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Whatever happens, you have made me the happiest father.
—Henry Allen last words to his son, Barry Allen[src]

Dr. Henry Allen ( February 1, [ 1 ] 1955 [ 2 ] – May 17, 2016 ) was the father of Barry Allen, the widower of the late Nora Allen, and a good friend and later co-father-in-law of Joe West. Henry was framed for the murder of his wife by a time-traveling speedster known as Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, and sent to prison. 15 years late, amidst his son ‘s renewed efforts to clear his diagnose, Henry became aware of Barry ‘s activities as “ The Flash ”. After Thawne was erased from universe, Barry was given a record where the erstwhile confessed to murdering Nora, exonerating Henry. He initially decided to leave Central City, not wanting to get in the way of his son being a hero. however, after seeking advice from Henry months late, Barry returned to Central City with his founder, where he made a final decision to stay. soon after however, Henry was murdered by Hunter Zolomon/Zoom.

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however, after Hunter was defeated, Barry went back in time to prevent his beget ‘s murder and created Flashpoint, resulting in Henry being animated in the newly timeline. however, Barry subsequently allowed the Reverse-Flash to kill his mother a moment clock to restore the original timeline .


original multiverse

early on life

Henry Allen was born in 1955 to his father, surname Allen, and mother, maiden over name Garrick. [ 2 ] In adulthood, Henry studied in aesculapian school, gaining a checkup license and became a doctor, starting his practice up prior to his marriage .


At some point, Henry met and fell in beloved with Nora Thompson. They married and on March 14, 1989, the couple had a son, Bartholomew, or “ Barry ” for short-change. [ 3 ] When Barry was six, Henry, Nora, and Barry traveled to Midway City for a skill exhibition but hit a compressed tire on the way. Their car was towed to a garage in Masonville and they were stuck there all day. To pass the time, the family had ice rink cream and french fries with gravy at a local dining car and watched a fireworks display that night, having a preferably fun sidereal day in Masonville. [ 4 ] One day, when Barry was football team, Henry arrived at home, and Nora told him that Barry had won a fight. Henry praised his son and, after a austere glance from Nora, told him to not get into any more fights. [ 5 ]

Pre-Flashpoint timeline

death of Nora Allen

late that night of March 18, 2000, [ 6 ] Barry, was 11 years old, a red and yellow tornado-like film over came into their family, and in the middle of the tornado seemed to be a man. Henry held Barry back, telling him to run, and before either of them could do a thing, the film over shoved and knocked Henry out, murdered Henry ‘s wife and sweep Barry 20 blocks away from his family. Following Nora ‘s death, her murder was pinned on Henry and he was sent to jail in Iron Heights Prison. [ 5 ] [ 7 ] Henry disallowed Barry from seeing him as he did n’t wish him to see his beget in jail. however, Barry finally snuck in by running to the prison. Henry assured Barry that he could n’t help him in any manner, therefore rather he wished him to be the full male child that both of his parents believed he was. [ 8 ]

captivity in Iron Heights

While Henry was awaiting test, his cellmate swear he would break out and managed to escape during his pre-trial learn, merely to be caught two hours late. [ 9 ] Henry was incarcerated in Iron Heights during the Undertaking in 2013. For an strange sum of time during his captivity, Henry stayed in Cell A213, in which he wrote “ Henry Allen was here ” on the wall. [ 10 ] however, it seems that he spent most of his time in a unlike cell, as he had Central City Picture News articles on the wall of it. [ 11 ] At some point while in prison, Henry gained the deference of another inmate after doing an impromptu surgery for a tear appendix when there was no doctors about. [ 12 ] Years belated, in belated 2014, Henry was inactive incarcerated in Iron Heights. He had Barry come to visit him from time to time, and despite him previously having told to change his list out of embarrassment, Barry stated that he was fabulously gladiolus that he did n’t, as he was more than proud to be Henry ‘s son. [ 5 ] finally, Joe went to visit Henry. Joe explained that Barry was fine, he had just felt like it was long since due that he visited Henry. He promised that he finally believed Henry, that he knew he had n’t killed Nora, and he was last reopening the case. He apologized, though Henry stated that he never cared about Joe ‘s impression in him, but his impression in Barry. suddenly, The Mist entered the room and began suffocating the guard. He soon moved on to Joe, causing him to choke, before Barry came, in disguise, and saved him with a counteracting injection. Henry watched as the apparently unidentified man saved Joe ‘s life. Barry turned towards his father, blurring his face so he would n’t recognize him ; Joe soon came spinal column to life and Barry ran off to stop The Mist. Barry late came to visit his don. He expressed how he missed his mother, which led to Henry telling a story about when Barry learnt to walk : being a late blunder, Nora believed that he ‘d walk when he had some place to go. ultimately he learnt how to walk, but quite than walk, he ran in to his beget ‘s arms, last having some place to go. [ 13 ] When the world in yellow reappeared in Central City, Barry visited his father again, saying he had had his mother ‘s murderer but let him escape, and saying that because he had failed to stop him, he was now partially creditworthy for Henry ‘s imprisonment. Henry told Barry not to blame himself, that the serviceman in yellow had already taken enough from their family, and that Barry should live his liveliness quite than let Nora ‘s cause of death take anything more from them. He besides revealed that he had farseeing known about Barry ‘s unexpressed love for Iris. During Barry ‘s investigation of Clay Parker ‘s break of Iron Heights, Joe arranges for Henry to be moved by a patrol military officer past the crime setting so that him and Barry could enjoy a short circuit time in concert. Later, without Barry ‘s recognition, Henry asks around the inmates for information on Clay so as to assist the probe. Barry tells Henry to not endanger himself anymore, which Henry consents to. Despite this, Henry stays in contact with Joe and continues to search for more data. As a result, he is stabbed and beaten by Julius, an inmate working under Marcus. He reveals that he continued to investigate because he wanted to be there to help Barry like Barry did for him. At Barry ‘s insistence, he tells him that it was Julius who harmed him. The following sidereal day Henry is seen in his hospital bed, discussing Barry ‘s holocene date. He then mentions The Flash in the newspaper, recollecting the clock he witnessed The Flash save Joe from The Mist. Henry then notes the concurrence of him recently being harmed by Julius and of The Flash extending Julius ‘ prison sentence ascribable to his break, comparing it to The Flash economy Joe, implying that he believes Barry is The Flash. Barry denies being The Flash, saying that Henry would have been the first to know. Henry then states that if The Flash were his son, that he ‘d first gear tell him that the worldly concern is dangerous and that he should be careful. second, he would tell him that he is a hero who is saving many lives, and last that his founder would be proud of him, leaving a teary Barry looking up at Henry. [ 14 ] Henry was former kidnapped by James Jesse, who wanted to use him and his connection to the CCPD as an bargain in character his plan failed. however, Barry ended up rescuing him at the last minute and subsequently confirmed his don ‘s theory of him being the Flash by removing his disguise. Before returning to prison, Henry received a small tour of S.T.A.R. Labs and thanked all members of Team Flash for being there for Barry. [ 11 ] After “ Harrison Wells ‘s ” misrepresentation and very identity as Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash was exposed, Thawne, in arrange to return to his own time period, offered the theme of Barry traveling back in prison term and saving his mother from her death in 2000. uncertain of whether to take up Thawne ‘s offer, Barry met up with Henry in prison but Henry discouraged the estimate, knowing that Nora ‘s avert fortune would not be what she would have wanted if it meant that Barry would lose everything he had. Despite Henry ‘s advice, however, Barry later ran back in clock time with the purpose to save Nora but backed out at the survive minute, heeding his father ‘s words and noting what he already had in the stream timeline. After Barry returned to the give without saving Nora and Eddie Thawne committed suicide in order to erase Eobard from universe, a singularity formed atop Central City, causing heavy destruction to the city as Henry watched from his cellular telephone. Henry witnessed Barry and Firestorm destroy the singularity and save the city. [ 15 ]


Six months former, Barry received a video recording from Thawne entail to be viewed in the consequence of his death. In the video, Thawne ( as Harrison Wells ) concisely taunted his bane before providing a confession of Nora ‘s mangle, admitting all the details of the night she was killed. A aghast Barry gave the video to the police, who late released Henry from prison and cleared all his charges. A joyful team Flash celebrated Henry ‘s reelect in the West family, where Henry revealed his plans to leave town and explore the populace once more, much to Barry ‘s initial alarm but later corroborate. [ 16 ]

impermanent restitution

however, soon after Barry suffered a outwit at the hands of Zoom and became temporarily paralyzed, Henry returned to provide moral support to his son. After Barry revealed his doubts of going up against Zoom and knew that Zoom caused Central City to lose religion in their hero, Henry confided in Barry all the feelings he went through when he was accused of murdering Nora, and told him that he only got through because he kept syndicate in mind. Barry revealed his easing at having Henry spinal column and was able to resume his work as the Flash before Henry left once again. [ 17 ]

return to Team Flash

several months late, Barry lost his accelerate to Zoom and went by car to talk to his founder after Harry Wells explained that another particle accelerator explosion could return his accelerate. Henry was bewildered when Barry told him that “ Jay Garrick ” was truly Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, with Henry explaining that “ Garrick ” was his mother ‘s inaugural name. Needing his church father ‘s avail in deciding whether to pull through with Harry ‘s plan, Barry brought Henry rear to Central City but subsequently revealed that having Henry with the team made the decision so much harder rather than easier. After Zoom slaughtered the police push at Jitters, however, a desperate Barry decided to pull through, to Henry ‘s initial agnosticism but late documentation. [ 18 ] Despite the best efforts of Harry and the team to recreate the particle accelerator, it failed and resulted in Barry being vaporized, much to Henry ‘s anger. Despite his frustration with Harry, Henry agreed to revive Harry ‘s daughter after she was knocked unconscious mind by the accelerator blast. After Barry returned to the normal universe from the Speed Force with his powers restored, Henry was relieved. With their latest win, Henry became a permanent wave penis of Team Flash to the joy of the team. While celebrating Henry ‘s return, however, Zoom crashed the party and took Henry hostage as Barry watched on in horror. Zoom then sped off with Henry as Barry followed suit. [ 19 ]


Zoom took Henry to the Allen House, finding it to be poetic justice to murder Henry at the lapp stead where Nora was killed in 2000. Barry followed and pleaded with Hunter to let his father sound and take him rather, but Zoom insisted that the death of Henry would push Barry to be just like him. As Hunter taunted Barry, Henry managed to declare his and Nora ‘s love for Barry before he was cut short by Hunter ‘s hand phasing through his breast, stopping Henry ‘s heart. Barry yelled out in grief and crouched to see his forefather one last time before Henry took his death breath and died, leaving Barry to grieve at his side before charging at Zoom in rage. A seethe Barry former swore on his father ‘s dangerous that he would kill Zoom for what he did to Henry. [ 20 ] After defeating Zoom, Barry confided in Iris the guilt over his forefather ‘s death on exceed of his mother ‘s despite their victory. Desperate to be in truth happy, Barry decided to travel back in time and stop the Reverse-Flash from killing Nora in 2000. due to Barry ‘s changes, Nora remained alive as a new timeline set and Henry was never sent to prison for her murder.

Barry took Thawne, traveled to 2016, and set out to live a convention life, which included life with Henry and Nora, alive and well. After three months of populate with his parents, Henry and Nora tried to ask Barry to find an apartment. Barry seemed surprised and asked why they wanted him to move out. They said that they entirely wanted him to have his own seat in case he got a girlfriend. He then told them that he had a date with Iris West, to their surprise and encouragement. After the death of Wally West/Kid Flash at the hands of The Rival in the Flashpoint timeline, Barry realized that his alterations of the timeline allowed him to have a better life but ruined or worsened the lives of those around him. Barry asked Thawne to travel back to 2000 once more and undo Flashpoint by killing Nora once again, to which Thawne obliged. [ 21 ]

Post-Flashpoint timeline

After Thawne reset the timeline, Henry went to prison for Nora ‘s murder as he did in the original timeline. He was additionally killed by Zoom like the original timeline although the fourth dimension of his death was possibly changed ascribable to the side effect of Flashpoint .

New multiverse

Henry was still born in 1955. [ 22 ] When Henry was turning 45, Nora threw a surprise party. The whole barricade showed up, and Barry was baking cupcakes for weeks, and when the big night came, before he could even take off his coat, the beeper went off. They actually needed him. He had to miss his party. [ 1 ] After Nora was killed in 2000, he was sent to prison wrongfully for her mangle. [ 23 ] He died in 2016, [ 22 ] presumably still killed by Zoom around the time his army invaded the lapp year Allen died. [ 23 ] After the Anti-Monitor Crisis, his son Barry went to visit his grave accent but he was buried in a different topographic point than his original scratch in the old Earth-1. [ 22 ] A family portrait is in Barry and Iris ‘s apartment. [ 24 ]

Erased timeline

primitively, in an erase future where Eddie Thawne never killed himself and thus preserved the Thawne family ‘s universe, Henry was not framed for the murder of Nora and was not killed by Zoom and presumably lived at least until 2024 when the Flash ran back in time to stop the Reverse-Flash .


original multiverse

After Henry was wrongfully accused of Nora ‘s murder and arrested, Barry decided to devote his life to find his mother ‘s real cause of death, knowing that Henry was innocent, becoming a forensic scientist with the CCPD. It was besides because of this event that Barry decided to become the Flash. After Henry ‘s death at the hands of Hunter Zolomon, [ 25 ] he was profoundly mourned by Team Flash, but his death affected his son, Barry the most. Barry struggled to forget this consequence and was at first successful at doing thus. however, when Barry met Henry ‘s doppelgänger, Barry ‘s depression returned. He looked back at the many losses he had in his life and, in ordain to feel success and rid himself of his suffer, traveled second in prison term to 2000 and saved his mother from the Reverse-Flash, forming a modern timeline where she survived and Henry was never sent to prison or murdered by Zoom. [ 2 ] He realized his error in creating the modern timeline after seeing wally die at the hands of Rival and allowed Thawne to undo his changes to the timeline, causing Henry to be killed by Zoom once more albeit at a different fourth dimension than the original timeline. [ 26 ] In 2018, after Barry was wrongfully sent to prison for the “ mangle ” of Clifford DeVoe, [ 10 ] boyfriend convict Dave Ratchet remembered Henry ‘s forgivingness and went out of his way to save Barry from attacks by other inmates, knowing that Barry was impeccant just as Henry was for Nora ‘s mangle. Just like Henry, Barry was mentioned to be a exemplary convict by the Warden. During his imprisonment, Barry was imprisoned in the lapp cell as his don, carving “ so was Barry ” beneath the previously-carved “ Henry Allen was here ”, causing Barry to deplorably remember his forefather and noting the sarcasm of it all. [ 27 ]

New multiverse

After Jaco Birch was accused of a crime he did n’t commit, Barry noticed that no evidence proved that Birch was the perpetrator. Using his memory of how Henry was framed and sent to jail for the supposed mangle of his wife, Barry worked to prove that Birch was innocent, finally allowing him to reunite with his son, Harold. [ 1 ]


Henry Allen. Henry suffered two great losses in his life. He lost his wife, Nora, and he lost Barry. He suffered guilt, embarrassment, ridicule, shame, and everything that comes with being blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. Henry Allen was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days, and that love will keep him alive in all of our hearts.
—Joe West’s eulogy at Henry’s funeral[src]

Henry was a kind, wish, sympathetic, feel for, altruistic and intelligent individual, he was a very give husband and beget to Nora and Barry Allen, whom he loved profoundly. When Reverse-Flash stabbed Nora in the heart with a knife, Henry did everything he could to save her and was devastated by her death. Henry used to be full friends with Joe West, until the latter choose to believe he was guilty of Nora ‘s murder, when Joe came to visit him after 14 years of minimal contact, Henry was cold to him ; due to Joe ‘s past refusal to accept his innocence, despite his anger towards Joe, Henry madly tried to call for assistant when Joe was poisoned by Kyle Nimbus. Joe and Henry finally reconciled when Joe admitted his mistake and affirmed Henry ‘s innocence, vowing to get him out preferably or late. As some may expect, after multiple clues, including Iris West ‘s photos of the speedster, Henry finally discovered that Barry is indeed the Flash, he immediately accepted Barry ‘s life as a superhero, gallant of the world his son had become. Henry besides developed an about fatherly chumminess with most of Team Flash. Henry could have been considered person who “ gave up on ” his own life, but not in a self-destructive sense – he had realized his son had a bigger purpose than him, largely because of the impact that, as “ the Flash ”, had changed Central City, and may have finally realized the full-scope of what he would or could become. Through this, Henry was supporting his son, and while he did not agree with his sagacity, like going back to stop Eobard from killing Nora, his wife, Henry objected, but reaffirmed to his son why it was better. Henry had all but given up on getting out of jail, and even tried to persuade Barry from pursuing “ the homo in scandalmongering ”, aka Reverse-Flash. It could be argued that, while Henry now knew what Barry could do, he believed there was a natural order, and that with Henry being sentenced to life in prison, there was a argue he is in there and, in some instances, it proved that Henry believes his “ reason ” for being in there, was for Barry. Through this, Henry had accepted his wife ‘s being gone and had learned to live with it, but besides had learned to live “ alone ”, in that he had realized he ca n’t be apart of Barry ‘s life and while he wants to, badly, he wants Barry ‘s liveliness to be his own and not allow Barry to undo his own growth for the sake of him or his wife. Due to having a history with skill from his way to being a doctor of the church, Henry believed the natural order of things should not be interfered with. As a result, he protested against Barry going back in time to save Nora, even if it meant Henry would have been able to raise Barry with his wife, and his lost honor as a doctor and barren valet would be restored. [ 28 ]


  • High-level intellect/Expert medic: Henry was a very intelligent individual, allowing him to gain an M.D. and become a renowned doctor. Despite being imprisoned for 15 years, Henry’s medical skills have not diminished. Henry performed surgery on David Ratchet when the latter suffered from appendicitis[29] and did a medical examination on Caitlin Snow following her captivity with Zoom.[25] Henry is a very observant individual, able to determine his son, Barry Allen was the Flash.



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  • Harry began calling his son “Slugger” when he was about 10-11 years old.[5]

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