DC’s Batman ’89 comic shows a face of Harvey Dent we’ve never seen before

If you ’ re like me, a die-hard sports fan of Tim Burton ’ mho Batman and Batman Returns, you ’ ve credibly wondered how the director ’ mho proposed third Bat-film might ’ ve turned out had Warner Bros. moved forward with the sequel rather of pivoting to Joel Schumacher ’ s Batman Forever .
While the window of possibility for a proper sequel may have passed, DC Comics has delivered the future best thing. The raw series Batman ’ 89 continues the adventures of Michael Keaton ’ s interpretation of Batman in the gothic city of Burton ’ s Gotham City. At this point in the story, District Attorney Harvey Dent — the one played by Billy Dee Williams — is mounting a political campaign to see the vigilante unmasked and his collaborators exposed. Batman ’ 89 delves into the background and motivations of an incarnation of Dent that never amply got his due on the big screen door, and in doing so unveils a more complicated and sympathetic side of the quality than readers have ever seen before .

Who is making Batman ’89?

Batman ’ 89 finds master Batman screenwriter Sam Hamm paired with artist Joe Quinones ( Dial H for Hero ), colorist Leonardo Ito ( Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons ) and letterer Clayton Cowles ( The Wicked + The Divine ). The creative team ’ sulfur goal is to “ draw on a number of threads left dangling ” by anterior theatrical performance installments of the Keaton-era Batman .

What is Batman ’89 about?

Harvey Dent visits Bruce Wayne to request his help in taking down Batman in Batman ’89 #1 (2021).

Besides reintroducing familiar faces like Keaton ’ randomness Bruce Wayne/Batman, Michelle Pfeiffer ’ south Catwoman, and Williams ’ Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Batman ’ 89 besides introduces new versions of some familiar characters who never got a prospect to appear in the Burton-verse like Barbara Gordon and this continuity ’ s own singular translation of Robin. Batman ’ 89 sees Batman and District Attorney Harvey Dent pitted against one another as the National Guard is called in to bring arrange to Gotham City in the aftermath of a black Halloween terror attack perpetrated by the Joker ’ s former gang.

Why is Batman ’89 happening now?

final February, DC Comics announced they would be publishing two limited series to tell new stories set within the worlds of Richard Donner ’ sulfur Superman : The Movie and Tim Burton ’ sulfur Batman, respectively titled Superman ’ 78 and Batman ’ 89 .
Although the official announcement of the series was merely american samoa recent as this year, the history of the project stretches as far back as 2016, when artist Joe Quinones posted mock-ups and character sheets on his blog of a proposed Batman ’ 89 pitch he and writer Kate Leth ( Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat ! ) had collaborated on the class earlier. At the time Quinones stated that the pitch had been turned down, but it appears that the past five years have been kind to the project, albeit with Hamm at the helm rather of Leth .

Is there any required reading?

Required reading ? No. Required watch ? Yes !

If you hadn ’ t already guessed from the entitle ( or reading the prior sections of the review ), Batman ’ 89 takes place in the same universe as the Tim Burton ’ s Batman films, competently titled Batman and Batman Returns. If you haven ’ t watched those however — well, 1 ) you ’ re gon na be reasonably lost and 2 ) what do you mean you seaport ’ thyroxine seen them so far ; they ’ re amazing and available to stream on HBO Max .

Is Batman ’89 good?

What sets Batman ’ 89 aside as a meaningful sequel of the Burton films, and not good frivolous nostalgia fodder, is its many-sided depiction of people of color — peculiarly in the case of Harvey Dent. Williams ’ rendition of the character was relegated to only a handful of scenes in the original 1989 motion visualize, and Batman ’ 89 wastes no time in delving into the intricacies of the character ’ s backdrop and motivations.

Harvey Dent visits his old neighborhood to ask for help in Batman ’89 #1 (2021).

We already see the raw material traits of Harvey Dent in the first step pages of the first gear publish ; ambition, confidence, and a fixation on the dichotomy of chance and destine. It ’ s not until later on that we glimpse how Harvey ’ s fight with his identity and race — something which sets this detail personification of Dent apart from all others — may factor into his inevitable transformation into the nefarious Two-Face .
There ’ s a long ton of foreshadowing hera, from Janus, the identify of the restaurant that he and Barbara Gordon are dining at in the open panels, to the fraught resolution of his confrontation with a band of Jokers. On a wholly, people of color act a far more big and consequential function here than they ever had in either of Burton ’ s Batman films, probing into themes and ideas that feel distinctly new and contemporary to this universe. Combine that with thrilling legal action sequences, an escalation of stakes with the insertion of the National Guard, the introduction of an arouse new character, and some impeccably cagey Easter egg sprinkled throughout the issue, Batman ’ 89 is the best possible sequel of a beloved continuity .

One panel that popped

Batman runs alongside a giant penny deflecting gunfire in Batman ’89 #1 (2021).

Two words : GIANT PENNY .

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