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A crime syndicate wiped out, a comedian murdered during a populate stream and a trio of corpses dressed to look like the Red Hood, splayed across the grounds of Ace Chemicals – all appear to have been killed by the Joker at the lapp clock. But that ’ s impossible – how could the Joker have been in three places at once ? Unless there are three Jokers : a Criminal, a comedian, and a Clown. Three vigilantes – Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood – hunt down Joker ( sulfur ) across three chapters in Three Jokers.

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A crime family wiped out, a comedian murdered during a live pour and a trio of corpses dressed to look like the Red Hood, splayed across the grounds of Ace Chemicals – all appear to have been killed by the Joker at the like time. But that ’ s impossible – how could the Joker have been in three places at once ? Unless there are three Jokers : a Criminal, a comedian, and a Clown. Three vigilantes – Batman, Batgirl and Red Hood – hunt down Joker ( s ) across three chapters in Three Jokers.

Geoff Johns writes his second sequel to an Alan Moore ‘ 80s classic ( the first being the Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock ) with Three Jokers being the sequel to The Killing Joke. What, no V for Vendetta sequel, Geoff ? You ’ five hundred think the clock would be right – alternatively of railing against a thatcherite government, you could cast Trump in that function. Who knows, possibly there is one in the works ? Or not, given that the fatten orange baby is out immediately.

Three Jokers is besides the fulfillment of Johns ’ tease from over four years ago in DC Universe Rebirth, the last tease storyline from that bumper consequence ( it ’ randomness been thus farseeing “ Rebirth ” international relations and security network ’ t even a thing anymore ! ). So was it worth the wait ? Yay and nay. As ever with Papa Johns, I ’ thousand vexed by some of his narrative choices but overall I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate dislike the koran. Jason Fabok draws some incredible pages hera excessively, then three Jokers isn ’ metric ton a regretful amusing by any means.

And hera I ’ ll say SPOILERS for the rest of this recapitulation to anyone who hasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate read it yet but is planning to – my rec for the latter is above.


So I ’ ll just get right into my biggest problem with this report : it ’ mho pointless.

Batman reveals that he ’ s known Joker ’ s actual name and identity since the first base week he met him, but doesn ’ t say anything far, saying that his name/identity international relations and security network ’ t authoritative and never was. I wholly agree with this and wouldn ’ t have wanted Johns to have given us those details anyhow. then I wasn ’ metric ton expecting to find out Joker ’ s full deets and we didn ’ triiodothyronine get it.

But : I was expecting to find out what the point of the three Jokers was. Have there always been three Jokers since the very beginning or is this a recent development – i. Joker ’ s latest brainsick outline ? We did n’t find that out either and that was disappointing.

besides, what ’ s the think behind producing multiple Jokers ? One Joker – the Criminal – posits that the plan is to make a “ better Joker ”. What does that mean ? obviously, Joker ( s ) wants to create a Joker with a meaningful background to Batman to tie the two characters more closely together. On the one hand, The Killing Joke was an lineage history and having its sequel besides centre around origins is fitting, as is the motivation for Joker wanting to be closer to Batman, which is a recurring motive for Joker ; on the other hand, it reads less like something Joker would want and more like something DC, as a corporate entity, would want for Joker – like we ’ ra reading the minutes of a brainstorm meet about a revision of one of DC ’ s most popular characters !

And what form does this actually take – making a “ better Joker ” ? Nabbing a vat load of chemicals and throwing dozens of randos into it ! How does that make a better Joker ? That view of the story was completely stupid – what, Joker ( s ) barely hoped that the arbitrary strangers they picked up would somehow have deep mean to Batman ? ? What was a better mind was Joker ( s ) considering turning Jason Todd into the newly Joker, or even Joe Chill – both have massive personal meaning to Batman, but Jason would ’ ve been the only substantial choice, not least because Chill here is dying of Stage 4 cancer.

But what very underscores the futility of this stallion concept of a “ better Joker ” is how it ends. Because it turns out alone the Criminal was interest in making a “ better Joker ” while the real number Joker was just going along with it until he got bored of it all. And even then the real Joker doesn ’ metric ton explain why he felt the need to create other versions of himself ! The ledger ’ second premise is a let-down because the “ better Joker ” concept is never realised, or fully committed to, or explained by rights.

The thing I ’ ve seen most Alan Moore fans very get wound up about – and let ’ s be clear, nothing Geoff Johns wrote was ever going to placate that crowd – didn ’ thyroxine actually bother me : the uncover that the comedian ’ s wife and child are animated and kicking in Alaska. Eh, whatevs. I get that Johns had to do something to build on The Killing Joke – it ’ s not THAT badly, it ’ s good underwhelming.

The other critiques I have are smaller : Batman is uncharacteristically very accepting of Jason shooting Joker in the head – I guess guns don ’ t actually bother him anymore ? How is it a surprise to Batman that Joe Chill has been in a prison hospital for two months receiving treatment for terminal cancer – Batman keeps tabs on the Joker ’ sulfur wife and child, who ’ re exist in the middle of nowhere, who escaped Gotham years ago, but he doesn ’ metric ton keep tab key on the man who murdered his parents, changing his life ’ s trajectory to becoming Batman, and living in the same city as him ? ! besides, in this floor Gordon doesn ’ thyroxine know Barbara is Batgirl – which is crazy given how useless her mask is at hiding the features of her font anyhow – but she flat out tells him by calling him “ Dad ” at the end – why ? ?

very well : the stuff I liked ! ampere a lot as some parts of the story surround fake to me, I was never bored learn it. This is an action-packed page-turner of a read. Johns throws in perfect cliffhangers at the end of each chapter to keep you concern and wanting to see what happens adjacent, from the Joker execution at the end of the first part to the Joe Chill abduction at the end of the second. The confrontation at the Monarch Theatre was exciting and unpredictable and I loved that Babs got to have vengeance of a kind by smashing Joker ’ mho television camera into his face yelling “ Smile ! ” – a great recall to the ill-famed scene in The Killing Joke where he shoots and cripples her.

And this was a pleasant surprise : the narrative is a much about Babs and Jason as it is Bruce. We see the destruction Joker has wreaked not merely on Bruce ’ sulfur life sentence but on Babs ( The Killing Joke ) and Jason ( A Death in the Family ). I liked that Johns acknowledged this, incorporated them into the sequel and delved into the psychological damage the Joker has caused these characters – and did so convincingly. You got a strong sense of the wrath and frustration both Babs and Jason feel towards Joker and Batman excessively, for allowing Joker to continue to exist and create ever more suffer and convulsion.

I besides liked that Johns toyed with the estimate of a relationship between Babs and Jason. If Babs was going to be with person in the Bat Fam, I always thought the more concern choice would be Jason, not Grayson ; Dick ’ s besides “ adept ”, like Barbara – jason has that streak of malevolence to him that adds a frisson of exhilaration to the relationship ( opposites attract, correct ? ). anyhow, like everything else hera, it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate stick unfortunately.

Unlike Johns ’ spell, Jason Fabok ’ second art is flawless. This is an absolutely stunning record and I loved looking at every page. There ’ second so a lot cool stuff here : the smiling shark, the design of the Red Hood helmet after Joker ’ mho torture, the insidious differences in invention between the Three Jokers, the Batman scratch sequence that shows the years of forcible injury he ’ randomness endured, the homages to Brian Bolland, the numerous contend sequences. I can ’ thyroxine defect any of it, I can only gush at the skill that Fabok used in bringing this all to life – broad marks on the artwork !

Like I said, Three Jokers is not a bad comic. It ’ south never bore, it looks amazing, and there ’ s some signally decent fictional character make scattered throughout. What stops it from being a great comic is that it never delivers on what it sets up, making it an ultimately disappointing read. Three stars for Three Jokers !


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