlike her younger baby, Frieda did n’t refuse and became the ruler of Paradis until she was killed by Grisha .
Though not about a hideous as her father, Frieda did look quite chilling due to some of her facial features and how she fought. It ‘s intemperate to believe that this giant could be a tabby .

6 Ymir

This goes for both of Ymir ‘s forms : saturated titan and Jaw Titan shape. As a pure colossus, she was much thin and her rib-cage could be seen. She besides has human-looking teeth. As the Jaw Titan, she is exchangeable but less osseous and has sharp teeth .
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She is besides one of the smallest titans, being about 5 meters grandiloquent. Unlike Eren, Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt, her form is pretty much on the creepy side rather than tough .

5 Porco Galliard

The Jaw Titan Attacks in attack on titan After Ymir, Porco Galliard inherited the Jaw Titan. His brother, Marcel, was actually supposed to have it, but he was eaten by Ymir. now being the last warrior of his generation to inherit one of the Nine Titans, he used it to fight for Marley and prove that he was better than Reiner .
Porco ‘s Jaw Titan has a very different purpose than Ymir ‘s did, having even sharper tooth and a confront that looked like a disguise. Because he was trained as a warrior, unlike her, he was besides more dangerous, which made him much more terrify .

4 Dina Fritz

This list would be incomplete without the smiling titan. She ate Eren ‘s ma and became the side of the series due to how memorable and creepy she was .
It was recently revealed that the smiling colossus is actually Dina Fritz. What is most swage is she says, “ Grisha … I … No count what I become … Do n’t worry. I ‘ll find you. ” before she turns into a titan. That is absolutely haunting .

3 Zeke Yeager

The Beast Titan was the most creepy when fans did not know what his report was. now that we know, he is not as bad. however, he is still creepy enough to end up on this list .
He looks quite different from the other titans, as he is quite hairy. What makes him the most faze though is his news and personality. He is cold and seems to even get enjoyment out of others getting eaten by lesser titans .

2 Lara Tybur

War Hammer Titan Lara Tybur, the sister of Willy Tybur, is one of the newest characters that was introduced in the one-fourth season. She was the heir of the War Hammer Titan, the final of the Nine Titans to be introduced in the series .
The War Hammer Titan looks identical similar to a skeleton or an alien, making it much creepier than titans like the Armored Titan or the Female Titan. Though it has a terrific design, it wo n’t scare fans for long as Eren quickly defeated it .

1 Eren Yeager

Eren's titan during the Rumbling This last submission contains information that is alone in the manga, so fans that only watch the zanzibar copal will be spoiled. Eren ‘s titan design changed after he connected with the Source of All Living Matter and started the Rumbling.

He became much improbable, towering over Colossal Titans. He besides did n’t have much bark, revealing a colossus ribcage. This newer design of his is so chilling that it makes the matchless that he had for the majority of the serial look pathetic .
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