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                                               Naruto smiled happily on Kakashi 's lick while waiting for his ramen .
                           Both Minato and Kakashi chuckled as Naruto chanted .
                           `` Rwamen ! Rwamen ! '' 
                           Teuchi smiles as he sets down three bowl of Miso ramen .
                           Naruto was struggling since his small hands could n't grasp onto the chopsticks properly .
                           Minato saw this and laughed a little .
                           Naruto pouts up at Minato before tugging Kakashi 's sleeve and giving him boastfully department of energy eyes .
                           Kakashi winces as he convinces himself that he was 'forced ' to put his chopsticks down and feed the child .
                           Naruto giggles as Kakashi gives him a spoon of ramen that was cut into smaller pieces .
                           Kakashi 's smile was hidden under his dissemble as he mentally coos at the blond baby on his laps .
                           `` Minato ! '' Kushina walks up to the 3 boys with a huge smile .
                           Minato twitches .
                           `` Kushina. '' Minato greets a politely as he could .
                           Kuahina looks at Kakashi and a felicitous looking Naruto slurping up his ramen .
                           `` Aw ! What are you three doing here ? '' Kushina asks .
                           `` eating. '' Kakashi replies and continues to feed Naruto. `` obviously. ''
                           Kushina decides to ignore that final comment and alternatively looked towards Naruto .
                           Naruto looks up at Kushina with a piece of noodle dangling out of his mouth. 
                           `` Naruto, eat properly. '' Kakashi scolds .
                           Naruto giggles and slurps the noodle up .
                           Minato smiles at scene happily, hoping that the moment would n't get ruin-
                           `` mind if I join you ? '' Kushina smiles in Minato 's face .
                           And now it was ruined .
                           `` unfortunately, we were barely about to leave. '' Minato says as he pays for the ramen and stands up, Kakashi following as he carries Naruto .
                           `` What ? ! But you have n't finished your rame- '' Kushina looks down at the now three empty bowl of Ramen .
                           She looks back up just in fourth dimension to see Minato and Kakashi disappear through Shunshin .
                           Kushina huffs and leaves the area .
                           Naruto looks up at Kakashi and his father curiously .
                           `` Where we goin ' ? '' Naruto asks .
                           `` We are going to go home. '' Minato says and boops Naruto 's nose .
                           Naruto giggles as his scent twitches .
                           equally soon as Kakashi and Minato headed inside Minato 's family, Naruto squeals at the familiar sight .
                           Kakashi let 's Naruto down and the little blond races towards the living room .
                           `` Why do n't you stay for a piece Kakashi ? '' Minato smiles devour at his scholar. 
                           Kakashi was about to protest when Naruto cheers. `` Kashi-nii ! Kashi-nii ! stay ! last out ! ''
                           Kakashi answers Minato with a small shrug and heads towards Naruto .
                           When Kakashi sat down, he noticed something curious with the bundle of prettiness .
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