Gotham Knights Batgirl Gameplay Clip May Hint At Harley Quinn

New Batgirl gameplay footage may hint at Harley Quinn appearing in Gotham Knights. The approaching DC deed is set to take place in a post-Batman populace which will see how both the Bat Family and the Dark Knight ‘s rogues gallery deals with the fallout of his death .
Speaking out on which characters will appear in the game at San Diego Comic-Con, creative director Patrick Redding told fans that Batman ‘s arch-nemesis, the Joker, is n’t a villain in Gotham Knights, which is a passing from past Batman titles such as the Batman : Arkham series – of which Gotham Knights developer Games Montréal developed the prequel championship, Batman : Arkham Origins. Although the Clown Prince of Crime wo n’t appear, Redding did then go on to tease the appearance of fan-favorite psychiatrist-turned-villain, Harley Quinn, who started as a Joker ally but has recently gone on her own path in media, with newer depictions portraying her as an anti-hero and as a kernel part of the Suicide Squad .
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holocene footage of Batgirl gameplay shared on the Gotham Knights Twitter report has given players a further tip at Harley Quinn ‘s presence in the plot. Throughout the clip, Batgirl can be seen using a assortment of gadgets to take down thugs dress in Harley ‘s classic bolshevik and black color scheme who are donning clown makeup, not unlike the appearance of Harley ‘s henchmen in Batman : Arkham City’s Harley Quinn ‘s Revenge DLC. While this is far from confirmation that Harley is set to appear in Gotham Knights – as clown-themed gangs are a raw material of Batman ‘s comics even without Joker and Harley around – when taken together with Redding ‘s tease, it does provide evidence for that credit line of think .

WB Games Has Teased More Gotham Knights Villain Reveals

Gotham Knights Penguin

These hints could be building up to a full reveal for Harley Quinn, which would match with Redding ‘s further comments at SDCC that WB Games Montréal still has enough of character reveals from Batman ‘s across-the-board rogues gallery to come, including a bad villain reveal in the fall weeks. presently, fans have seen the primary terror that Batgirl, Nightwing, Robin, and Red Hood would be facing with the Court of Owls showcased heavily in Gotham Knights ‘ DC FanDome narrative trailer, and other trailers have confirmed the appearance of Mister Freeze and Penguin .

It is unclear what character Harley Quinn could play in Gotham Knights, considering how much the character has evolved in media from her initial appearance as a Joker henchwoman in Batman : The Animated Series. The appearance of Harley Quinn-esque henchmen could indicate a more nefarious Harley pulling the strings with no Joker around, which would be out of step with more holocene depictions in the comics and elsewhere. With Redding ‘s predict character reveals, and WB Games Montréal showcasing more gameplay in the months before Gotham Knights ‘ release on October 25, fans of the Bat Family wo n’t have to wait long to find out .
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source : Gotham Knights/Twitter




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