In the past, Bang was a bully who recklessly challenged any potent opponents and put them in the hospital. Disgusted by his brother ‘s brutality, Bomb decided to confront Bang himself and put an end to his rampage. Before they fought, Bomb noted that while his brother thought he had gained fantastic office, he had not overcome himself, and stated that he would have to teach Bang a example about that. Their competitiveness began, and Bang lost. As Bang attempted to spite his older brother, Bomb told him to cool off a snatch before leaving. This loss would come to humble Bang and make him see the error of his ways. Bang would choose to create a new defense-oriented fight style and decided to follow in his brother ‘s footsteps by creating a dojo. During the years, Bomb would keep an eye on Bang, visiting his dojo and smiling with pride at his brother ‘s change position. [ 1 ] Bang owns a dojo passed down from generations and uses the fighting vogue of Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist while his older brother named Bomb is the master of the Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist. Bang invented the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist while training under his older brother named Bomb. All of his scars came from his training trying to master it. [ 2 ] Bang at 30 was considered unstoppable. [ 3 ] Bang and Bomb often practiced martial arts together to the steer of developing knock-down combination attacks. Bang once participated in Super Fight tournament to promote his dojo and won. [ 4 ] At some point before the start of the serial, Bang was ranked 77 in B-Class until he was moved up when the S-Class was formed. [ 5 ]

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He used to have many students, with his top student being Garou. One day, as Bang was away, Garou rampaged through the dojo, injuring many of Bang ‘s students, including sour face, and incapacitating many others. [ 6 ] Because of his actions, Bang beat up Garou and expelled him and because of the rampage, he lost all of his students, except Charanko .




Bang is left with an impossible tax by the Hero Association, to stop a meteor of a Dragon-level catastrophe that is on a collision course towards Z-City. At the Hero Association, he meets Genos to whom he explains the catastrophe. however, he claims that it is an impossible undertaking and advises Genos to evacuate the city. When the siren signals warning everyone to evacuate, Genos wonders what Bang is going to do, to which Bang replies that he will protect his dojo. He turns round and asks Genos if he has ever heard of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist fight vogue, but to his surprise Genos has already left the construct. [ 7 ] Bang belated shows up when Genos is preparing to attack the meteoroid. He sees that Genos is losing his composure and calms him down. Bang then watches as Genos attempts to and fails to destroy the meteor. abruptly Saitama appears and, wondering who he is, Bang witnesses Saitama ‘s strength by watching him destroy the meteor with a individual punch. Bang besides saves Genos from the debris of the meteor. [ 8 ] Bang later stands on a roof, watching Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole as they attempt to break Saitama. He solemnly notes that Saitama, like all heroes, will have to bear this hatred even for their beneficial actions and take province for it tied when they do not deserve it and hopes that the hero industry will not break him on his road to become a hero. When the two Tanktop heroes declare a populace challenge against Saitama, Bang identifies it as the common “ newcomer crush ” tactic combined with the populace execution apparatus and notes that such a bold and heedless combination is what keeps Tanktop Black Hole in B-Class, indirectly referring to their certitude and inability to grasp Saitama ‘s lastingness. He then leaves Saitama to resolve the trouble on his own. [ 9 ] Bang is seen at his dojo demonstrating his proficiency for Saitama and Genos. When he asks the two whether they would like to attempt the technique, they refuse, causing Charanko to attempt to battle with Genos lone to submit precisely as cursorily. Upon inquiry as to the whereabouts of the pillow of his students, Bang tells the floor of his student, Garou, and how he was forced to punish and expel Garou after the student lost see and attacked and defeated several of the other skilled members of Bang ‘s dojo. Saitama comments on Bang ‘s persuasiveness, prompting Charanko into an hubbub once again, this prison term over Saitama ‘s ignorance of the legendary Silver Fang, and Bang reprimands his student for speaking out of turn to Saitama, whom Bang recognizes as respective times stronger than himself. A messenger from the Hero Association then arrives and informs Bang that all S-Class Heroes have been summoned to A-City Headquarters due to a major crisis. [ 10 ] Upon arrival at Headquarters, Bang, Saitama and Genos encounter Atomic Samurai, who recognizes Bang and Genos, but not Saitama. Greeting Atomic Samurai in change by reversal, Bang informs him of who Saitama is and expresses great confidence in Saitama ‘s lastingness, stating that Saitama will soon make it to the top of S-Class. [ 11 ] Bang is next shown at his seat in the meet, asking about the reason the S-Class heroes have been called. [ 12 ] belated, A-City has been invaded by initially the Sky King [ 13 ], but late by the Dark Matter Thieves after the Sky King ‘s death and the destruction of the city itself. [ 14 ] Bang participated in engaging the enemies in fight along with Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat and Puri-Puri Prisoner. [ 15 ] During their fight against Melzargard, Metal Bat exposes his helplessness by destroying the vital marble that allows Melzargard to regenerate, thereby allowing the four S-Class heroes to successfully counterattack. [ 16 ] Bang happens to aim at one of the marbles, but in the process, he let his precaution down and received a direct blow to the side and was sent flying across the field. [ 17 ] Bang finally returns to the fight bare-chested, without sustaining any wrong, and helps to defeat Melzargard, finishing him off by driving his fist through his head and crushing the final marble that kept the monster active. [ 18 ] During the Hero Hunt by Garou, Charanko was “ expelled ” from his prepare and the dojo, lone to find out later that Bang only wanted to protect him from Garou, who is hunting the heroes down and becoming a well-known terror to the Hero Association. [ 19 ] Bang fears that his own military capability might not be enough to stop his former scholar and called for aid from his older brother Bomb. [ 20 ] however, they are excessively late to find him, rather finding the slaughter from the beat forms of the Tank Topper Army, Mumen Rider, and Charanko. [ 21 ] During Bang ‘s and Bomb ‘s research for the Hero Hunter, his brother notices that one of their grade A-Class heroes is being attacked and the two warlike artists rush to the scene. Smile homo is struggling against Fist Fight Djinn. Bang tells Bomb to stay back as he approaches the giant. [ 22 ] Fist Fight Djinn boasts about his office, but before he could finish talking, Bang unleashes his anger through a barrage of attacks, breaking every bone in the freak ‘s body. Afterward, he tells Bomb to continue the search for Garou before he becomes a true monster. [ 23 ] When Genos begins to incinerate a attenuate Garou after a brief acute fight, Bang comes to intervene in the process by kicking Garou in the face. Bang says hello to his former scholar, lamenting his severe condition, deciding to put him out of his misery once and for all. Bang tells Garou to take a stance, and the two martial artists prepare to fight each early in a one-on-one duel. Garou initiates the first attack, but before he can even react, Garou is pummeled with a burst of quick and brawny blows by Bang. [ 24 ] Bang continues to pummel Garou with his attacks and when the former student tries to counterattack, Bang expertly blocks it and uses his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, overwhelming Garou. [ 25 ] Garou tried to use Death Gatling as a kernel shield, however Bomb blocks his try and both brothers combine their warlike arts against Garou. [ 25 ] As they were about to land the finish gust, Garou surprises them by destroying the grind and swinging a huge corner at both Bomb and Bang forcing them to back off. [ 26 ] Bang tells Garou to surrender, but was surprised when Phoenix Man swooped in and saved Garou, while calling Elder Centipede to cover their escape. Bang noticed the collateral damage the freak caused then he and his brother save the unconscious heroes from their demise. [ 26 ] Bang combines his persuasiveness with Bomb and Genos and managed to significantly damage Elder Centipede with Bang and Bomb ‘s combination assail, Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist, however, the monster ‘s regeneration and molting allow it to recover and become larger and angrier. Furthermore, Genos ‘ plan to destroy the freak from the inside failed. [ 26 ] The trio decide to retreat, but as they were getting closer to the edge of the park, Bang decided to sacrifice himself to buy clock for Bomb to escape with the unconscious heroes and Genos. fortunately, King arrives and catches Elder Centipede ‘s care by tricking him into believing that he brought Blast with him, vitamin a well as taunting the giant, making the monster accusation toward the S-Class hero. [ 26 ]

Bang is resting at Saitama ‘s Apartment. [ 27 ] Saitama leaves to find Garou and buy cabbage but when he comes rear Bang is concerned over a bad trouble Saitama is suffering from. It turns out Saitama lost his wallet and Bang is relieved it is such a minor consequence. Genos, Saitama, Bang, Bomb, Fubuki, King and Dr. Kuseno all stare at the delightful hot pot. [ 28 ] They all crusade for the food. Bang chastises Genos and Fubuki as the fun in hot pot is sharing all the while he is hogging all the bean curd. Saitama and Bang discuss raising disciples and Bang wonders if his methodology of the strongest rule was the improper path in raising his pupils. He heads out after the hot pot. Bang is at the Hero Association HQ with his brother to get a successor for his earphone as it was destroyed in the previous struggle. He meets with Sitch to regulate his new phone and asks about any updates on Garou ‘s location. Sitch asks why Bang lashkar-e-taiba Garou go before leaving. Bomb remarks that the Hero Association is leery of him for letting Garou go. Bang replies that he did not hold back. King enters the board and Bang coaxes information about the rescue operation from him. They decide to team up to attack the Monster Association ‘s infrastructure in concert and decide to meet up at Saitama ‘s Apartment. Bang and Bomb arrive at the apartment to find Genos and Fubuki there but Saitama missing. King arrives soon after and they decide on Genos to wait for Saitama while the rest heads towards the free-base. [ 29 ] Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki are seen feeling the Monster Association ‘s HQ rock from Saitama ‘s punch on Overgrown Rover [ 30 ] and late protect Fubuki from Orochi ‘s lightning. [ 31 ] Their path is soon blocked by the Dragon level menace Overgrown Rover, who attacks them with its energy blasts. [ 32 ] While temporarily enhanced by Fubuki, Bang and Bomb unleash Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist on the freak. While not destroying the monster, it led to it abandoning the contend as Bang expressed his annoyance at its lastingness and told it to sit. [ 33 ] Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki are finally pulled out of the labor by Tatsumaki, joining the early heroes to plan the attack against Psykos and Orochi. Bang says that he knew Child Emperor intentionally excluded them from the operation, but ultimately agrees that the young champion was right in considering his indulgence towards Garou. He says that he will take responsibility of putting Garou to rest himself, and that he is in debt of Child Emperor as it gives him the opportunity to do indeed as a teacher alternatively of as a hero .
As the plan to attack the Psykos-Orochi fusion is put in gesticulate, Bang and Bomb appear after Genos, Drive Knight, Atomic Samurai, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and Superalloy Darkshine do their respective particular moves against the coalition, with Tanktop Master providing support. After Darkshine ‘s attack, Psykos separates from the fusion and the two brothers use Whirlwind Water Stream: Cross Fang Dragon Slayer Fist on Orochi to finish off the monster. once done with his attack, Bang lands on the ground, thinking to himself that the S Class heroes are last working together. When Bomb states that Garou is likely dead after Tatsumaki ‘s attack, Bang warns him that he likely wo n’t die that well and that they have to keep their guards up. He and Atomic Samurai then express concern for Flashy Flash, who was still under the base, but Tatsumaki states that she did n’t sense him belowground. As the Monster Association Executives resurface, Bang observes as Tatsumaki is being chased down by a massive total of Homeless Emperor ‘s energy spheres. however, that is revealed to be a decoy of her and the esper then appears to Bang, Bomb, and Fubuki in an exhausted and hurt state due to the battle with Psykos and Orochi. After a brief talk between Tatsumaki and her little sister, Bang along with his brother and Fubuki are temporarily restrained by Tatsumaki ‘s psychic bind thus that the esper hero could fight on her own. right after Tatsumaki takes her leave, Genos states securely that he will assist her, much to Bang ‘s disagreement with him saying that it is excessively heedless and that Genos could explode soon. however, the cyborg reassures him and then leaves to help the hurt champion. Noticing that the bind from Tatsumaki disappears and that his arms and shoulders are no farseeing sore, Bang excessively decides to do his part and aid Tatsumaki, telling Bomb to take caution of Fubuki and let him know if he sees Garou .
Bang swiftly comes to the care of Tatsumaki and Tanktop Master by kicking a hole through Gums and saving the latter. Bang is then noticed and attacked by Fuhrer Ugly ‘s Face Caving Punch while he is in the air out, however the warlike artist is able to meet the punch with a kick, redirecting it back to the freak ‘s face. Back on the ground, Bang notices as Tanktop Master ‘s pulse has stopped. He attempts to lift Tanktop Master ‘s shirt up to allow Genos to defibrillate the fall hero, however he loses his bobby pin due to the tank-top ‘s meanness. The snap-back from the tank-top is enough to restart Tanktop Master ‘s center and revive him .
As he checks up on Tanktop Master ‘s condition, Bang then notices as Gums launches a slip attack on Genos, while Fuhrer Ugly once again challenges the soldierly artist. Bang warns Fuhrer Ugly that the executive ‘s attacks wo n’t work on him due to his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, however the monster does not heed this warning and attempts to use his Dignity Caving Punch against the hero. Bang is able to swiftly redirect the attack once again, this time towards Gums and causes it to spit out Genos. He then launches a bustle of blows against Fuhrer Ugly, knocking him back as Gums comes behind the ugmon and eats the fat monster. As Bang and Genos run aside from the view, he notes that Tanktop Master ‘s worsening condition will have to force them to use Fubuki ‘s healing abilities again despite not wanting to overburden her. Bang and Genos are then stopped in their tracks by Black Sperm, who then multiplies itself and attacks the heroes. Although Bang is able to redirect the attack with a kick, Genos is hit. ineffective to assist the cyborg, Bang puts down Tanktop Master in preparation to defend himself from the drove of Black Sperm clones that have multiplied and surrounded him. As Bang uses his Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist to destroy the Black Sperm clones, Atomic Samurai comes to his aid by using his Atomic Slash to cushion Genos ‘ fall by turning the rock into smaller chunks of debris and dust. Bang then leaves Atomic Samurai behind to take care of Black Sperm per the swordmaster ‘s words and thanks him .
Despite this, Bang and Genos are placid relentlessly pursued by a horde of Black Sperm ‘s clones. Allowing Genos to carry both Tanktop Master and Tatsumaki, Bang is forced to endlessly use his warlike art to defend themselves from the Black Sperm clones, however he begins to note that he may not be able to hold them off at this rate. As a wounded Tatsumaki then begins to assist both heroes, Bang stays behind to assist the wounded esper and tells Genos to get Tanktop Master out of there. late, when the members of the Council of Swordmasters come to the heroes support, Bang continues to fend off countless clones of Black Sperm surrounding along with them and the other heroes. While defending himself against Black Sperm, he hears Bomb obstreperously call his name, and is informed by his brother that Garou is there with him. As Bang hesitates about leaving his current spot and head towards the former disciple, Atomic Samurai tells him to go and leave the locate for him and the others, much to his gratitude. Bang then arrives at Bomb ‘s whereabouts, only to witness his older buddy already lie defeated against the fall former scholar. With apparently a grave expression on his face, Bang looks at Garou as they prepare to engage in battle .
Bang comments on Garou ‘s deplorable department of state, wondering if he has lost the ability to speak, curtly before deciding to go all-out against the Hero Hunter. He then holds his own against the former disciple, cope to land several blows on him as they fight each other. however ; Garou manages to land a hit on him that sends him straight into the grate concisely after, with Bang having a bleed on his head and stating that Garou is now much more worth teaching than earlier. Bang and Garou simultaneously land a shoot on each other that knocks both of them back. Garou then takes the position of Exploding Heart Release Fist, which surprises Bang as that is the martial art style he chiefly used before developing Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Utilizing his new fight style, Garou proves able to overwhelm Bang, pushing him back and significantly injuring him. Bang refuses to give up, continuing the fight and attempting to reach his early disciple by the voice concealed within his fists. He then decides to quit being a hero after this incident and expresses his desire to be Garou ‘s master once again .
As their contend continues, Bang is the matchless who is at a disadvantage but briefly gaining the upper handwriting by using grappling and kicking Garou away. however ; Garou finally showcases his Roaring Aura Sky Ripping Fist, which shocks both Bang and Bomb, and he crosses fists with Bang in a rapid clang of blows. Watching his brother struggling to defend himself, Bomb remarks that it will be over for Bang if he takes a direct murder from Garou, as the shockwaves from Garou ‘s proficiency will course through and wreck his body. even then, Bang is able to effectively avoid that devastating proficiency from Garou until they attempt to land a final attack on each other. Bang successfully punches Garou in the face, drawing a detectable come of blood from him and cracking his confront, while Garou simply grazes Bang ‘s thorax but the shockwave from his blow is hush strong adequate to cause a grave bell on Bang, which makes his former master ultimately fall defeated.

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After his defeat, Fuhrer Ugly comes up to Bang in rate to claim his retaliation for previously being beaten by him. Bang, in his subconscious mind, attempts to talk with Garou, telling the disciple to obey the voice in his heart. Just as Fuhrer Ugly throws his Full Body Melting Punch at a helpless Bang and is about to take his liveliness, Garou, apparently hearing his chief ‘s voice, lets forth a monstrous bellow, momentarily distracting Fuhrer Ugly. In an instant, Garou dashes towards Fuhrer Ugly and kicks through him, leaving a huge fix in his body, guaranteeing its death and thus saving Bang from the freak .

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Bang discusses with Atomic Samurai that he is going to retire from hero duty. [ 34 ]




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