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Attack on Titan Characters 1 When it comes to female characters in zanzibar copal, it ’ s a strike or miss—and all excessively much, it ’ s a miss. On the one handwriting, you can have an Orihme Inoue and Misa Amane, and on the other, we have Maki Zenin and Jolyne Cujoh. As prevailing as the blue portrait of women in zanzibar copal sometimes is, the medium doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have a monopoly on bad representation. It ’ south barely more noticeable when a team consists of two men that have their own dreams, wants and ambitions, while the womanhood is relegated to being a stand in for a cardboard cutout whose lone interest is in the male lead whom she fancies while he couldn ’ thymine worry less about her. once in a blasphemous moon, however, you find a Shonen Manga that gets it justly. That ’ s not to say that all the portrayals in the solve are perfect, but it ’ sulfur clear that think and time went into crafting this character and that for many, Attack on Titan gets it. many zanzibar copal productions don ’ thyroxine even have a cast of female characters big enough to even consider a best-of list, thus Attack on Titan very stands out. There will be spoilers for the final examination discharge of the manga, so please go with caution.

10. Carla Yeager

Carla Yeager in the first episode of Attack on Titan crushed under debris and crying out We entirely got to know Eren ’ s mother for one episode before she died a ghastly death ( which we belated find out that Eren orchestrated, but we ’ ra not here to talk about that ). then much of the titan world is focused on survival and political scheme that we don ’ metric ton often get to see the lives of civilians inside the walls. In the beginning episode we spent 10 minutes at most with Carla, but in that limited come of time we were able to see how she cared for Eren and Mikasa. While using the suffering of women to propel men further along in their journeys isn ’ t a new trope, she had early concern aspects about her life.

9. Yelena

Yelena n the fourth season of Attack on Titan The beginning prison term I saw Yelena, I knew something wasn ’ metric ton correct. She ’ s everything you would want a formidable villain to be, deceptive with a goodly drug of manipulation. But even with all the cunning nature in the world, she couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate measure to more than Zeke ’ s buddy. The thing is, no matter how dedicated to Zeke she was, she couldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be trusted because she couldn ’ triiodothyronine think for herself. On any other sidereal day this would unacceptable written into a female character, but there is a rhyme and argue for her fanaticism, so I ’ ll allow it.

8. Gabby Braun

Gabby Braun gearing up to kill Sasha in the fourth season of Attack on Titan  I can already hear the boo, but you all have to let the hate for Gabby go, and I don ’ t say that equitable because she and I share a name. When she killed Sasha I was upset like everyone else, but by the goal of the episode I came to grips with the fact that she was a child. That, and she ’ five hundred good seen Eren kill a bunch of her friends. By the fourth dimension we got the The Marley Arc, we were last getting to the kernel of the count and understand who the substantial villains were, and somewhere along the means, people decided it was a 12 class old female child. Gabby was obviously intended to be the thwart to Eren ’ randomness fictional character. Let ’ s not forget she was one of the best warrior candidates and she was the one to behead him and would have been successful had it not been for the align. She represented who he might have grown up to be had he been born in Marley and inundated with internalize racism, indoctrination and propaganda.

7. Sasha Braus

Sasha Braus stood with a gun in Marely in the fourth season of Attack on Titan You truly preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know what you have until it ’ sulfur gone. It may look sometimes as though Sasha didn ’ t institute that much to the review corporation, but the report wouldn ’ thymine have been the same without her. That ’ south why we see everyone, but specially Connie and Jean, react the direction they do to her death. She made me laugh out loud and when it was time to go, she was there with the rest of her team. She was kind, brave, friendly and not to mention the best sharpshooter they had. Long alive Potato Girl.

6. Piek Finger

Piek Finger overlooking the invasion of Paradis by Marely Piek was actually meant to be a middle aged valet but Isayama ’ mho editors advised him to go a different route, and it resulted in a acquire for the respite of us. Piek is one of the most charismatic characters on the usher and though she ’ s aligned with Marley forces, what she wants more than anything is for her people to be free. The cart titan doesn ’ metric ton have any tactical art, however, she was the one to save Zeke and Reiner in Shiganshina and was the alone warrior to be on the like cerebral wavelength as Zeke to where she was able to see through his plans.

5. Historia Reiss

Histora Reiss strapped to ODM gear right before killing her father Christa Lenz ’ sulfur transformation into the formidable Historia Reiss is one of the best examples of fictional character growth that we have in the series. Starting out as the secret bastard daughter of the King then rising to the function of Queen on your own terms is a freshness up if I ’ ve ever seen one. Her kinship with Ymir is one of the most specify tenants of the identity she would soon come to accept, and the conflict with her father would make that an even clearer world.

4. Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart side profile pose As the female titan, Annie was one of the three members of the Paradis infiltration police squad. Her titan has the harden ability, which saw her encased in a shell of her own do for the better region of the series, and she besides had the ability of summoning other titans in close proximity. She is irregular only to Levi in pass to hired hand fight, which we find out former is due to her past and some of the trauma she faced at the hands of her forefather. She is incredibly impregnable and on more than one occasion has proved how intelligent she is. I mean, you have to be in order to see through a design concocted by Armin himself.

3. Hange Zoe

Hange Zoe in Attack on Titan Season 4 so I ’ molarity going to break the rules of this list a bit. many people aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate aware of this particular fact, but Isayama has confirmed that Hange is genderqueer and requested that in the manga if they were to use gendered pronouns that he/she is used evenly. so while I recognize that Hange isn ’ t a woman, they deserve to be recognized on any list of best-of Attack on Titan characters. Hange is known for their brainsick scientist character but if you ’ ve seen the express, you know their personality extends army for the liberation of rwanda beyond that. They ’ ra energetic and frequently display a wide-eyed range of emotion in direct contrast to their close friend and other fan front-runner Levi Ackerman. It was truly a no brainer that they would be the one to take over after Erwin ’ s death—not to mention they single-handed created the boom spears. That alone landed them in the top 3 for this list. Let ’ s be dangerous. They will be remembered and highly regarded.

2. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman Season 4 of Attack on Titan Mikasa is top 2 for obvious reasons and while many have her as number one, there ’ s one major flaw in her personality. But first, the positives. Mikasa is one of strongest characters in the narrative notwithstanding sex. She might be second lone to Levi and possibly Eren after he acquired the laminitis, but let ’ s not forget what Mikasa did to Eren, and how she was inches off from Levi ’ s throat with a blade. We were told that one Mikasa is worth 100 soldiers and she made good on that premise every opportunity she got. The biggest ( and only ) issue is the Eren problem. For three seasons Mikasa ’ s exclusive purpose for being was Eren Yeager and outside of that and her being the best scout, I have no idea who that girl is. That being said, in the final seasons and chapters she does come into her own, but that in and of itself was a merchandise of Eren ’ s actions.

1. Ymir (Founder and Titan) 

Founder Ymir crying in the Paths after being confronted by Eren There was no other room this could go. When we found out that every clock time person turned into a titan ymir was the one creating their bodies out of clay, that reshaped the series for me. Ymir is the traceable ancestor of every Eldian to have ever lived and her titan was the strongest of all. Her biography was tragic from beginning to end with her being a slave and King Fritz using her to expand his empire. I have a set to say about Eren, but him last freeing Ymir was the best thing he ever did. ( feature Image Via Crunchyroll )

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