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Spoiler alert! Do not read any farther if you haven’t yet seen  The Batman.  Spoilers ahead for major plot points.
possibly one of the greatest will they-wo n’t they relationships in modern media, Batman and Catwoman is an adversarial sleep together fib that ‘s been told for decades, in the pages of comic books and in numerous onscreen adaptations.

In Matt Reeves ‘ The Batman, the moral force is brought to new life by Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz, whose characters find themselves, and each other, at the begin of their respective journeys to hero and villain. While not a true origin fib, The Batman is an installation from the Caped Crusader ‘s early years as a mask vigilante, as Pattinson ‘s Bruce Wayne fights to bring justice and peace to a Gotham that has n’t known either for some time. It ‘s in investigating crime overlord Carmine Falcone ( John Turturro ) that Batman comes across Kravitz ‘s Selina Kyle, a vomit burglar with whom he shares more than just an interest in setting things right .
“ They are both orphans, then, in one way, they have this attachment, ” Reeves told ET of the copulate ‘s dynamic. “ They have a common experience that ‘s so profound, but they come from such enormously different backgrounds, and I wanted the relationship Bruce, or Batman, has with Selina to be sort of an awakening for him. ” The chemistry between the two crackles from their first scenery together. even if they do n’t trust each early, their connection is undeniable — and at times, eldritch. “ You must have been raised rich people, ” Selina scoffs at Batman during a pivotal confrontation, not knowing his true identity .the batman robert pattinson zoe kravitz Warner Bros. Pictures “ One thing about being a vigilante is that if you ‘re a billionaire, you have the luxury of being able to do it, ” Reeves noted. “ then on the one pass, it seems altruistic and it seems like he ‘s pushing himself in this manner that seems very altruistic, but it ‘s besides something that merely person who is that rich can do. ” “ Selina, she is person who had a similar background, but she did n’t have any of the resources, ” the director continued. “ She ‘s had to be a survivor in this place, and then I like this idea of Bruce ‘s awaken in that. Because he meets her in this corrupt universe, he assumes that she ‘s defile, and over the path of the history he ‘s judging her. But when her report is revealed, it ends up being quite unlike than what he thought. ”

‘The Batman’: Robert Pattinson Reveals Whether He’d Do a Sequel (Exclusive)

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As their feelings develop, however, the bail threatens to derail their respective missions. During the film ‘s climactic picture, Batman is wounded while trying to protect Gotham from The Riddler ‘s ( Paul Dano ) army of on-line followers, who wreak end on the city by causing a catastrophic flood tide. As Selina comes to his care, on a catwalk above the chaos, there seems to be a moment where he considers taking off his helmet and showing her his true identity — but it ‘s gone just as cursorily. “ In that moment of them in concert, you know she ‘s terrified of losing him, and he ‘s terrified besides, ” Reeves observed. “ This whole matter — the reason why he ‘s Batman — is because he ca n’t bear to go through what he experienced as a kyd and lose people that he cares about. And thus, as a resultant role, he ‘s tried to keep himself at arms ‘ distance. ” “ In that here and now they’re on the catwalk, of run he ‘s resisted the estimate the unharmed movie, but he is urgently drawn to her, and he has very fallen for her, ” he added. “ so, that scene is critical in the evolution of their relationship. ” glad endings are intemperate to come by in Gotham, however, and the pair say adieu at the end of the movie — Selina off to start a new life aside from the city that Batman has sworn to help rebuild. They contribution a adieu — and one last motorbike ride — before going their separate ways, both literally and metaphorically.

“ It ‘s a very quixotic scenery, it ‘s a very sad scene, and I think the hope is that the hearing at that point is invested in our connection, ” Kravitz noted of the match ‘s final moments together — for nowadays. “ I think it ‘s going to be a very complicated road ahead. I think we ‘re indeed similar and so far we ‘re therefore different, and we meet each early and yet we besides want to be, I think, on our own. ” Reeves agreed, noting, “ The two of them, they ‘re so draw to each early but at the like time in another way they ‘re both therefore affected by their pasts that they ‘ll never be able to be in concert. I love this estimate of a sexual love report where you can always feel the pull and you can always feel the push. ” The conductor besides spoke of the future dynamic between the two in a possible sequel or another movie within The Batman population, noting, ” I think it ‘s going to be hard, because [ Selina ] is not so far Catwoman in the movie, but she is going to become Catwoman, and that will actually put them more and more on face-to-face sides. ” “ And yet, that foundation of what connects them will constantly be there, ” he added. “ Of naturally, given the two actors who are incredible together, there will of course be the delectability of that, excessively. That ‘s what I love about them in the comics, you just always know how much they they kind of concern for each other, even though they ‘re on opposite sides. ”
For Pattinson ‘s part, he told ET that he ‘s more than cook to explore the character further in future Batman installments — besides noting that Reeves has batch of plans for this cinematic universe. “ I was talking to Matt about it, and it ‘s funny story because he keeps saying he ’ sulfur got ideas, ” the actor said of returning as Bruce Wayne. “ There ‘s so a lot I love. I ‘m just so gallant of the movie and it would be sol fun to do it again. ” Kravitz agreed, adding, ” I think it ‘s then fantastic to have a setup like this, where the audience hopefully will be indeed invested in our emotional joining and we get to see what happens in the future. ” The Batman is now in theaters .


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