Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical is a Surprisingly Rich Marvel Text

According to Hawkeye writer Jonathan Igla, the mind for Rogers: The Musical developed from trying to find a cause for a beaten down and aging Clint Barton to return to New York City with his kin .
“ It was one of the most fun things, ” Igla told Variety. “ We would drive by a Hamilton billboard every good morning on the way to the writers ’ room. One dawn I equitable thought ‘ Rogers: The Musical ’, and we started talking about it and it expanded. One of the bang-up things about working for Marvel is if you have an idea that starts out small…and you pitch it to them and everybody ’ s sort of tickled by it and everybody ’ randomness excited by it, they ’ ra volition to pick it up and run with it and make it even bigger. ”
Of course, it ’ randomness one thing to think of a Hamilton -style musical parody for the MCU, and it ’ s another thing entirely to actually execute it. surprisingly, Hawkeye ’ s first episode goes beyond the joke posters and actually puts on a decent performance of Rogers: The Musical. It ’ s not…great. Clint is surely justified for tuning it out. But it ’ randomness besides not atrocious ! It decidedly has the appearance of an actual Broadway show and cultural phenomenon.

“ I think I tapped into my forte of making something ‘ not besides good, not excessively bad, ’ ” Hawkeye film director ( and erstwhile Documentary Now film director ) Rhys Thomas told Uproxx.

even if Rogers: The Musical is corny ( and it is ), it ’ s a shockingly full-bodied text for Marvel fans. The sung featured in Hawkeye covers The Battle of New York featured in The Avengers and its immediate consequence. Rogers: The Musical is besides a absorbing model of how ductile our collective cultural memory can be .

Yes, Ant-Man Was There

The Battle of New York succession in the play naturally features all the heroes who were there : Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye. But, as Clint crossly makes notice of, there ’ s a one-seventh hero in the play who had nothing to do with the Battle of New York : Ant-Man. There ’ south a couple of possibilities at play here for Ant-Man ’ s inclusion. The first is that Ant-Man technically was at the Battle of New York, just not obtrusive. During Avengers: Endgame ’ mho clock time heist, Ant-Man was separate of the team that tried ( and failed ) to retrieve the Tesseract. possibly some citizen saw Ant-Man pop in and out of time and it became popular cognition that he was always there .

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