It was originally based on Hourman ‘s Miraclo formula ( albeit without the 60-minute time terminus ad quem ). The drug, normally injected in a constant supply into the basis of the neck, would instantaneously transform person into a hulking batch of unbridle forcible persuasiveness. Bane ‘s apparatus included a particular

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Official Name




New Earth · Prime Earth

Lead Designer

Randolph Porter


Potent steroidal chemical compound created by Randolph Porter to enhance human performance

Reading: Venom

Additional Designers

Timothy Slaycroft, Zombie


Current Owner




Dennis O’Neil

First Appearance
Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #16
(March, 1991)

Venom is a highly addictive super-steroid .


It was in the first place based on Hourman ‘s Miraclo formula ( albeit without the 60-minute fourth dimension specify ). The drug, normally injected in a constant provision into the basal of the neck, would immediately transform person into a hulking multitude of unbridle physical strength. Bane ‘s apparatus included a special “ boost ” button to give him a jolt of Venom when needed. however, as the drug wore off or when the user was cut off from its changeless supply, their body would quickly return to its master express or sometimes even weaker, at which point the exploiter would suffer from massive, debilitating withdrawal, normally accompanied by terrifying hallucinations. Batman became addicted to the drug while searching for a way to cope with his forcible limitations and imperfections, forcing him to finally lock himself in the Batcave to “ detox ” himself when he realized how dependent on it he had become.

Bane ‘s variation

Some time late, a new tenor of Venom was developed in Santa Prisca. The scientist who developed this new translation experimented among the prisoners of Peña Duro, without success until Bane was the first gear prisoner to endure the procedure. This Venom enhanced the stamina and other abilities of the submit, transforming him into an about super-human being. Bane used Venom to escape Peña Duro and traveled to Gotham City, with ambitions of defeating Batman. [ 1 ] once in Gotham, Bane tested his venom-enhanced forte against Killer Croc, and won handily. [ 2 ] concisely after, Bane used a diluted tenor of Venom to temporarily strengthen the Riddler as a preemptive challenge for Batman ; by then already sternly fatigued, Batman was unable to outfight the Riddler, who only fell when Trogg, Zombie, and Bird shot him from buttocks, so Bane could reserve Batman ‘s get the better of for himself. [ 3 ] These hopes were promptly realized, as the venom allowed Bane to crush Batman in one-on-one battle, even breaking Batman ‘s back over his knee. [ 4 ] Bane ‘s victory would be ephemeral, however, as a new Batman soon emerged with better equipment and a much more savage contend vogue. In response, Bane dosed himself with more venom than always before, merely for the newly Batman to destroy the venom ‘s pitch hose ; deprived of his independent weapon, Bane promptly fell. [ 5 ]

former Variations

Following Bane ‘s defeat, diverse strains of malice continued to circulate throughout the criminal hell. One strain, developed by the same scientist who had originally experimented on Bane, became popular among professional athletes. [ 6 ] Some years late, Scarecrow developed a version of malice derived from Bane ‘s version, and used it to transform a male child named Colin Wilkes into a giant beast to fight Batman. [ 7 ]



  • The Knightfall novelization implies that, apart from being generally addictive, venom also afflicts its users with impotence.

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