‘Avengers: Endgame’ Didn’t Just Break Ticket Records, It Forced Fandango to Change How It Operates

“Endgame” sold five times as many tickets as “Infinity War” did during the first week of availability.

“ Avengers : Endgame ” doesn ’ thymine open until the end of April, but it ’ sulfur already proving to be an unstoppable box office force. After breaking the Fandango record for most tickets sold on the first day of handiness ( a feat “ Endgame ” pulled off in merely six hours ), “ Endgame ” has nowadays gone on to shatter the record for most tickets sold on the on-line ticket release in the foremost week. The company has announced “ Endgame ” sold fives times as many tickets in this period as “ Avengers : Infinity War, ” which presently holds the box office record for highest-grossing open weekend with $ 257 million domestic. But “ Endgame ” did more than just break a Fandango criminal record, it changed how the party operates .
In a recent interview with Business Insider, Fandango president Paul Yanover said that in order to survive “ Avengers : Endgame ” tickets becoming available on-line, the caller had to do something it ’ second never done ahead in its near 19-year history : Create a holding room and violence users to wait until they can access the waiter and order tickets. Yanover said the company learned the hard way when “ Star Wars : The Force Awakens ” tickets became available and the server became submerge and crashed the Fandango web site .

“ You could tell from the first 15 minutes of tickets going online it was going to be bigger than ‘ The Force Awakens, ‘ ” Yanover said. “ Because we can ’ metric ton increase our scale to respond to a three-hour window every couple of years, we created a arrangement to have an orderly management of the position. People had to wait — there ’ randomness nothing we can do about that — but nothing crashed. ”

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With “ Endgame, ” Fandango had to make a choice to either use a holding room scheme or face the inevitable result of the server fail and the web site crash. The foremost choice was intelligibly a better choice, even if that mean fans would get irritated by having to wait on accommodate before being allowed to orderliness tickets. While some fans complained on social media, the decisiveness by and large paid off as Fandango survived the big book of traffic and was able to handle ticket buyers for a 24-hour period without crashing .
Yanover told Business Insider that fans should never have to “ delay ” in order to buy tickets, but in the case of “ Endgame ” it was the only scheme that would allow fans to even buy tickets on Fandango in the first target. The film has now gone on to sell the most tickets in its inaugural workweek of handiness, which is adding fuel to buzz that “ Endgame ” could near a $ 300 million debut in the U.S. The movie opens nationally April 26 .
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