Interview: Attack on Titan Voice Actors Talk Final Season, Eren’s Growth

Attack on Titan ‘ s final examination temper has begun streaming on Hulu, Funimation, and Crunchyroll and the English dub returns tomorrow on both Funimation and Adult Swim. With war loom, Eren ’ randomness travel is coming to an conclusion with many characters feeling conflicted about his recent actions including Mikasa and Armin. ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke with Attack on Titan voice actors Bryce Papenbrook ( Eren ), Trina Nishimura ( Mikasa ), and Josh Grelle ( Armin ) about their characters, the serial ’ progress, and more.  Tyler Treese: For Attack on Titan, the manga’s obviously ahead of it and has ended. When you started this show, did you read up on the manga? Is that something you took into consideration for your performances or did you just go off the script? I know it can vary from performer to performer.

Bryce Papenbrook : Yeah, for me, I always avoid the manga when I ’ meter working on an anime. sometimes they don ’ t animate the scenes precisely the lapp. sometimes there ’ randomness different things needed in sealed moments. And I wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to kind of twilight in love with a scene or make a decision on a performance and then never get to do that or have to go second and switch it. So my method acting is not to read the manga, not to look at spoilers, to go in kind of blind and lacuna, immerse myself in and then try to give as truthful a performance as possible, right in that consequence. And even when we have the lavishness of watching the subtitle interpretation, which doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen all the clock, but even when we can do that, you ’ re not going to say those accurate words because the prove goes through a process of translation and adaptation. So the first time you ’ re seeing the script and the first time you ’ ra saying those words is in the moment in the show. So that ’ s merely the way that I like to go into things. Trina Nishimura : pretty much the same. So, I have been fortunate adequate to have worked with Mike McFarland, the amaze director of Attack on Titan on a few early projects. He and I kind of decided before I had seen episode one, before we truly dug in during Season One, that I wouldn ’ thyroxine read ahead and I wouldn ’ thyroxine watch anything. And in doing then, it ’ s a distribute of what Bryce was talking about. You have the luxury of experiencing that moment with that quality, and I in truth think that it informs the choices that I make, and that Mike makes to bring out the best performance potential. The best way that I can kind of equal it to something real is like, if you know that you ’ re going to die tomorrow at 12:02 PM, you ’ re going to die. Like, what are you goning to do ? All of your decisions from now until then will be completely informed. But if you don ’ t, you ’ ll make wholly other, wholly separate decisions. I, for one, if I knew that I was going to die, knock on forest that I won ’ triiodothyronine, tomorrow at 12 post meridiem, I would spend the lie of my day and night eating food, like greaser and pizza and Korean barbecue, and, credibly a banh michigan. I think I ’ d have some seafood, and…that ’ s not authoritative. I would eat a fortune. Josh Grelle : lapp thing. I learned very early on in this, that it ’ s and for the same reasons that Bryce and Trina mentioned that it ’ s very easy as an actor that if you have…especially when working on something like anime where changes between the reservoir substantial and the inspire version are pretty much. You just…you ’ rhenium setting yourself up to fall into a trap, every time you try to read ahead or watch ahead. Because you never know until you ’ re actually in the booth saying those lines and feeling everything in that here and now, what the actual want of the scene is going to be until you ’ re there. And every time that you give yourself that data ahead of time, you run the risk of getting locked into the wrong thing before you always even set foot in the booth. so, yeah, I much prefer to fair wait. I generally try not to…back when before we even knew that we were going to be a part of the first Attack on Titan and the beginning season had already been pretty much completed and some of us had already watched it. But once we were working on it and going forward, I didn ’ t watch ahead. I didn ’ thymine read ahead for all the lapp reasons that Bryce and Trina mentioned. Bryce, and I might be underselling this a bit, but in this final season, Eren’s become a bit of a dick. So how much fun is it showing this darker, more conflicted side and this new layer to this character that fans have come to really root for and relate to after so many seasons? Bryce : yea. He ’ sulfur very different. And to play him in such a unlike manner, is a lot of fun for an actor. So I ’ m extremely golden I get to play Eren in so many different ways. so yea, and I ’ m not sure how to feel about him. He says some things that, as I ’ thousand performing them, I hate them coming out of my mouth. But I think that ’ s the purpose at that consequence to be hurtful, to say these things. I fair don ’ triiodothyronine know, I don ’ thymine know how to feel about Eren at this fourth dimension. I don ’ metric ton know if he ’ south acting in a badly manner or a estimable way. It ’ randomness that gray sphere that ’ s actually interesting. But he ’ sulfur decidedly different, that anger that he ’ s had from the first three seasons, it ’ randomness still there, but it ’ second buried under this cold. So he knows some things, and I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know all the things that Eren knows at this orient, so it ’ randomness decidedly interesting going into it, not knowing everything, and actually trusting Mike, because he knows the show in and out identical deeply. And he ’ s antic at what he does. So he ’ mho very capital at giving me bread crumb when I need them. If I ’ megabyte not understanding why Eren ’ second feeling a certain way in a certain moment, he ’ ll give me a little sample of why or what or how he ’ sulfur feeling veracious there in that scene. So I can use that to make certain I ’ thousand acting that particular consequence properly. But all of the other stuff that Eren may know that the viewers don ’ triiodothyronine know he knows, or I shouldn ’ metric ton know yet, he keeps that to himself. Which, yea, for an actor it ’ s identical, identical fun to recreate a character after therefore many years. Trina Mikasa’s past has been explored a lot recently and we find out that she has this Royal heritage, which did you find most interesting about that revelation?

Trina : therefore in season one, the world that everyone finds themselves in, in season one, is identical evocative of the Germanic sort of society, right ? And the way that Mike explained Mikasa to me, specially during season one, is that she ’ second half-Asian and she ’ s the only half-Asian in this universe and she and her mother were the last, right ? then I relate to that, being half-Asian. I relate to that quite a bit. The estimate of being an “ other ” within society, but still being half in, and half out, right field ? so if Mikasa was raised in such a way that she was the last of a subspecies or people, and then to find out that not only does she have a class, and ancestry, but there ’ s a fortune of history behind that. I think as a character, she is informed by that, but that international relations and security network ’ t her core, right ? Her core and her drive has always been her familial adopted familial unit, i.e. Armin and Eren. And indeed, while it ’ s conflicting to her because there is this new sort of group of people that relate to her and have information about her, there ’ randomness besides her independent tug, which is to keep her family safe, and keep Eren safe despite his best efforts, and keep Armin safe. And so, I think that like most things that deal with kin stuff, it ’ s conflict. But it ’ mho something that has informed her decisions, but not changed her motivations. Attack on Titan Interview Final Season Josh, Armin has changed so much since the series started. He’s become much more confident and he’s really grown into a man. Can you speak to that personal growth? Because he’s still stayed true to himself ultimately. Josh : Right. I don ’ triiodothyronine know if I would inevitably use the nickname “ serviceman ” for what Armin has grown into, because Armin, like a batch of unlike characters in this show, Armin is one of the many that goes against what we consider traditional sex roles. Like, even from moment one [ in the first season ], he was not a defender. He never wanted to be the big, strong combatant or anything like that. He wanted to build bridges between people and he wanted to foster people, and he wanted to learn about the worldly concern and explore the worldly concern. And that love, that emotional state is placid within him, and that has never changed. But yes, he is a draw more confident than he was in the foremost season, in his own abilities and who he is. And he ’ south had some reasonably icky mantles forced onto his shoulder, like having to basically replace Erwin, having to use the powers of the Colossal Titan, even though it ’ s the last thing person like him would want to do. All of the pain and suffering that he ’ south been a contribution of for just having to survive. That has surely changed him and molded him, and it ’ s decidedly made him stronger. His armor has been forged in displace as has the armor of every single character in this show. But, the one limited thing about Armin is that even through all of that, he never lost that…he doesn ’ thymine want to be fighting. He doesn ’ triiodothyronine want to be some big strong homo. He equitable wants to explore the world in peace with everyone that he loves and to be himself and that ’ randomness, I think, the strongest depart of his character of all. Bryce, Eren’s relationship with Levi has been one of the most intriguing elements of this show. Right now, they’re really far apart and Levi feels like he was wrong to really put his trust in Eren. How do you view their current relationship and how it’s evolved over time? Bryce : Yeah, I mean, it ’ second, it ’ south always been, I would say a rocky relationship between those two ever since Eren had a dainty introduction to his boot in season one [ laughs ]. ever since then, I think there ’ sulfur been this fear that Eren has kind of had…he ’ randomness constantly on edge around Levi, he ’ mho fair intimidating. But yeah, in this first region of the final season, it seems Eren is fair different, and has very just stopped being afraid of him. And again, I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know why, but Eren decidedly feels this unlike baron, this different feel of what he ’ mho doing, that the decisions that he ’ sulfur made are the right ones. And he doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very care what anyone else has to say. He ’ south made this decision because he has this cognition of what should happen, and what needs to happen, and nothing will stop that campaign to make that happen. So it makes Eren terrify, and it makes him kind of less afraid of Levi at this steer. even though I ’ molarity sure Levi would be glad to introduce his bang to Eren ’ s face again. Trina, an interesting theme posed throughout the final season is whether or not anybody has a choice in their role in this war, or if they’re kind of born to it. And Eren kind of says that the nature of Mikasa is just from her birthright, and it’s in her genes. So how do you feel about Mikasa dealing with Eren, and do you think she is ultimately her own person?

Trina : I think that it ’ sulfur interesting to have that screen of twist in the fib introduced, because it ’ s not just Mikasa, right ? Like, everyone has something happened to them, every single character in Attack on Titan has something happen to them that affects their future and their trajectory. And as we learn more and more about Mikasa, or about Armin, or about other characters within the series, we learn more about them. But besides it ’ s what that character does with that information that changes the trajectory of the fib, correct ? And the moment that I think, ‘ Oh, well this is what it ’ mho going to be, or this is how it ’ second going to end, this is how rotter is going to end up, ’ it ’ s wholly unlike ! so I don ’ thymine want to say like, yes, this was ingrained in Mikasa, but it ’ s something that I try not to predict. And I precisely hope that at the conclusion of the series, they all get to hang out and depressurize, and withdraw on a ranch together. They all deserve a spa day after this, for sure. Josh, I thought one of the best scenes for Armin in that first half of the final season was when he does take that protector role, and he stands up for Mikasa and comes to blow with Eren. How was it recording that scene? And it was just such a departure and notable growth. Josh : I think if Eren had started doing that to Mikasa even years prior, I feel like if it had gone far adequate, Armin would ’ ve done precisely what he did in this situation. It ’ mho merely, that had never happened before, Eren and Mikasa and Armin had always been equally thick as thieves. It was decidedly cool to see Armin going that far for his acquaintance, and specially against Eren, who he considers to be a brother. They are syndicate. Armin did it 100 % know he was about to get his ass kicked. That ’ s, I think, what makes it the cool thing, is that Armin did that merely to make sure Eren didn ’ metric ton get away with what he was doing and knew, “ Hey, that ’ s not cool. We ’ re not doing this. ” even though he knew he was going pay for it, that was an amazing, fabulously cool moment. It was very nice to see that for Armin. But I think besides that that was besides spurred by his own anger, not just for what Eren was saying to Mikasa, but because of the implications of what it meant of, like, “ This is not my friend, ” is kind of what I think Armin was sitting here feeling at that target. It ’ s like, “ Who is this person that is sitting across from us saying these things ? Because it ’ s not my friend, and I need to punch some sense into him, ” you know ? And I think he ’ s even right now…that is what he ’ randomness wrestle with the most in the display where we left off .

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