Attack on Titan Indie VR Project Now Has a Free Playable Demo

Attack on Titan has been one of the biggest and most popular anime series in the last few years. With the series reaching an end next year, fans would definitely love to return to its rich world in different forms, especially with a video game. Hopefully, this is no longer a dream as an indie developer is working on an Attack on Titan VR project! When fans and indie developers are working on projects with a huge name and popularity in the world, there is always the hazard of getting caught by copyright and license issues. however, this could never stop fans from sharing their work with the universe .DUALSHOCKERS VIDEO OF THE DAY

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previously, we have seen many Grand Theft Auto and Super Mario mods and fan-made projects that got canceled due to license issues, but there are still many projects going on at the like flush, and fans just don ’ t give up on creating what they love to be featured in their beloved franchise.

This history, however, is about a bet on project based on a popular zanzibar copal series, which could make things even more complicated for the developer, but hopefully, there have been no issues so far for the visualize and it has received an updated playable show recently !

Attack on Titan VR Demo Features a Tutorial with Free Roam and Titans!

Under growth by Slavkaskola, Attack on Titan VR is an insubstantial Engine 4-based project that tries to deliver the zanzibar copal series earth, characters, and combats to your VR platforms as a fluent and adorable experience.

fire on Titan has already received a few official television games, but none of them were boastful enough to satisfy fans. however, a VR undertaking, even with an indie budget size, would bring much more submergence than ordinary 3D games. That ’ south why the attack on Titan VR undertaking is something that you should truly keep an eye out for. Hopefully, the game has recently received a new detached playable show, which allows you to free roll on the map, and try out battle against titans in a tutorial mode .

The project is hush far from completion, which makes it look buggy and gauche, but it ’ s decidedly worth giving a shoot, specially for the die-hard fans of Attack on Titan. You can download the free show via this liaison. presently, there is no official unblock window for Attack on Titan VR, but it will be launched as a free-to-play game when it ’ s ready ! Source: DSOG

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