DC’s Ultimate Flash vs Batman Fight Hasn’t Happened Yet

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Flash #784.
Comic books love to create mashups of two different characters, and it seems as if two different mashups of Batman and The Flash are destined to clash against each other .
now that the event Dark Crisis has arrived, the majority of the Justice League is either dead or missing. Speedsters in the DC Universe believe that Barry Allen will be key to stopping the crisis, but he ‘s missing. So they go on an gamble through the timelines in order to try and find him .

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In one timeline, as seen in The Flash # 784 by Jeremy Adams and Amancay Nahuelpan, Wally West ‘s kids, Irey and Jai, travel to a world that seems to have a darkness adaptation of the Flash called Night Flash. Although not much has been revealed about this character then far, he distinctly looks like a mashup of Batman and The Flash, leaning more towards the Batman side. He even talks like Batman in that he believes the kids to be encroaching on his city and seeks to punish them for it .
night flash The fact that this mashup character leans more towards Batman is in contrast to another mashup quality that leans more towards The Flash. Red Death is one of the Dark Knights of the Dark Multiverse that came about out of the event titled Metal. This character is an evil Bruce Wayne whose stole The Flash ‘s connection to the Speed Force. He then largely took up the Flash ‘s identity with a costume leaning more in that direction compared to Night Flash whose costume looks more like Batman.

It ‘s surely plausible that more about Night Flash will be revealed in future issues, but it makes sense that alternatively of being a Bruce Wayne that stole The Flash ‘s powers, he may be a translation of Barry Allen that decided to become more like the Dark Knight. If that ‘s the font, then it will be truly concern to see which of these two speedsters would win in a battle. Bruce Wayne is surely more of a strategist than Barry Allen, but it ‘s unclear how much of the Batman persona is left in the Red Death. If this conjectural dark translation of Barry Allen has taken more to becoming Batman, then he will credibly be the one better prepared for a confrontation. Either room, fans will decidedly be the winners if these two dark versions of Batman and The Flash always meet face to face.

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