Batman’s New Video Game Team Up Didn’t Have to Be Like This

Batman ponders the Batcomputer, Fingers perched in front of his face, as Tim Drake's Robin watches. Comics have a long, convoluted, and wildly inconsistent history with accredited brand crossovers. As of late, DC in particular has gone through this, delivering branded tie-ins that range from working on absurdity alone, actually working as great comics, or fair being absolute garbage. But its latest crossing might be worse than being comically bad : it ’ mho fair dull.

Image for article titled Batman's New Video Game Team Up Didn't Have to Be Like This This workweek the publisher released Batman/Faze Clan # 1—from Josh Trujillo, Scot Eaton, Norm Rapmund, Tony Aviña, and Josh Reed—a team up between the World ’ s Greatest Detective and his ten thousand Batfamily allies and the titular FaZe Clan, the eSports organization fielding teams for television games ranging from the likes of shooters such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, and Counterstrike, to sporting games like FIFA and Rocket League. It ’ s … well, that immediately might not strike you as the most potential-laden of partnerships, but what follows is a complete nightmare of a comedian : the Riddler has developed his own kind of VR headset, the NygmaBox, that international relations and security network ’ t fair being scalped by resellers ( step digression, PS5 and Xbox Series X, Gothamites have spoken ! ), but … brainwashing them and making them do crime. much worse. ad

Image for article titled Batman's New Video Game Team Up Didn't Have to Be Like This After Tim Drake makes the fateful mistake of telling Batman that the alone room to beat a Gamer is to work with another Gamer, what follows is Batman travelling to the Hollywood HQ of FaZe Clan to recruit members Apex, Banks, Rain, and Temperrr to get themselves upload to the NygmaBox ’ s virtual connected world ( wear ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about it ), beat virtual avatars of Batman ’ sulfur Rogues ’ Gallery to collect coins ( don ’ thymine worry about it ), and then use the digital avatars of the brainwashed NygmaBox users to rise up against a massive virtual Riddler ( do not worry about it ).
It ’ mho … well, it ’ s not great. For some reason, Oracle is able to hack the NygmaBox system to transform Apex, Banks, Rain, and Temperrr into powered-up digital avatars based on RPG classes—a Tank, a Ranger, a Healer, and a Mage—which feels absurd given that none of the games FaZe Clan are known for playing competitively are RPGs ( Batman doesn ’ t even do virtual guns, possibly ? ). Each member is teamed up with a Batfamily member ( the aforementioned Tim as Robin, plus Batwoman, Nightwing, and Batwing ), who not only don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate induce hacked power-up updates—rude, Barbara—but largely exist to stand around being plot-stupid to allow their FaZe compatriot to do An Attack and save the day four times in a row. Hell, for a Batman amusing Batman himself is amazingly useless, largely merely hanging around with Oracle in the Bat Cave monitor FaZe ’ s advance until everything barely ends. FaZe Clan goes back to being regular old gamers, Riddler faces apparently zero recoil for being the bet on industry ’ s most highly specific disruptor, and Batman obviously becomes gently addicted to video games .

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But here ’ s the thing : adenine foreign as a team up between Batman and a bunch of professional gamers might seem on the airfoil, it didn ’ t have to be this way. “ People are trapped in a viiiideeeeeo gaaaaaaame and it ’ s up to gamers to help the gull heroes ” is barely such a boring premise, and we ’ ve seen examples where these sorts of brand tie-ins can truly work. DC ’ s crossing over comics with KFC had no right to be arsenic good as they were, because not only did they lean into the implicit in absurdity, but embraced it as a contrast to the absurdity of superhero comics in general, transforming Colonel Sanders into a multiversal number worth of any of the publisher ’ second Crisis events. Hell, even in the bet on outer space survive year we had the surprisingly fantastic Batman/Fortnite series, which took the beloved battle-royale shooter ’ s geomorphologic precede and used it to strip down Batman as a character to his congress of racial equality, exploring the very identity of Batman as a symbol and as a person in some bewitching ways. Yes, truly, in a Fortnite comedian !
possibly Batman could ’ ve had to investigate something at a tournament FaZe Clan played at, hell possibly it gets attacked by a cavalcade of Bat villains, and some of the Batfamily happen to be in attendance because, well, a bunch of them are young kids and young kids are concern in watching streamers and eSports. possibly something could ’ ve leaned on FaZe Clan ’ second players being beneficial with computers and gone for a technical school fish. I don ’ thyroxine know, DC Comics international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine paying me to write the damn thing. As for the creative team—who ’ ve all done fantastic comics work ahead, a highlight being Trujillo ’ s delightful sports comedy Dodge City—this might have been a context where contractual obligations to whatever deal was made between DC and FaZe Clan might have made trying to do something more involved beyond this basic premise impracticable. We don ’ metric ton know, all we ’ rhenium leave with as readers is a bland, not even interestingly absurd comedian where the parole “ Gamer ” appears every other sentence. ad

Image for article titled Batman's New Video Game Team Up Didn't Have to Be Like This It didn ’ t have to be this dull. But hey, it could have been worse : at least it ’ s not ampere bad as teaming up with a weapons manufacturer and having to back out at the last infinitesimal.

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