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                                               I sat and watched as Naruto was once again thrown into the classroom tied up. I sighed and fair mentally face palmed myself .
                           `` Everyone line up ! Because of Naruto, everyone now has to do a transfrormation jutsu ! '' We all groaned as we lined up in order. Sakura was first and transformed into Sasuke. Iruka sensei sighed and passed her off. She giggled as she walked back. Sasuke was following and I paid close attention. He turned into the Hokage perfectly and walking away as if he were excessively cool for any of us. I merely crossed my arms and humphed at him. He did the same back .
                           `` Kyoko Azami ! '' My mention was called and I walked foward. 
                           `` This is a while of patty for you Azami ! '' Naruto yelled out as he was being untied by Shikamaru. I nodded and transformed into the Hokage perfectly. Fangirls watched me carefully for when they asked me who I liked, I said no one. They wanted to make certain I did n't get close to their Sasuke. Luckily, Sakura never minded. She knew me and we were reasonably close friends. I actually knew how Sasuke felt at times .
                           `` estimable job Azami. Naruto. Its your bend. '' Iruka sensei said. I walked back to my seat and watch Naruto turn into a naked daughter. I could n't hold my laugh and it bursted out along with my other classmates. He turned rear to the shortstop hyper active boy he once was and recieved a stumble in the head by a nose bleed Iruka. I laughed even harder. sometimes I wonder how he even came up with that jutsu .
                           `` What is incorrectly with you ! '' Iruka sensei hit Naruto even harder. The bell surround and everyone shuffled out the door. `` Do n't forget that the examination is tomorrow ! '' He called out to no one .
                           Naruto and I grabbed my stuff and started heading towards Ichiraku. He talked all about ramen the entire way. finally I had to over his mouth to get at least five seconds of secrecy .
                           `` Can you please not talk about ramen all the time ? '' I pleaded. It had been at least four years since me and Naruto had become best friends and he still talked about the lapp thing everyday. He nodded trying to say believe it and ultimately let me talk. `` Thank you. Should n't we be practicing our clone jutsu for tomorrow 's test ? '' I said as we reached the ramen stand .
                           `` besides much work ! '' He said as he ordered the common ramen he always ate. I hated it when he did that. 

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`` Do n't you want to become Hokage one day ? '' I said trying to get him to do something . `` Of run I do ! '' He said while watching the ramen being made . `` then you have to work unvoiced for it ! You ca n't just- Miso please- precisely not do anything ! '' I lectured while I ordered . `` Calm down Azami ! I promise that I 'll pass the screen ! Believe it ! '' He told me. I tried my best to believe it, but something told me that he would n't. It was a kind of instinct I guess. What a bad instinct right ? My best friend and I 'm already saying that he wo n't succeed. The bowl of ramen came and Naruto attacked it. We had a slurp contest and he ended up winning. We finished and walked binding home. Lord third never got to finding me an apartment then I told him I would equitable live with Naruto as roommates . `` You 've been quiet Azami. '' Naruto pointed out . `` What ? Oh. I guess I 'm just tired. '' My sight started getting fuzzed and I felt dizzy. I lost my libra and fell. Naruto caught me but I passed out in his arms.
> - <
I woke up startle and saw that it was good morning already. Naruto was following to me still sleeping. I checked the clock and realized that we were late for test . `` Naruto get up ! We 're late ! '' I yelled as I jumped out of bed and changed. Naruto and I finally got used to changing in presence of each other. But sometimes we used to make jokes about it and play around .
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