Attack on Titan fans are raving about Warzone’s latest Armored Titan bundle

Rejoice, zanzibar copal fans ! Activision is expanding its margin call of Duty x Attack on Titan collaboration with a one-of-a-kind Armored Titan bunch, following its surprise secrete of the Levi Ackerman Operator. The latest Mastercraft bundle shines the spotlight on the raw office of the titans – the cryptic giants that are the focal degree of the series – with an Operator hide, three weapon blueprints, and other cosmetic items .

The Armored Titan bundle brings Isayama’s powerful giants into Call of Duty Warzone

CallOfDuty Warzone AttackOnTitan ArmoredTitanBundle preview
Screenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE EsportsAnime AttackonTitan Season4 Part2 Reiner
Credit: MAPPA While there are nine superpowered titans that wreak havoc in the series, the democratic Armored Titan is the star of this bundle. The skin is an faultless interpretation of Reiner Braun ’ s awful colossus and was designed for Task Force Barbarian ’ randomness Roland Zeimet. No detail has been overlooked at all. The operator has the titan ’ s signature armor, silver mane, and glossed-out eyes, complete with gaps that reveal its pink human body. In keeping with the theme of the Armored Titan bundle, players can charge into the rub with the ultra-rarity Armored Strength rape rifle weapon blueprint, outfitted with the like armor-like detail and red tracers.

If you ’ re looking to pop heads from a distance, another iconic titan has you covered with the fabled Colossus sniper plunder weapon blueprint. The survive weapon of the pile is a deep cut that longtime Attack on Titan fans might recognize. The Anti-Personnel legendary pistol blueprint is a congregation refreshment of Kenny the Ripper ’ s long-barreled pistol, arrant for close-range engagements. other items in the bunch include an unstoppable force out fabled highlight presentation, the Die-Urnal fabled vigil, Titan Serum epic poem charm, Paradis Lost legendary emblem, and more .

Attack on Titan fans love the Armored Titan bundle

Reactions to Armored Titan bundle on YouTube and TwitterScreenshot by Joseph Asuncion With Activision last adapting a colossus for the game preferably than equitable a person as they did with Levi, many fans reacted positively. User Joshua Roux commented that Vanguard ’ s breakable walls were made for the Armored Titan, while another talked about having a manner where players have to conflict the supersized android. With Warzone previously experimenting with NPCs like Krampus, a giant colossus would not be out of the motion. call of Duty League team LA Thieves is ready to bring the titan to the big leagues excessively, tweeting that it was their “ fastest bundle bull of all time ”.

How to get the Armored Titan bundle in Call of Duty Warzone

Armored Titan bundle in Call of Duty Warzone storeScreenshot by Joseph Asuncion/ONE Esports You can purchase the Armored Titan Mastercraft bunch in the in-game store for 2,400 CP. Follow ONE Esports on Facebook for more CoD news, guides, and highlights. READ MORE: Attack on Titan’s Levi Ackerman is now slaying operators in Warzone

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