Batgirl Is Nightwing’s Perfect Match For One Reason

In Batgirls # 8, Nightwing admits that Barbara Gordon is likely the reason why he ‘s still alive, making her his ideal match, romantic or otherwise. Warning: contains preview for Batgirls #8!
There are few superhero romances that top Batgirl and Nightwing ‘s. From their friendship as Batgirl and Robin to forging their own paths as Oracle and Nightwing, the pair have seen each other through the best and worst of times. In the stream DC continuity, Nightwing and Batgirl ‘s romanticism continues to look up in both of their current series .
The Batgirls series has given each Batgirl their moment to shine, with the original, Barbara Gordon leading the team as a rock and mentor. Combining her tech-wizardry and experience as oracle with her formative years under Batman ‘s fender, Gordon has recreated herself in this serial into Batgirl at her strongest. It ‘s this forte and resilience that a certain early Boy Wonder admires most about her. Of course, Barbara is n’t the entirely Batgirl to have dated a former Robin. Her teammate, Stephanie Brown, serves as a admonisher that Batgirls and Robins tend to have madly commodity chemistry. While Steph ‘s Batgirl and Tim Drake ‘s Robin have broken things off, readers will be thrilled to see Dick and Babs still going strong. In the latest emergence, the beloved Bat-couple even gets to go out for a romanticist dinner !

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In the preview pages of Batgirls # 8, written by Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad, featuring art by Robbi Rodriguez and Rico Renzi, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson are on an clandestine date at the ill-famed Iceberg Lounge. While the match are there for professional reasons—to rescue Seer, who turns out to be a child—they do take the moment to appreciate their prison term together. Dick even tauntingly offers to halt their mission and find something else to do. Of course, american samoa much as she would love that, Babs ‘s Batgirl has always been the more practical of the two and reminds Nightwing to remain concenter on the mission. In the middle of hand-to-hand fight, Nightwing admits something critical about his kinship with Batgirl : ” I always listen to her ! Probably why I’m still alive. ”
Preview pages for the issue can be seen below :
Batgirls #8 p1

Batgirls #8 p3 variant cover

Batgirls #8 p5

Batgirls #8 p6 Rooftop Steph and Cass

Batgirls #8 p7 Batgirl Nightwing suit up

It ‘s cute that even while on a rescue op, Batgirl and Nightwing can squeeze in a date nox and some playful chat up. Nightwing may be a bite of a carefree ridicule, but when it counts, and when Barbara ‘s involved, he ‘ll sober up and kick into gear. Through the ups and downs of their kinship, Batgirl has always remained the voice of reason in Dick ‘s biography. Whether or not they ‘re dating, Babs can be relied on to have Grayson ‘s spinal column. Having trained side-by-side for years, they know each other better than anyone else. It ‘s this type of trust and synergy that makes them an ideal match .
Despite the drama, the deaths, the universal resets, what Dick and Babs have is unmatched. many fans have been thoroughly enjoying DC ‘s current continuity and watching the relationship between Batgirl and Nightwing thrive. Hopefully, things pan out well for the match as the Batgirls series continues .
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Batgirls #8 will be available from DC Comics on July 12 .



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