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The Attack on Titan series has become a worldwide phenomenon and highly popular in the Otaku and cosplay community. The touch consistent and invest designs from the series are a popular choice for cosplayers and merchandise that Attack on Titan fans go crazy for .

Attack on Titan Uniform

In the Attack on Titan series there are three branches of the military that are creditworthy for keeping the Titans at alcove and protecting the citizens within the Walls. They are as follows : The Survey Corps, The Garrison Regiment, and The Military Police Brigade .
The Survey Corps are responsible for exploring areas outside of the Walls to find more district and scout for any endangered human civilizations outside of the Walls. This branch is the most popular due to the main characters being assigned to this ramify .
The Survey Corps uniform consists of a egg white button up collared shirt, a black brown waist skirt, fitted white pants, knee-high boots of the same color as the waist annulus, and a light brown colored high waist crown with the white and blue wings in a grey and white harbor logo. The undifferentiated besides comes with a park cape with a hood that besides encompasses the Survey Corps logo on the back. Soldiers in this arm have a maneuver gear box which is strapped onto their shank area with harnesses along the chest and leg area.

Each character has a variation to their uniform to emphasize identity and personality. For exercise, Mikasa Ackerman wears a scarf, Eren Yeager wears a key-shaped necklace, and Levi Ackerman wears a white ruffle cravat .
The Garrison branch protects and patrols the citizens within the Walls. The undifferentiated is alike with a white collar shirt, white fitted pants, a darkness brown colored shank skirt for the maneuver gearing box, dark brown knee-deep boots, and a unaccented brown high shank crown. The logo is in the same position, on the bet on of the jacket and besides on the back of the k cape with a hood. however, the logo for The Garrison has a design with two red roses in a grey and white discolor harbor. Members of this branch are Orvud, Keitz Wilman, Rico Brzenska, and others .
The Military Police Brigade besides has the traditional white collared button up shirt, flannel fitted pants, dark brown knee-deep boots and waist annulus, fall brown waist crown and a maneuver gear box. They besides have a green cape with a hood. The only difference is the logo. The military Police Brigade logo is of a green horse head, or preferably a unicorn, with whiten hair’s-breadth and a white horn in the shape of a sword blade. The horse head is facing to the impart encompassed in the traditional grey and blank shield. noteworthy members are Hitch Dreyse and Dennis Eibringer
attack on Titan uniforms can be at popular cosplay choices. Prices for uniforms, depending on fully set costumes or parts, can range from $ 14.99 – $ 70 ( shipping & tax not included ), another expression that affects the price is quality. For high quality broad hardening costumes, they normally start around $ 70.


The fall brown shank high gear jacket may be the most democratic part of the consistent. It can be worn for non-cosplay related activities and considered a fashion statement .
careless of the military outgrowth of option, all jackets are a long sleeved high gear shank jacket. Depending on the brand that manufactured the jacket, it is normally 100 % polyester. high quality jackets are made of a combination of polyester, cotton, and microfiber. Both shoulders have belt buckles on the circus tent shoulder areas. The left breast pocket should have the adjust logo of its respected branch, and a bare mighty front pocket .
Jackets are by and large sold individually due to its popularity and versatile clothing. thus, if buy items of the Attack on Titan uniform individually, the jacket could be the most expensive token, with an exception to the maneuver gearing box .
The cheapest timbre jackets start at around $ 10.99 ( shipping tax not included ). senior high school quality jackets could start at around $ 39.99 ( shipping tax not included ).


The erect maneuver gearing box, besides referred to as 3DMG ( cubic Maneuver Gear ) and Omni-Directional Mobility Gear is a tool box equipped with an iron electrify propeller with circuit board blades, piston-shot grapple hooks, gas-powered generator, and hand grips. The gearing box is estimated to weigh 10 kilograms ( 22 pounds ). It was invented by a man named Angel Aaltonen 70 years before the Titans massacred and destroyed the Shinganshina zone of Wall Maria—the hometown of Eren, Armin, and Mikasa. This is the reason why the begin of season 1 started off with the Titan percolation at this wall .
Purchasing the gear may be the most expensive and most unmanageable to find. Online webstores that sell cosplay costumes such anc are the best choices to quality products and fast completion to your Attack on Titan cosplay. The vertical maneuver gear box will more than probable start at $ 80 ( shipping tax not included ). Some cosplayers—people who cosplay—take an alternative road of creating their own gear box or asking a skilled independent artist to create one for them at a negotiable price .


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