MCU: 10 Best Characters Not Part of the Avengers

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to grow ; and during San Diego Comic Con, Kevin Feige announced the lineup for all of Marvel ‘s approaching Phase Five and Six, including two Avengers movies in 2025. There have been a long list of characters that joined the Avengers since Iron Man ( 2008 ) premiered .
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There are more than a few characters on this list that have easily earned the title of ‘Avenger ‘, like Wong ( Benedict Wong ), but whether it is due to circumstances or of their own choice, they have n’t formally joined the team. however, they may have joined up with Earth ‘s Mightiest Heroes once or twice .

Valkyrie Becomes a King and a Strong Ally to Thor

Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie Found as a Scrapper on the planet of Sakaar by Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ), Valkyrie was a depart of The Valkyrie ‘s, before they were defeated by Hela ( Cate Blanchett ). She is now the King of New Asgard and Thor ‘s right-hand spouse, assisting him in taking down Hela in Ragnarok and Gorr ( Christian Bale ) in Love and Thunder .

She has undergo quite the transformation from the selfish alcoholic on Sakaar to a charitable leader of New Asgard, a character that Thor could not do himself post-snap. After the events of Love and Thunder, she is seen training the children of New Asgard to be warriors and defend themselves .

Moon Knights Uneasy Relationships Make Him a Big Question Mark

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight hard to say where Marc Spector/Steven Grant ( Oscar Isaac ) will align with the rest of Marvel ‘s roll. Although Marc was released by Khonshu ( F. Murray Abraham ) at the end of the Moon Knight series on Disney+, a one-third identity ( Jake Lockely ) appeared to inactive be aligned with the Moon God .

Oscar Isaac gave a capital operation and brought life to two very different characters. He ‘ll team up with the Avengers at some point, but given his violent tendencies and split personalities, it seems more probable he is a guy who comes in off the terrace, more than be in the start batting order .

Happy Hogan Was A Rock For Both Iron Man and Spider-Man

Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan Tony Stark ‘s ( Robert Downey Jr. ) bodyguard and best ally, Happy ( Jon Favreau ) became Peter Parker ‘s ( Tom Holland ) go-to for anything superhero related after Tony ‘s end in Avengers : endgame ( 2019 ). He besides sparked up a brief romance with Aunt May ( Marisa Tomei ) .

happy is patriotic and, although he provides amusing stand-in, he has shown to be authentic in a jam and is very competent when it comes to aiding superheroes, whether it is Iron Man or Spider-Man. Happy is besides a very sympathetic character, the three people he was closest to : Tony, May and Peter, are all gone ( his memory of Peter was erased ). That cheeseburger line still hits home .

The Man Without Fear is Getting the MCU Treatment

Charlie Cox as Daredevil Daredevil ‘s ( Charlie Cox ) revival in the MCU was recently announced at San Diego Comic Con as Daredevil: Born Again. The first three season that were on Netflix are canon, and the subtitle ‘Born Again ‘ will serve as the first base season under Disney. Matt Murdock may have some experience teaming up with The Defenders, but it ‘s diffident how big of a character he ‘ll have with the Avengers .

He made his first appearance as Peter ‘s lawyer in No Way Home ( 2021 ), which decidedly teased a possible future team up between the Man Without Fear and the friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, who patrol Hell ‘s Kitchen and Queens .

Bucky Barnes Was Always On The Run

Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes not until Infinity War was Bucky ( Sebastian Stan ) considered an ally to The Avengers. He was the primary antagonist in Captain America: Winter Soldier ( 2014 ) and was framed for a fail by Zemo ( Daniel Brühl ) in Civil War ( 2016 ) After those events, Captain America ( Chris Evans ) took his acquaintance to Wakanda to undo the decades of brainwashing the Russians did on him .

Bucky made his return to action to help T’Challa ( Chadwick Boseman ) and the rest of the Avengers fight off Thanos ( Josh Brolin ) in Wakanda to stop him from taking the Mind Stone from Vision ( Paul Bettany ). Post Endgame, Bucky was attempting to atone for his mistakes as the Winter Soldier, he besides finally found a ally in Sam Wilson ( Anthony Mackie ) .

Wong is The Sorcerer Supreme and the Leader of Kamer-Taj

Benedict Wong as Wong With Doctor Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) being dusted from The Snap, Wong became the Sorcerer Supreme, and is the drawing card of Kamer-Taj. Although Strange could be considered the stronger sorcerer, with Wong assuming duties as Sorcerer Supreme, that leaves Strange to be more involved with The Avengers .

Of course, Wong will constantly be there to assist Strange whenever he needs, but it seems like he has had something brew on his own, as he has been shown to be with Abomination ( Tim Roth ), and recruiting Shang-Chi ( Simu Liu ) in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ( 2021 ) .

Loki Has One of The Best Character Arcs in the MCU

Tom Hiddleston as Loki Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) is decidedly considered a villain of The Avengers in the early share of the MCU. But he slowly turned into an ally during the events of thor : Ragnarok. even after he died at the hands of Thanos, his random variable 2012 interpretation in the self-titled Disney+ express underwent the same exploitation .

Loki is placid very a lot a prankster and has a general love of chaos, but he is n’t the “ take over the worldly concern and enslave world ” villain he once was. He became quite the hero alongside his variant counterpart, Sylvie. Although, he was unable to stop her from killing He Who Remains, a form of Kang the Conqueror ( Jonathan Majors ) .

Shang-Chi Can Be A Big Player in The MCU

Simu Lie as Shang-Chi Shang-Chi is the son of Xu Wenwu ( Tony Leung Chiu-wai ) aka The Mandarin, the real number one, not the fake one that was used in Iron Man 3. Wenwu was granted immortality by the Ten Rings, the detail he named his army after. When his wife was murdered, he trained his children to be assassins to seek revenge. They both ended up turning on him as he lost his mind .

After the events of Legend of the Ten Rings, Shang-Chi is now in possession of the mysterious detail. During the post-credit scene, he is taken to Kamer-Taj by Wong, where it is discovered the Ten Rings are emitting a sign to something obscure. Banner ( Mark Ruffalo ) welcomes Shang-Chi “ to the circus, ” but it will be interesting to see how involved with The Avengers he is, or if he ‘ll be a part-timer like Doctor Strange was .

The King of Wakanda, The Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa Black Panther T’Challa was already The Black Panther during the events of Civil War, and became the King of Wakanda after the death of his forefather during a bombing orchestrated by Zemo. Wakanda ‘s history had been entirely aligned with their people, and keeping their advance company a privy .

however, after the death of Erik Killmonger ( Michael B. Jordan ), who sought to use Wakanda ‘s office to liberate laden people around the world and engage a war against the oppressors, T’Challa realized he had to open Wakanda ‘s boarders in order to benefit the worldly concern. He besides assisted The Avengers during Thanos ‘s hunt for the Mind Stone. Of course, with the devastating death of Chadwick Boseman, the mantle of Black Panther is now vacant .

The Guardians of the Galaxy Are Space-Bound, Not Earth Bound

GuradiansOfTheGalaxy The Guardians are their own police squad that employment on their own vibration. The Avengers are an Earth based group, hence the “ Earth ‘s Mightiest Heroes ” tagline. Except Rocket Raccoon and Nebula during the five-year blip menstruation, who joined what was left of The Avengers .

After teaming up during Infinity War and Endgame, The Guardians left with Thor to search for the alternate Gamora, who came through the Quantum Realm with Thanos from 2014. All things considered, they ‘ve only had a very abbreviated meet with The Avengers, including Tony Starks funeral .
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