Marvel Comics: 10 Villains Who Became Avengers

The Avengers are known as the universe ‘s greatest collection of heroes, but these are 10 villains who joined the team. As Scarlet Witch recently proved in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, characters from Marvel Comics can sometimes walk a fine telephone line between heroism and villainy. The Avengers are known as the greatest collection of heroes in Marvel Comics, but occasionally a former villain can switch sides and join the police squad .
From Avengers mainstays such as Hawkeye to ephemeral members such as fan-favorite Spider-Man foe Venom, even the most dastard villains can have a change of heart. Though many erstwhile villains have joined the team, entirely a few left an impression on readers to be counted among the best the Avengers have to offer .


Marvel Comics Echo

For some villains, turning good is a bare proposition, but for characters such as Echo, a full identity pass was needed for her to join the group. Echo was the adopted daughter of Kingpin who overcame her hearing loss through echolocation. Sent to destroy Daredevil, she finally realized that the Man Without Fear was actually her boyfriend, Matt Murdoch .
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Distraught over all of the trouble she caused, Echo fled the U.S. and tried to make things right. After befriending Wolverine, she began a newfangled career as Ronin and assisted the New Avengers on a mission in Japan. She hung about as a extremity for a while before finally drifting away from the group and shedding the Ronin character .


Sandman fights Spider-Man

flush though Sandman is most remember as one of Spider-Man ‘s best villains, he has switched sides on several occasions. Always straddling the line between good and evil, Sandman was never actually a full-fledged extremity of the Avengers, but he about earned that distinction .
After assisting the Avengers, Sandman was surprisingly asked to be a probationary member, and fight valliantly when the independent team was kidnapped by the Tetrarchs of Entropy. unfortunately for Sandy, the life sentence of an Avenger was besides much for him, and through a series of miscommunications he departed the group and finally returned to crime .


Rogue flies in Marvel Comics.

Originally separate of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Rogue did n’t take retentive to jump embark and join the X-Men as a force for good. She became an established penis of Xavier ‘s mutant squad, and finally worked herself up to a leadership role within the group .
The Avengers and the X-Men have n’t constantly gotten along, and they even about went to war with one another on respective occasions. To quell tensions, the Avengers Unity Division was created, which was a put within the organization for mutants. naturally, Rogue joined the group and was an active member on and off until the group was disbanded .


Flash Thompson in his black Agent Venom armored suit, holding a gun

The potent symbiote known as Venom has gone through respective unlike iterations in Marvel Comics. The Agent Venom era saw the symbiote transformed into a lawsuit of armor that granted the wearer extraordinary powers .
Agent Venom joined several teams, but it was his stretch with the Secret Avengers that was possibly his biggest run. Flash Thompson ‘s work as Agent Venom impressed Captain America to the point that he was added to the espionage centered team alongside the likes of Ant-Man and Black Widow .

Red Hulk

Red Hulk breathing fire.

General “ Thunderbolt ” Ross has been a constant spine in the side of The Hulk since his debut in the comics. however, when he became the Red Hulk, he kicked his antagonism into overuse and went on a rampage to destroy Bruce Banner .
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once his department of energy draining powers were removed, Red Hulk became a power for effective and was cursorily recruited into the Avengers fold thanks to Captain America. While his teammates were leery of him, Red Hulk proved to be an crucial asset to the team and has continued to be a potent antihero in the Marvel Universe .

The Winter Soldier

Marvel Comics Winter Soldier

Captain America ‘s buddy Bucky Barnes made his debut in the Golden Age of comics but faded away in the ensuing decades. finally, he returned as the Winter Soldier, a dangerous soviet assassin who opposed his old spouse in Captain America .
With the help of Black Widow, Bucky shed his assassin scheduling and became a hero. He was even Captain America for a brief fourth dimension before he became a regular within the Avengers constitution. While he no longer was a villain, his methods frequently clashed with some of his more squeaky-clean Avengers teammates .


Marvel's Speedster: Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver

long thought to be a mutant, it was only recently revealed that Pietro Maximoff was actually given his powers by the High Evolutionary in the latter ‘s quest to expedite human evolution. Quicksilver earned his name by being Marvel ‘s resident speedster, and his debut saw him join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in opposition to the X-Men .
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Without settling his score with Xavier ‘s team, Quicksilver and his sister Wanda, aka the Scarlet Witch, soon joined the Avengers and made up one half of its ill-famed second roll. Despite a seeming downgrade to the team, “ Cap ‘s Kooky Quartet ” proved to be abundantly capable in battle. Pietro has remained a function of the Avengers lore always since and tied did stints with the X-Men a well .


Hawkeye Avengers 109 Marvel Comics

Clint Barton ‘s time as a villain has been largely forgotten by all but the biggest marvel Comics fans, but his skills did make him a awful enemy. Along with Black Widow, Hawkeye spent a abbreviated period terrorizing the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man before making the switch over to the side of dear .
Barton ‘s change for well came when he plainly expressed his desire to reform and was helped by the Avengers to change his ways. Joining the Maximoff twins in the second iteration of the team, Hawkeye has been a contribution of some of the best Avengers rosters of all time. even when the team branched out into the West Coast Avengers, Hawkeye was there to lead them .


The Avengers try to stop Vision in Marvel Comics.

The advance android known just as Vision was a villain when he inaugural debuted, but that was because he was under the control of Ultron. During Ultron ‘s contend against the Avengers, he constructed Vision to oppose his creators, and imbued him with extraordinary powers .
In an ironic eddy of destiny, Vision turned on his creator and sided with his former foes in an feat to defeat him. With adjustments and enhancements, Vision joined the team and has been a constant presence in the comics vitamin a well as in the MCU always since .

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Vs. The Avengers

Like her brother Pietro, Wanda Maximoff was created by the High Evolutionary, even though fans were led to believe she was a mutant for most of her being in the comics. The powerful sorceress debuted as region of Magneto ‘s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants but very quickly turned good after fighting the X-Men .
Though she was n’t an original extremity of the team, Wanda ‘s tenure as an Avenger has been one of the longest and most impactful. Her brushes with antiheroism have made her a intrigue character to follow, and her Avengers status carried over when she joined Hawkeye as a leader of the West Coast Avengers .
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