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“ “ Batgirl ” ” : Barbara Gordon is sitting in the bet on of a police cable car, reading a newspaper article about the sudden mysterious apperance of a “ Batgirl ” who stopped Killer Moth from attacking a bunch of Gotham ‘s affluent elect at a dinner party. One of the cops tries to make belittled lecture with her but iodine

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Batman: Batgirl


Executive Editor

Mike Carlin

Cover Artists

  • Brian Stelfreeze



  • Kelley Puckett


  • Matt Haley


  • Karl Kesel


  • Digital Chameleon


  • Willie Schubert


  • Scott Peterson
Quote1.png It’s funny. Never thought of joining the force ’cause I thought it would be too violent. Then this happens. Didn’t know what I was missing. Quote2.png


Batman: Batgirl is a one-shot published in 1997. It was published on May 21, 1997.

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outline for “ Batgirl ”

Barbara Gordon is sitting in the back of a police car, reading a newspaper article about the sudden mysterious apperance of a “ Batgirl ” who stopped Killer Moth from attacking a bunch of Gotham ‘s affluent elect at a dinner party. One of the cops tries to make modest talk with her but is on the spur of the moment interrupted by a message over the patrol radio, a 420 ( rape with a deadly weapon ) is in progress. While they are the car close to the crime view, the officers are reluctant to do anything dangerous while the commissioner ‘s daughter is with them. Snatching the radio receiver away from one officer, Barbara responds to the call and tells them they are on their way. The three of them reach the sphere, and Barbara is told to stay in the police squad car. At first she watches the scene intensely, looking for a chance for Batgirl to appear, but the draw is over promptly and the cops get the position under control condition, much to her dissapointment. on the spur of the moment, one of the suspects makes a footrace for it and Barbara kicks a team doorway clear, slamming into the condemnable and stopping him. When they return to the patrol department, the cops ask her not to tell the Commissioner what happened, because they are “ fair not certain he ‘d understand the circumstances. ” The Commissioner happens overhear this, and is not please. He takes Barbara into his position and tells her that the last thing he needs is to hear that she ‘s been commandeering squad cars, citing the he has twelve men out disgusted with the influenza, a wide daydream occuring that night, and that Batman has gone missing again. There is a 911 call that suddenly comes in, the Joker has broken into Barbieri Candies and Gordon sends out several units to the view. Barbara goes besides and reasons that the Joker will know police procedure and try to sneek out a bet on way. She goes around back to investigate, but finds nothing in an empty park lot. Things take a turning when she is about hit by a accelerate car trying to get out of the parking social organization. She attempts to stop it by closing the viewgraph door, ripping off the top half of the cable car. The driver still manages to drive away, but Barbara finds a blueprint in the wreakage left by the scat car. It has the name and home savoir-faire of Peter Barbieri, owner of Barbieri Candies. Barbara tries to show it to her father, but the factory explodes and Commissioner Gordon sends her away to a safer location before she can explain what she has found. Barbara calls the police to warn them about the Joker ‘s approach on Barbieri ‘s theater, when they ask who is calling she plainly says “ Ask Killer Moth ” and the adjacent page shows her as Batgirl. Batgirl hides in the woods surrounding the Barbieri ‘s family, where she barely avoids being found by the armed thugs on precaution for the Joker. She gets her gamble to get inside the theater after a police squad cable car pulls up. Initially it is overwhelmed by the thugs, but Batgirl attacks one of guards, giving the patrol a luck to fight them off. This fight distracts the thugs and the patrol long enough for her to get away. She crashes through a window and hurts her shoulder, calling for Mr. Barbieri to get out of the house. She is attacked by Mr. Barbieri, who tells his wife to call the patrol because Batgirl broke into their base. Another hood enters the room with a gunman and threatens Mrs. Barbieri with it, Batgirl picks up a fire poker and hits him in the head, killing him. Horrified with what she ‘s done, she is ineffective to react when the Joker walks into the room and shoots Mr. and Mrs. Barbieri. He then knocks Batgirl out with the butt of his gunman, but not before she sees a little boy-the Barbieri ‘s son- crouched behind a professorship. When Batgirl regains awareness, she finds herself locked in a room with the boy, who wo n’t say anything. She determines that they are at some kind of entertainment park, meaning that the building they are in has a faithlessly shock. She rips up floorboards and finds a hole crawlspace to escape into. The crawlspace leads them to a parachute that Batgirl says she can not fit through. She attempts to find another way around, this prison term picking up a pipe and preparing to knock out the confederate standing guard in the doorway. She is reluctant to do it because of the confederate she killed early, but tells herself that she ‘s doing it so the little son can escape. As she prepares to hit him, another confederate appears. The first base says that he did n’t know anything about kidnapping girls and fiddling kids when he took this caper, but the second tells him “ That little daughter ‘d crack your headway open if she could. Look what she did to Roth. ” Batgirl decides to go through the chute rather than hit anyone again. As they crawl through the chute, Batgirl can hear a room full of henchmen talking about their morgages and ex-girlfriends, finding it weird that “ they sound just like guys at the place. ” After making it all the way out of the chute, she realizes that the henchmen can see the die from where they are. She tells the boy to count to ten, then run outside and keep run until he finds a telephone and to call the police. Batgirl uses herself as a distraction, getting all the henchmen to chase after her. She thinks she is in the pass after she looses all of them in the amusement park, but she takes a wrong turn and stumbles into the shoot gallery, with the Joker waiting for her. joker explains that he killed the Barbieris because he had eaten a piece of Barbieri Nougat Surprise and found that there was cherry in it. “ What kind of addict puts cherry in nougat ? ! ” He then asks Batgirl if she ‘s not disgusted by the “ meaningless waste of human life ” he caused. She says yes, the Joker places a gunman in front of her and necessitate why she does n’t do anything about it. At that moment, a confederate rushes in to tell the Joker that the kid had escaped and they needed to leave. Joker insists on having “ a little fun ” with Batgirl first. Joker has Batgirl bolted to a spin wheel, while he prepares to throw knives at her. When he is just about to throw his first knife, one of Batgirl ‘s restraints is cut by a batarang. Batman appears and takes down the Joker ‘s hood. The Joker pulls out a gunman and begins to fire randomly, he hits Batman, causing a big cut on the slope of his steer. Batman goes depressed, bleeding abundantly. Batgirl reaches for his mask, he grabs her wrist to stop her, but Batgirl notices his grip is very weak. The Joker tries to finish Batman off with another shot, but Batgirl grabs his artillery. She calls him nuts and begins to laugh at him, enraging the Joker. The police arrive immediately grab him, while a gurney to pulled onto the picture for Batman, as he asks Commissioner Gordon for Dr. Thompkins.

The Commissioner arrives home subsequently to find Barbara in bed. She asks him if he thinks his job is exciting. He replies that after a while, it ‘s not about good or badly, it ‘s about people getting hurt or not. He does concede that if he was american samoa young as Barbara, he might see things differently. Barbara tells herself she ‘s not that youthful anymore either, as her contemplation in her bedroom windowpane looks back as Batgirl.

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  • This issue was released as one of four one-shot graphic novels to coincide with the release of the 1997 Batman and Robin movie. The covers to all four issues interlock to form one composite image in the order (from left to right): Batman: Bane, this issue, Batman: Mr. Freeze and Batman: Poison Ivy.


  • Events in this issue are retold in DC First: Batgirl/Joker #1.

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