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Batman Beyond Reading Order
Like Harley Quinn, Terry McGinnis was created for television, more specifically in his case for the Batman Beyond animated television series ( 1999–2001 ), as a good continuation of The New Batman Adventures, originally meant as a character for the DCAU. And it would take 10 years for Terry to make his first appearance in the independent DC Universe, in Batman # 700.

Created by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Alan Burnett, Batman Beyond takes place in a futuristic Gotham City where Terry McGinnis has taken over the mantle of Batman, under the care of an aged Bruce Wayne. He is a high educate student and a erstwhile delinquent. Under the pretense of doing errands for Bruce, Terry fights crime as the new Batman .

Where to start with Batman Beyond/Terry McGinnis?

This is where we naturally recommend watching Batman Beyond, the television receiver Series, comprised of three seasons, 52 episodes, and one direct-to-video feature movie .

Batman Beyond Reading Order:

Batman Beyond and DCAU tie-ins

Batman Beyond volume 1 and 2 consider position during the events of the show ( 2039-2042 ). Some issues were retconned by later episodes .
Batman Beyond 1999 Reading Order
After Batman # 700, Batman Beyond ( vol. 3 ) is an attack to mesh the DC animated population television receiver series Batman Beyond with the mainstream DC continuity .
Unlike the previous bulk, Batman Beyond : Hush Beyond, volume 4 serves as a lengthiness of the DC Animated Universe .

  • Batman Beyond: Industrial Revolution
    Collects Batman Beyond (vol. 4) #1-8

The Batman Beyond population continues with Batman Beyond Unlimited, comprised of Batman Beyond, Justice League Beyond and Superman Beyond digital-first series.

Batman Beyond 2.0 Vol. 1 Rewired
besides a digital-first title, Batman Beyond 2.0 is set a year after the events of the previous Batman Beyond digital series .
Batman Beyond Reading Order Icon

Futures End and the Prime Earth Continuity

Batman Beyond becomes separate of the mainstream DC Universe, with Futures End, an event taking space in an surrogate future for the DC Universe with Terry McGinnis who travels back in time to save the worldly concern. To know more about it, we invite you to consult our full-reading order of Futures End. The narrative continues after that in Batman Beyond vol.5 .
The New 52 Futures End Vol. 1 Reading Order

DC Rebirth

When you ’ rhenium separate of the official continuity, you are besides affected by relaunch, and Batman Beyond offers here a new entry point with its Vol. 6, taking place after the former series.

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year

This is a newfangled beginning and a fresh timeline for Terry McGinnis, under the creative team made of Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Max Dunbar. Presented as a sort of Year One for our superhero, Batman Beyond : Neo-Year follows Terry McGinnis carrying on the Batman bequest without Bruce Wayne. As the publication has recently begun, there is no barter for the moment .
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